Northwoods Beast presents

The Businessman’s Toy; Part 3

A The Businessman’s Toy; series story
Heavy, F, f, M, M+, Real Life, Work, Bondage, Chastity, Dilation, Domination, Enema, Exhibitionism, Hair, Humiliation, Latex, Leather, Lingerie, Masochism, Pain, Rape, Rubber, Sadism, Sex Toys, Size, Spanking, Submission, Voyeurism, Water Sports, CNC

                We made our way quietly down the hallway hand in hand before stopping to wait for the elevator. “I want you to remember that you are mine and that you only follow my instructions,” Sir said sternly while looking deep into my eyes. “Yes Sir,” I responded. Just then the doors opened and we stepped into the elevator to find an older couple also dressed for the dinner standing there. I was standing just in front of the older lady when I felt the Lush vibe fire up, slow at first but it quickly rose to full speed. I turned to see Sir smiling back at me with a bit of an evil grin on his face. Yes this was going to be a long dinner for me to survive. I was trying to stand as still as I could and not draw attention to myself, but luckily I was facing away from the other couple and they couldn’t see that my eyes were clinched shut and I was biting my lip to keep from letting out a deep moan. The vibe was working well and I was doing everything I could to suppress the feelings of a building orgasm. My pussy was wet with juices and quickly filling the crotch plate of the chastity belt and I knew with no panties to soak up some of it all that it would not be long before it would overflow and begin to run down my legs. I was sure that in the tight confines of the elevator that everyone could smell my sex and I began to blush at the thought of the older couple smelling it. And as I was lost in my thoughts trying to hold it all back, I quickly popped back out of it when I heard the elevator ding and the doors opened to the lobby. At the same time the vibe came to an immediate stop, and I stepped aside to be polite and let the older couple out first. They turned and nodded at me as the stepped past and I wonder if the nod was for being polite or the fact that they could smell my building excitement. Sir grabbed my hand pulling me from my thoughts as he led me from the elevator car making our way down a long hallway towards the banquet hall.

                The room was filling up with people when we entered. It was the typical banquet room dinner type of set-up with round tables to sit at and several cocktail bars around the perimeter. The bars all had people waiting for drinks and we made our way towards one in the far corner where I could see the sales rep and several other I assumed sales reps were huddled around talking and laughing. The group got quite and everyone turned to watch as we approached, and I instantly knew that the rep had been bragging to his buddies about his afternoon adventure. I instantly felt ashamed and humiliated and tried not to look at any of them, as I could feel their eyes searching up and down my body as they looked me over. I clung to Sir’s arm as we stepped up to the bar hoping he would not want to go over and talk with the rep and his friends. But instead, the unthinkable happened, Sir asked me to go over and say hello to the rep and that he would be along soon with our drinks. I took small, meek steps with my eyes looking at the floor just in front of my shoes, not wanting to look up at the group of men ogling me. I felt like a lamb headed to slaughter. I was almost there when I felt the vibe buzz back to life, thanks Sir, that’s just what I needed about right now, I thought to myself. At least it wasn’t a full speed and I could control my orgasm. I greeted the rep with a hello and a small smile when I finally made it to the group. “Well long time no see,” he beamed back. “You sure do clean up well.” And with that I started to blush a bit. “See she is his slut and will do whatever we want!” the rep exclaimed. “Wait till you see how great her tits are, come on honey show the guys your tits,” he said with a glee like he was a school kid about to see his first set of boobs ever. “Awe come on and show us your tits!” “I know a slut like you wants to show them off to everyone, hell they are practically falling out of that dress anyway!” Remembering what Sir had said at the elevator, I was about to blurt out a big NO when all of a sudden, Sir appeared at my side with our drinks. “Now now, she is not a slut, but my submissive,” Sir exclaimed. “That means that she does what I, and only I, ask her to do.” “Sorry man, I thought you said we would all get a chance to play with her this evening,” the rep replied. “Well if you all behave, yes we will all have a good time later this evening,” Sir explained. I was beaming with joy as Sir stood up for me. He was correct, I was his toy to play with. I stood up a little taller and made a big smile. “Now she does have a wonderful set of tits, and I’m sure everyone would like a good peak at them, so please be kind and show the group your tits,” Sir announced. “Yes Sir,” I replied. And then stepped forward into the group of guys and with my head held high, I pulled the dress to the sides, showing off my spectacular firm tits. Sir stepped in behind me to remind them all that I belong to him. “And to make sure none of you little bastards try and run off to the bathroom with her during dinner, she is wearing a chastity belt.” “Go ahead and show them the belt,” he demanded. I slowly reached down and grabbed the front hem of the dress lifting it to reveal the locked chastity belt. “Now this pussy is locked up until I decide it’s time to fuck it, and only once I’m ready for it to be fucked!” Sir said sternly to the group. They all nodded along in agreeance, knowing that if they were lucky later they were going to get a go at it. “Ok, you can cover up,” Sir told me. And I quickly covered myself make sure to adjust the dress so that it sat just perfect on my body. I was still gleaming and smiling at the fact that Sir had put them all in their place about me.

                Sir handed me my drink and the group started to go back to their usual banter. I quietly sipped my drink while Sir and the others talked and laughed about business things, and I’m sure I heard a few comments about me mixed in. The Lush vibe came to a stop and it felt good for a minute to not have it slowly buzzing away in my pussy. Sir and the rep were looking as Sir’s phone and it soon became apparent what they were doing as the vibe jumped back to life and pulsed as they played with the controls on Sir’s phone. They laughed and watched me to see what kind of reactions they could get while playing with it. I tried to hold as still as possible and concentrate on the vibe and maybe I could squeak out a small orgasm without anyone noticing. But Sir was watching my facial expressions and he knew exactly when to lower it or shut it off to keep me dancing along the edge. Damn he was good, as I was ready to explode at any second and I could feel that the belt could no longer hold back my wetness and a little was beginning to dribble down my thighs. Luckily the tops of my stockings where catching it and keeping it from running from below my dress. And I don’t know if it was just me because I was aware of it, but I could smell my pussy and was sure that everyone else around me could also. It was a welcome relief when the group broke up and we all settled over to tables to get ready for dinner to be served.

                We were seated at a table with several other couples, most were around our age but one couple was a bit older and she looked fantastic. I could tell she had a nice pair of fake boobs like myself and that she obviously worked out as her figure was outstanding. The rest of the table was making small talk and chatting about business things, but I couldn’t help but keep staring at her. I was lost in my imagination, crawling under the table to place my head between her thighs and lick what I can only imagine is a perfect pussy. Staring and daydreaming, I was just about to take another drink of my wine when the vibe shot to life full speed. Startling me and almost causing me to drop my glass, but luckily I caught myself and only let out a little yelp. I turned to Sir to give him a “look” when I noticed that both his hands where on the table and his phone was nowhere to be seen. He looked back and gave me a smile, and I knew it was not him controlling the vibe. A quick scan around the room reviled the sales rep sitting a few tables away which a big shit eating grin as he stared directly at me. I noticed that he was holding his phone and it became quite apparent the Sir had given him access to the vibe when they were talking earlier. This was going to make things interesting as I’m sure he was not going to be so careful about holding me on the edge like Sir had been doing. And the worst thing about it was that with the chastity belt locked on there was no way for me to reach the vibe and turn it off, so I was stuck with it until Sir unlocked my pussy. The rep had it cranked all the way up and was making it pulse and I was quickly getting close to an orgasm. Sitting on the belt was making the vibrations go throughout the entire front shield and it was not long before I was rocking back and forth in my chair to the pulses. I was trying to hold it all together with everything above the table to keep the other table mates from realizing what was going on with me below the table. I lowered my eyes trying not to look at anyone as I was close. I was trying to hold it back and not anger Sir by cumming without his permission. I thought maybe I could lean over and whisper in his ear to ask, but was sure that would draw attention from everyone seated at the table. Sir could tell what was going on and gently reached over to take my hand in his while he continued to make small talk. I closed my eyes and was biting at my lower lip while gripping Sir’s hand when the wave of the orgasm became too much to withstand. Squeezing Sir’s hand as hard as I could, I began to shudder in my chair trying not to make too big of a scene at the table. I came long and hard. After the wave had passed I released Sir’s hand and slowly raised my head to look around the table to see if anyone was staring at me. Luckily it seemed like everyone was still locked in conversation and had not noticed my orgasm. I was ashamed to have sat there at the table having an orgasm around all these people I had never met before. Did anyone notice, could anyone smell my pussy? I clamped my legs tightly together to try and hold it all back. The worst part of it all was knowing that I had just orgasmed without Sir’s permission and that I would be punished later for that.

                I needed to collect myself and maybe clean up a little bit, so I excused myself from the table to go use the restroom. The attractive older lady across from responded, “That’s a great idea, and that I think I’ll join you, since us girls always have to go in pairs.” Embarrassed, I nodded yes, and followed as she led the way to the ladies restroom. But instead of going in the closest one, she led us down the hall a bit to one slightly out of the way. I was following along blindly not paying attention and as I entered the restroom, she grabbed my arm and threw me against the wall. Using both her hands and body to pin me to the wall, she got very close to my face with hers. “That was quite the little show you had back there at the table,” She whispered. Oh my God, she had seen me, and watched me have an orgasm! Grabbing my collar by the ring she pulled me even closer. “This collar is a dead giveaway to someone like me, and when I spotted it made sure we sat at your table,” she continued. Her other hand made its way from my arm to one of my tits and began to message it and tease my nipple. I gasped at her first touch but did nothing to stop it. “Are you a slut, slave, or submissive,” she asked? “Yes Ma am,” is all I could muster for a reply. “Yes Ma am, what,” she quipped back. “All of it Ma am, I’m a slut, slave and submissive,” I said sheepishly. She was aggressively pinching at my nipple now and had pulled my dress top to the side. “Good,” she replied as she began to deeply kiss me. Her hand left the ring on my collar to travel down the front of my dress, it stopped when she reached the chastity belt. Stepping back she asked, “Well, well what do we have here?” I slowly lifted the front of my skirt to show her the shiny metal chastity belt. “My chastity belt Ma am, Sir controls my pussy, there is also a remote vibe trapped underneath,” I answered. “That’s fine, you pussy is not the important one in the room right now anyway.” And with that she grabbed my collar again dragging me into a stall. She quickly spun around and hopped up to sit on the back of the tank on the toilet. Spreading her legs she pulled me close to her pussy. “Now let’s see you give me an orgasm as good as you had back at the table,” she ordered. I lowered and began to pull her black lace panties to the side when I noticed that she was fresh clean shaven. Grabbing me by the back of my head and hair she shoved my face into her already wet pussy. “Get to it slut,” she ordered. I was just starting to lick her fine pussy when the vibe started up again. Damn it, how did he always know just when to fire it up! I was licking and sucking as she ground her mound against my face in a furious rhythm, and before long I could feel the orgasm building between both of us. She was bucking wildly against my mouth as I licked her with all my skill and might. Moaning out loud she was coaxing me to suck her clit. Nibbling at her aroused bud, she began to cum. And the good feeling of making her cum had pushed me over the edge also and I orgasmed while my tongue was still buried deep in her love hole. Overcome, she pushed me back before wiping herself clean and stepping over me on the way out of the stall. Looking back she suggested that I should get cleaned up a little. And she was correct, here I was lying on the restroom floor with my tits pulled out of my dress and her pussy juices running down my chin while I laid in a puddle of my own cum dripping from under the chastity belt. The vibe had slowed a bit and I was trying to collect myself from the floor.  Wiping my face and around the belt as best I could with tissue paper until I felt like I was somewhat clean. I stepped out of the stall to find her straighten herself in the mirror. As I stepped up to the sinks and mirror I couldn’t help but noticed that I looked like I had been thoroughly fucked. She stepped over and began to help me straighten out my hair and dress and she even offered up a little make-up from her purse so I could fix the streaks left from her pussy on my face. After finishing up she turned and gave me a very hard swat on the ass and said, “Thank you,” before turning to leave the restroom with me following along behind her. It all had happened so fast, I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. But it was good no matter how quickly it passed by as she was so incredibly sexy and I felt privileged to get the chance to eat her pussy. I’m sure Sir was going to make me pay for that also later on, but at the moment I didn’t care.

                We quietly made our way back to the table and she gave me a little wink before we sat down. The salads had arrived while we were gone and everyone was eating and chatting and had hardly noticed we were gone. Except for Sir, he knew something was up right away and asked me if everything went well? Did he know? But how? Maybe it was just my afterglow and the extra bounce in my step, but he knew something had been up in the restroom. I was eating my salad when the rep activated the vibe again, and as I looked up at him he was still grinning and playing with the settings. The vibe jumped, danced and pulsed in my pussy, but never enough to get me close to the edge. It was more of an annoyance than pleasure at this point. And something I was just going to have to endure throughout dinner. Once the dinner arrived the rep either became board or distracted as the vibe shut down thankfully for a while. And I was sitting listening to everyone talk but kept an eye on the lovely lady seated across from me. Every once and a while she would glance my way and smile and I would smile back, as I daydreamed about getting another chance to eat her pussy. Dinner finished and more drinks were flowing and I was starting to get a little buzzed from the wine when the deserts were brought out. This also brought some new attention from the rep as the vibe came back alive and this time was pulsing at full speed which was quickly getting my juices flowing. Sir must have smelled me as he leaned over and whispered for me to pull my skirt up off my ass and to sit bare bottomed on the chair so that I didn’t leave a wet spot in the back of my dress. I was so afraid that the chastity belt would make noises against the hard wood of the seat so I sat extra still trying not to move my bottom much. The buzz from the wine and the vibe though really had me going and I was so horny that I could have just flopped down on the table and let anyone who wanted to have a go at me. This caused me to take my free hand that had been in my lap and use it to reach over under the tablecloth to massage Sir’s cock. Slowly rubbing it through his pants I could feel him grow hard, and I was gently teasing it. I was getting near an orgasm and was concentrating on the feeling when I noticed my lady friend across from me watching me intently. And the image of her watching me was enough to send me flying right into an intense orgasm. As it ripped through my body I gripped Sir’s cock as hard as I could, and stared directly into her eyes. I was shaking as the orgasm ripped through me from my toes to the tip of my nose. Twitching at the table while the metal of the chastity belt clinked against the wooden seat bottom. I soon realized that everyone at the table was looking directly at me! I quickly let go of Sir’s cock and brought both hands to my face and acted like I was coughing a bit. Apologizing I left my hands up at my face, mainly to hide the bright red embarrassment on my cheeks. The ruse must have worked because soon everyone went back to their conversation and small talk, but she was staring directly at me knowing full well what had just happened. I looked away ashamed that she had just watched me cum again and saw that the rep sitting a couple of tables away was smiling a shit eating grin at me knowing what he had just done to me while he also watched. I felt so small and if it wouldn’t draw even more attention to me, I could have probably crawled under the table to hide from it all. Instead I sat quietly and meekly in my chair look at the empty table in front of me. I was afraid to look up as I didn’t want to have to look anyone in the eyes. Sir’s hand found its way to my thigh and he squeezed it a few times before patting it that it will be alright, and this made me smile a little knowing that Sir was looking out for me. Soon dinner was over and the tables began to break up and leave, the lady across from me got up with her husband and as they made their way past, she placed a hand on my shoulder and leaned in to say that it “was a pleasure meeting you”. Finally Sir was ready and we got up to leave, And lucky for me Sir had me pull my dress up, as I had left quite the puddle on the chair and I quickly placed my napkin on the seat to hide it as I pushed it in. Leaving it for some poor server to have to clean up.

                We strolled along the hallways on our way back to the room, my legs still a bit wobbly from all the orgasms. My pussy felt swollen and raw but yet at the same time super aroused and ready to be thoroughly fucked. I was ready to go by the time we were in the elevator and feeling a bit frisky from the wine and reached over to try and stoke Sir’s cock. But he swatted my hand away saying that “Don’t worry, soon you’ll have more cock than you can handle.” Dejected I, I stepped back but smiled at the thought of what he had just said. I wondered if he was going to invite the whole mid-west sales team up for a gang bang. I’m sure it was most all of the group of guys that Sir had me show my tit’s to. This could be very interesting, I had serviced a group before, but it was only 3 guys. I wonder how many this would involve.

I was still daydreaming about it when we reach our door, and after keying into the room, Sir turned to me and told me to lose the dress. Quickly sliding it off my shoulder and letting it hit the floor around my ankle before stepping out of it and bending over to pick it up and folding it and handing it to Sir. Standing there in nothing but my garter belt, heels, stocking and the chastity belt as Sir walked past to go to the bedroom with my dress. I stayed exactly where he left me, but I could hear him rummaging through stuff to find what he wanted. He returned with a smile on his face as he held up the clover style nipple clamps and the leather strap. He was gently pulling and massaging my nipples to get them nice and hard as he applied the nipple clamps. I winched as each one bit down on my nipples but couldn’t help but think of how much they hurt now will be nothing to compare to when they come off. Once they were firmly in place, Sir looked directly into my eyes. “Now let’s talk about those orgasms you had at dinner,” He spoke firmly. “I don’t remember giving you permission to have any orgasms during dinner,” he exclaimed as he lightly slapped the strap across his hands. “No Sir, I was not given permission,” I answered meekly. “And I don’t even want to know what went on in your extended bathroom break with Mrs. Johnson,” he barked at me. “You need to remember that your pussy belongs to me, and I say when you can orgasm.” “Now before our guest arrive I believe you owe me at least 10 swats for what went on,” he continued on. “Yes Sir, my pussy belongs to you Sir,” I muttered. “What was that,” he asked? “YES SIR, MY PUSSY BELONGS TO YOU,” I exclaimed. “Good,” he said as he bent me over the arm of the couch. The first one was firm and straight across the middle of my already bruised bottom. “ONE,” I counted. The next one fell with a little more intensity causing my body to jerk and jingle the clamps on my nipples. I continued counting them out loud and by the time we were to number six my ass was on fire. The clamps had been pulling at my nipples causing them to be in pain also and small tears were rolling down my face streaking my make-up. Sir fired up the vibe, placing it on high speed and it was helping me forget about my ass for a second. Seven and eight didn’t seem as bad, but I think Sir was saving up for the last two, as nine about lifted me off the floor and it was all I could do to hold back from screaming bloody murder at the top of my lungs. The vibe was doing its job and I was ready to explode in an orgasm and using all the strength I had left at the moment, asked Sir if I could cum. “Yes,” He answered. And as I was starting to shake at the onset of the orgasm when Sir brought number ten down on my ass. The impact and the orgasm at the same time caused me to no longer be able to hold my position and I collapsed onto the couch crushing my poor nipples with the clamps. Sir turned the vibe off, but there was no way I had anything left to move, so all I could do was lay there on top of my tits as the orgasm and the pain from the swat subsided. Sir left me there for a few minutes as I gathered myself before I finally had the strength to stand again. I rose and thanked Sir for reminding me that he owns my pussy. Sir walked around me before grabbing one of the nipple clamps, slowly pulling at it. “Now our guest will be arriving very soon, and I expect you to service everyone no matter what they want,” he began. Pulling the clamp off, the sudden rush of blood back to my nipple brought an intense pain. “Once they are here you will remain in the chastity belt with the vibe on high until the batteries finally die, after that I will remove the belt and it will be open season on your pussy,” he instructed. Sir removed the other clamp and I grimaced in pain. “You are not required to ask for orgasms and you can have as many as you want or can handle,” he finished with. And with that there was a knock at the door.

Sir sent me to answer the door and I quickly made my way across the floor to greet whoever was there in nothing but my stocking and heels and chastity belt. Opening the door a found a few of the sales guys who had been in the circle before dinner. “Welcome gentlemen, please make yourselves comfortable,” I greeted them. Trying to be a good sub in front of Sir, I asked each of them what they would like for a drink and went to the bar to begin making them the drinks they ordered. Before I could finish them, here was another knock and I quickly made my way over to greet the new arrivals and get their drink orders. Laying on a shelf under the bar was a silver serving tray and I placed the drinks on top and began to make my way around the room passing out the drinks. A few more knocks at the door and we had at least 10 guys hanging in the room having drinks and conversations. I tried my best to smile and say thank you as I served them drinks but I could tell they were getting antsy, and frankly so was I. But I was nervous because I had never been with more than 3 guys at once. Ten! I was going to be in for a new experience for sure. After the group had settled in, Sir began to explain the rules for the evening, “This is Toy, she is my property and I expect you men to respect that, currently she is wearing this chastity belt and has a vibrator trapped in her pussy. The vibe will be soon turned on to full speed and will remain trapped by the belt until the batteries die, during that time period you are free to use any of her other parts for your pleasure. At that point I will remove the belt and it will be open season on all her holes. The only limits that I place are that nothing permanent, and no destruction of my property will be allowed. Also please be somewhat respectable to the others that have not had a turn yet. Gentlemen, let’s have some fun!” And with that Sir led me to the center of the room where he had me kneel, legs open and ready to go. He pulled out his phone and opened the app for the vibe and held it up to show everyone before he flicked his finger across the screen taking it from stop to full speed in an instant.

I jumped at the sudden buzz of the vibe in my pussy, and Sir stepped back and I could see that there were already several guys with their pants down and ready for me. Before I could even think about it a cock was at my lips and four or five more were surrounding me. Opening to take it, I also brought up my hands and began to fondle the next two closest cocks. It was crazy as things were happening fast, a set of hands began to squeeze and pull at my still sore nipples while another set was rubbing my ass cheeks before giving them a couple of playful spanks. Cocks were all around me and I was trying my best to give them all the attention they deserved, and with the high power of the vibe, my head was spinning.  Cocks were bouncing in and out of my mouth as the guys were taking turns trying to gag me, but my deep throat skills were paying off and I was loving every minute of it. Out of nowhere came a crack across my back and I jumped and gagged a bit on the cock in my mouth, then another and another. Sir had retrieved the leather flogger from the bedroom and was giving firm even strokes across my back. The pounding of my mouth along with the rhythmic thump of the flogger and the high speed of the vibe had the first orgasm building within me. After all the orgasms earlier this evening, this one was taking a little more to build. But before long it peaked and I crashed into a strong orgasm followed quickly by another smaller one. Just about that time, the guy who’s cock was in my mouth noticed and before too long was squirting his hot cum down the back of my throat.

After a couple more guys finished in my mouth, they had tired of it and had moved on to fucking my asshole. Bending me back over the arm of the couch left my ass in the air at the perfect height for most to enter my rear. The stiffness of the chastity belt made it a bit harder for me to bend over, but they guys didn’t seem to care if I was comfortable or not. Bending over also caused the belt to push on my wet and swollen pussy and pushed the Lush vibe a little deeper which put it right on my G-spot. This was the bright spot of it all because the vibe was having a great effect and I managed to orgasm several more times while the guys alternated between fucking my ass and my mouth. I was hot, sweaty, and a mess by now, several guys had came on my face and tits and one even pulled out of my ass and shot his load up my back and ass cheeks. I’m sure at this point I looked like hell, but every time I tried to look around, there was another cock waiting for me. I wasn’t even sure how many had been fucking me and how many were just watching the whole show. It was nothing but a blur to me, I was unable to do anything but lay there and take it. I was being used truly as nothing but a cum dump, and I was loving every second of it knowing that I was doing this all for Sir. At some point I ended up on the floor on all fours as someone was pounding my ass super deep and hard. Another orgasm escaped from my pussy, but by now things were feeling numb and it was taking longer for the orgasms to build. I have no idea how many I had had by this point, but I couldn’t stop them from coming and they were starting to hurt a little each time. And each time I would think there is no way my pussy can manage another orgasm, it has to be broken and wore out. But each time my pussy betrayed me and would find a way to cause another orgasm. My mouth felt like I had rubbed all the skin off my lips and I don’t think my jaw muscles even worked right anymore, but worse was my asshole. By this point it was raw and hurt from being stretched so much, I had never had so much cock in my ass and was sure it was never going to close again! At some point I was such a mess that someone had gone and gotten several towels and laid them on the floor around and under me to catch some of the mess I was making. Wallowing around a couple times on the towels as guys moved me into different positions help clean me up a bit, but I’m sure I still looked like a well-used whore on the floor.

To my joy, I could feel that the vibe was losing power which meant that it wouldn’t be long before the batteries died allowing me the freedom from this damn chastity belt. But I had a greater problem at hand. All the wine from dinner was looking for a way out and I had to pee so badly. I was on the floor with my head pushed into a towel and my ass in the air with a cock deep inside it when I finally lost the battle with my bladder. It started as a small trickle but soon turn into a full gushing piss, splashing off the shield of the chastity belt and running down my legs. This caught the eyes of several of the watchers who began to cheer, and it egged the guy in my ass to pound a little harder and deeper and with the last energy of the batteries in the vibe I had one last good orgasm while I finished pissing myself in front of all these guys. When I finished, someone grabbed the soaking wet towel from under me and began to wring it out over my head, dropping the warm piss into my hair and on my face. And in the final insult, he draped the piss covered towel over my head leaving me to do nothing but smell the piss I was covered in.

Somewhere in the midst of all this the batteries had finally died and Sir announced that it was finally time for everyone to enjoy my pussy as well. For a moment everyone stopped and I had just a short bit to recover as Sir rolled me onto my back and began to unlock the chastity belt. Lifting my hips so that he could slide it off I noticed deep, red angry marks all around my waist and crotch were the belt had been rubbing during all this activity. Those were surely going to be tender tomorrow on the plane ride home. Grabbing the Lush by its tail, Sir began to pull it from its place deep within my pussy, and with a wet sloppy plop it fell free from my pussy. Sir held it up and rubbed it all around my face so that I could enjoy all my pussy juices before dunking it into my mouth for me to clean off. When he was satisfied he stepped back and the rest was over as the crowd moved back in. I felt like a piece of meat or a chew toy thrown to a pack of wild dogs! Now with a renewed interest now that my pussy was open, the gang started in right away and it was not long before I had cocks stuffed in all three of my holes. Filled to the maximum, I was just along for the ride as cocks rotated through my holes filling me. Every once and a while, one of the holes would catch a break as someone focused on another part of me. I’m not sure if I had any orgasms or not during this time, as honestly I could not tell from all the activity going on nor could I feel anything due to the numbness. My pussy was swollen and now just as raw as my asshole, but the cocks just kept filling it up. Just as one of the guys was filling my pussy with his hot load of cum, there was a knock at the door. Someone opened it and out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of her as she entered the room.

She was stunning! Looking like she was in her mid to upper 30’s and very fit, and long wavy red hair flowed over her cream white skin. I tried not to take my eyes off her as she glided across the room. “Sorry I’m late, the VP of Operations wanted to have a couple of cocktails after the dinner, but I’m here now and ready!” And I brought a friend,” she smiled as she pulled a massive huge dildo from her bag. Un-zipping her dress, she let it fall to the ground to reveal she was wearing a matching black lace bra, panty, and garter belt combo. The black against her pale skin made it stand out even more, and all I could do was stare. She was very lean and muscular and although she didn’t have larger tits, they looked to be a nice B cup in size. What surprised me next was when she pulled a dildo harness out of the bag and began fitting the massive dildo into it. Was she seriously going to try and fuck me with that thing? It was bigger than my arm!

As she pull the last strap tight, she began making her way towards me, and the guys parted like the red sea. “I’m next,” she exclaimed and the guy who had been pounding at my pussy let up and withdrew. My eyes must have been as wide as saucers when she knelt down between my thighs, and I began to mummer, “No, it will never fit!” She smiled up at me, “Don’t worry, it will hurt you more than it will hurt me.” And she began to rub the head of the huge dildo against my wet and sloppy pussy, putting pressure on it. As it started to slip in it felt like I was going to be ripped in two. She kept a steady pressure and slowly my pussy began to swallow the rubber cock inch by inch. This was the largest thing that I had ever had in my pussy and it hurt like hell as my hole was stretched past it maximum. Once she had it about half way in she began a nice slow rhythmic fuck, going a little deeper with each thrust. And before too long she had it all the way in to the hilt, and I have no idea how it all fit in but it was all in there. After a second or two with it fully in, she began to fuck me much harder and faster now. It was excruciating with each thrust, but I dared not cry out for her to stop, for I feared what punishment that would bring. It would be better off to just take it now and deal with the pain than a punishment. I was staring up deeply into her eyes and had not noticed that Sir was standing over me with one of the canes. The first strike came down on my tits just above the nipples and I jerked violently at the unexpected strike. The next was just below the nipples, followed by another and another.  Stirred on by the quickly rising red welts across my tits, she began to fuck me even harder, banging against my cervix with each thrust. Finally Sir landed one straight across my nipples and I yelped before things started to go fuzzy. I don’t know if I passed out or blacked out, but either way I was just a ragdoll laying there being fucked violently. Another cane strike to the tits brought me right back to it all and jerked and struggled a bit as I came back to. She had slowed and was not fucking near as hard as she had been and finally came to a stop buried deep within me.

“Well that was a good warm up, now roll over and let’s get to work,” She pronounced. WHAT? She was not going to get that big thing in my ass! There was no way it would fit! Reluctantly I rolled over and stuck my ass in the air knowing it would be far easier to just let her go at it than to resist. Placing the head against my sore and raw asshole she began putting pressure on it. The head started to slip in until it got to a wider point, and my asshole started to fight it, not wanting to let the intruder in. The pressure was intense and all of a sudden my ass let go and the rubber cock slide past the sphincter and deep into my ass. The spike of pain ran through every ounce of my body and I cried out in fear that my asshole had just ripped apart.  She was not being as nice as she was with my pussy, for as soon as it slipped in she began fucking deep into my ass. I was crying and sobbing with each thrust going deeper and deeper. Everyone was laughing and cheering as she fucked me hard in the ass with that huge rubber cock. Tears were rolling down my face and all I could do was sit still and take it. The pain was unbearable and I put my face down into one of the towels to bury my shame and muffle my crying, but everyone watching had already seen what was going on and that just excited them, and a couple of the guys came over to jack off on to the back of my sobbing head. Leaving their thick goo running through my hair. I was so humiliated but there was nothing I could do. Luckily she had taken mercy on me and after only a few minutes of the hard ass fucking, she pulled out and flipped me to my back. Pulling the strap-on and her panties aside she squatted over my face so that I could lick her pussy.  I was so tied and worn out that I could barely lick at her sweet pussy, but soon I found a rhythm that she was enjoying and she came hard all over my face. Making sure to rub her pussy all around my face and spread her juices. And as she was doing this the rest of the group had formed a circle jerk around me and one by one they began to jizz all over me. The group began to break up and everyone was getting dressed, but I remained there laying on the floor worn out, broken, covered in cum and piss. I didn’t have the strength or energy to move and just laid there like a used fuck doll letting stuff drip from everywhere. I had never been used by so many or so hard for so long and laying there in the afterglow, I could help but feel proud of myself for being able to handle all of it, and I’m sure Sir was proud to watch the whole thing go down.

After everyone had left, Sir picked me up from the floor and drug me to the shower in the bathroom. Warming it up before he tossed me in to rinse off and get cleaned up a bit. I was so tired I could barely raise my arms to wash my hair and body.  Sir motioned for me to come to the edge and he removed my metal collar and cuffs so that I could wash under where they had been. As he was cleaning them in the sink I just stood under the warm water letting in cascade down my bruised and marked body. Once finished Sir helped towel me off before carrying me to the bed, where he carefully tucked me in under the covers. Kissing me on the forehead, Sir told me just how proud of me he was and that I should get a good night’s sleep. He said we was going down to the hotel bar to have a few more drinks with the guys and that he would be back later. I was so tired that I was asleep before he even made it out the door. Drifting off into bliss after such a crazy few days.

By the time I finally woke up it was morning and as I rolled over I saw that Sir was sleeping soundly on the other side of the bed. I was so dead asleep that I didn’t even hear him come back in last night. Knowing that it was our last morning together for this trip and that he didn’t participate in the gang bang last night, instead he watched over it, I felt that he deserved to be woken up in a special way. Moving over to him, I made my way down to his mid-section before pulling his cock from his underwear and placing it in my mouth. Gently sucking and working his cock as he started to stir and wake and his cock began to inflate in my mouth. Soon he was full hard and I was doing my best to pleasure him and it didn’t take too long before he stiffened and began to jerk underneath me. I could feel his cock swell and knew he was ready to burst. Pushing myself all the way down his cock and deep into my throat, he spasmed shooting his warm salty load down my throat.

Sir was up and headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up and ready to leave soon to head back to the airport. He informed me to begin packing my things while he showered. Once he was out it was my turn as he dressed and packed his things. I took a very long shower letting the hot water soak over my entire body, trying to wash away the angry red marks all over my body that had developed since meeting Sir here and spending the last few days under his control. My back had several lines of marks from the flogger, my tits had several purple bruises from the caning they took. And my pussy was red and raw from all the action and whippings it had taken over the last several days and although I masturbated frequently at home, I don’t think I will need to, or be able to touch my poor abused pussy for a week. As I soaped and washed I ran my hands down my ass crack to make sure my asshole was still in one piece after last night’s huge stretching, it was puffy and tender and I hoped Sir would not have me use anything anally for a bit while it recovered. But by far the worst was my ass cheeks, they had several different marks and stripes all across them and ranged in color anywhere from deep purple to bright red and it would make for a very tender several hour flight sitting on them. There were also a few marks from the cuffs and collar and I hoped that they wouldn’t be too noticeable as I made my way home. Luckily I knew I would be in rough shape when I got home so I had though ahead to take a few extra days off from work to recover once home. 

When I finally emerged, I found Sir all packed and waiting for my in the chair. He had thoughtfully left me out some comfortable clothes to travel in and as I dressed in front of him, he smiled back at me. “I have added some special items to your carry-on baggage for you once you clear the airport security check point,” he declared. Great, I wonder what surprise he has left for me, hopefully I don’t have to pull out some giant dildo or something at the security scan area for everyone to see. The embarrassment of letting everyone in the airport see just how big of a slut I am would probably cause me to run and hide in one of the bathrooms for the rest of the day.

Soon I was dressed and ready to leave, and Sir stood up and kissed me very deeply for a few minutes. “I’m so proud of how well you performed these last few days, you are a good submissive girl,” he said with a gleam in his eye. I felt so grateful that he had approved of me and everything I did while we were here. It had been a lot and it had really pushed my limits several times but I was proud of myself for living up to the tasks and making Sir happy. This was definitely going to be a trip to remember, and I hoped that there were several more trips like this in my future with Sir. I loved serving him and how he knew to push my limits and put me in new situations that brought out even more of my submissiveness and desire to serve and be used as a slut and fuck toy.

Just like when we arrived, I was left to carry all the baggage as we left the room and made our way down to the lobby for check out. And I stood patiently near the door as he squared up his bill at the desk, and at the last second as he was finishing, he pulled an envelope from his jacket pocket, passing it to the clerk, who nodded and placed the envelope off to the side. Out to the cab stand he led me as I followed behind with all our bags, and making sure that I loaded them in the cab while he waited in the back seat. The cab ride was fairly quiet and Sir spend most of it playing on his phone, smiling and chuckling a bit as he scrolled through items. I on the other hand sat staring out the window at the city as it passed by and reflected on the last few days. I had been spanked and whipped before, but never as hard or as intense as the last few days, it was also the first time I had ever had a golden shower, or the afternoon with the maids that I never even got to see in person. The remote controlled vibe in public was also a new thing, and never had I just had random bathroom sex with someone I had never met before, nor had I have serviced so many people all at once, and that dildo the girl used on me was the largest thing I’ve ever had in any of my holes. But the thing that stood out the most was the chastity belt, I don’t know quite how to describe the feeling of having it locked on and not being able to access my pussy. It was awesome and terrifying all at the same time, not having control over it and how it is used. Sir looked up from his phone and smiled at me and I returned the smile as we pulled up to the departing flights area.

After checking in at the desk for our airlines, we made our way to the security check point and I had forgotten all about what Sir might have placed in my bag. I had no time to check as we near the head of the line. And before I knew it, it was time to place my bag on the conveyor through the X-ray machine. I watched as I stepped through the body scanner as my bag went in to the machine. The guy running it paused and backed it up several times and called another worker over to check it out over his shoulder. They both pointed at it and then looked up at me, who was staring back in shock, whatever it was they knew it was mine and were amused by it. As I stepped to the end to wait for my bag, I just knew they were going to make me pull it out to inspect it in front of everyone there. The one officer picked up my bag as it came out and asked me “Is this your?” “Yes,” I replied sheepishly knowing that the same of pulling it out was soon to follow and the passengers were backing up behind me a bit as I waited for my bag and were watching to see what was going on and causing the delay. “Well I hope you have a good day and a great flight,” was all he said as he handed me the bag. The instant relief of not having to pull whatever the item was out in front of everyone was exhilarating and I couldn’t believe my luck. As I turned to leave, I saw Sir sitting on one of the benches still putting on his shoes and laughing at me. He knew that the fear of being exposed in front of all these people as a slut would put me over the top. I sat next to him as I slipped my shoes on. He leaned over, “In your bag is your chastity belt and collar, you will go to the restroom and change into them and meet me at your departure gate.” Now I knew what the guards had be looking at, but this meant I was going to have to wear this damn thing for a bit. There was a little over an hour till my flight and two hours until his. I might just have enough time to get it off once he gave me the keys, I could slip into the bathroom during the pre-flight and get it off. But first I need to get it on. I slipped into the first bathroom I passed and made my way to a stall. Opening my bag, I found the belt and collar wrapped in amongst my other items, being careful to not drop any of it and draw attention to myself from anyone else in the bathroom, or worst expose any of it below the stall doors or walls. I chose the collar first as it would be the easiest, placing it around my neck before giving the lock a good click. I tugged on it a few times to make sure it was secured. Next was the belt, I stood up and pulled my pants down around my knees, placing the belt around my waist, I reach down and between my legs to pull the shield up before locking it all in place. My inner thighs still had some marks from wearing it so long the other night and quickly reminded me that they were there. Pulling my pants up over it all was a bit difficult due to how tight the pants were but I soon had them in place and buttoned up. Bending over to pick up the rest of my stuff, it became aperient just how tight these pant were, they pushed the shield deeply into my abused pussy and almost made me yelp a bit. Thankfully I would not be like this for too long as Sir would have to pass me the keys before I left.

I made my way down to my gate to fins Sir sitting there waiting for me. Sitting down gingerly next to him, we began with some small talk. About that time my phone binged and I look to see that someone had tagged me in several post on one of the fetish media sites. As I opened it, it was a post with several pics of me from the night before during the gang bang. Pics of me with cocks in my mouth, my ass and buried deep in my pussy. And even several of the girl with the huge dildo as she forced it into both my holes. I had been so lost in all of it that I had not even noticed that Sir had been taking pictures the whole time. I turned to him, and he just smiled at me, “Some great pictures of you from last night, you look like you were enjoying it.” “Thank you Sir for posting them,” I answered. Luckily they were on a site that doesn’t make it easy for people to share or repost the pics, so I was confident that only the pervs on that site would see them. But still there I was exposed like a complete slut for everyone on that site to enjoy. It felt good that all my fellow pervs could see me like no others and know that I was a complete slut.

The plane began to board and soon it was my time to go, I leaned over and kissed Sir good bye. As I stood, I reached out my hand expecting Sir to place the keys for the belt and collar in it. But instead he looked at me like, what? I softly spoke, ”Keys?” He looked up and smiled at me, “Don’t worry about the keys, I dropped them at the front desk and asked them to mail them to you.” My eyes got huge! “You should see them in a few days as long as the post office doesn’t lose them,” He quipped back. Dejected, I turned and made my way to the plane. Damn it, not only was I going to have to endure this several hour flight locked up and sitting on my bruised ass, but I was going to have to wait a few days to get the keys and get out of this chastity belt and collar. As I was sitting in my seat, I was thankful that I had taken those few extra days off and hoped that the keys would arrive before I had to return to work, otherwise it would make for some awkward moments trying to explain the collar and why I can’t bend over very well due to the chastity belt. Damn, he really knew how to push me! And I smiled as I settled back into my seat for the long flight home. What a good time it’s going to be!

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