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A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 21

A Middle-class Girl's Journey series story
Extreme, F, M+, Real Life, Bondage, Domination, Exhibitionism, Hair, Humiliation, Incest, Masochism, Mind Control, Pain, Rape, Sadism, Spanking, Submission, Consensual

Black Sunday.

It was one of the longest times since he left the forces that my husband had been away. On his return I saw it as more of an inconvenience than a relief he was back which in the past was the first thing I’d felt. When he announced that he would be staying to set up an office locally and take on staff as he just wasn’t able to cope on his own. I let out an audible sigh and had to lie about how great that would be. After all my years of marriage I had no excuse for not knowing my husband better, none at all. Instinct told him I was less than pleased to see him even though I do say so myself, my performance in bed and my willingness to please him was outstanding.

After the first few days of satisfying both of them I was so tired I had to take a couple of days off work just to rest. That helped me a lot and with my husband off looking for premises and interviewing staff I had more time to see Healy as he now wanted to be called and had even gone to the trouble of having cards made that just said “Healy” and his mobile phone number.

On the Saturday my husband took my son to watch football which they both loved and my daughter went off with a friend and her mother to a horse show leaving me with the weekly food shopping and time on my hands. My mood wasn’t lifted when I rang Healy and was told he “didn’t need me” but I could call around and see him Sunday but to text him first. Saturday night we ate at one of the restaurants in the village and although the food was great as it always was, for some reason I was in a foul mood and I hated the meal. I was also in the same mood when we got home and went straight to bed while he ran the sitter home and feigned sleep for the first time in our marriage when he got back.

Sunday morning, I was woken by my husband with breakfast in bed complete with a single red rose which was also a first. I told him I wasn’t feeling very well and that I’d rest up and get up later as soon as I felt better. I did feel better when he left and took our son the play football and Alison picked our daughter up. I texted Healy and waited for him to tell me to go around and made myself ready for the text back.

When it arrived, I was at his house in seconds or so it seemed and I was pleased to see him. That afternoon he fucked me senseless taking great pleasure in making me scream, something that he was doing to boost his already massive ego and annoy the people living next door on one side and give the Ferret a cheap thrill on the other.

I was collapsed on the bed eyes closed in that post-sex condition half way between sleep and conscious when Healy shouted something up the stairs to me, I didn’t understand. He shouted again this time with some concerned in his voice. I stood up from the bed and looked around for my clothes which were on the kitchen floor downstairs. Healy was shouting at somebody and laughing but his laugh was a nervous one and what he was shouting which as I went down to see what was going on, was all bravado.

When I got downstairs Healy was stood behind the locked back door of his house when it came hurling off its hinges along with part of the doorframe and landed on him. Stood in the place the door had been before it was kicked off its hinges was my husband. I ran up the stairs and back into the bedroom and shut the door and put a chair against it as I’d see on films, it was a waste of time as the bedroom door joined the back door, off its hinges. Just for a second I thought he was going to kill me, I really did and I was o scared I couldn’t speak I just looked at him, trembled and my bladder opened.  

Walking up to me he looked around in silence and turning to me he told me “I told you after the last time that if this happened again what I’d do you are so fucking stupid either you didn’t believe me or didn’t care” I couldn’t answer him and he continued. “Well, I hope you are going to be happy with this prick. Don’t even try to speak to me again or our children of I will bury the pair of you” with that the room went black. His backhander had sent me flying across the room and I lost consciousness for a few seconds.
My mind wasn’t clear but I could hear something going on in the street outside. What was going on was Healy getting his arse fed to him as one onlooker told Susan a few days later. My lovers’ mistake was to laugh at and mock the man who had just kicked his doors down. Standing there with a hammer in one hand and his mobile phone in the other he threw insults at the man almost a foot smaller than him and nine stones (126 pounds) lighter than him. There are varying accounts of what happened but I can say that the hammer was taken off Healy and the head was thrown at him and my weight lifting stud was beaten senseless and as a passing thought his mobile phone was put into his mouth and stamped on breaking his jaw and knocking our eleven teeth. After being told what he’d done to Healy the person telling me said what he did (my husband) hadn’t spoken a single word to anybody and had just walked away. 

I was taken to hospital as was Healy the ambulance man telling me I was suffering from concussion as well as a broken rib after I’d landed on the bedside table. It was hard for me to hear what the man was telling me as my ears were still ringing and all I could think about was one thing “Was my husband OK?”

It took eight Police Officers to arrest my husband and the reason was that he wouldn’t allow himself to be taken. The first mistake was to come together with a social worker to take the children into care. He’d calmly told them that my sister was on her way and she would look after them, however; that would take half an hour as she lived some way away. Their second mistake was to be disrespectful to him and call him “Soldier boy, Kung Fu boy” and “Grasshopper” and they're third was to get physical with a man who had made his living for twenty years by, to put it bluntly “killing people.” Their last mistake was not to spot the CCTV recording everything that had happened and it was an expensive mistake to make for the Ratepayers of the County.

The terrified Social Worker had rung the police when the first two brave boys in blue lay unconscious on the floor and the third was trying not to choke to death in front of her very eyes. The second batch didn’t get on much better according to the regional paper I read about the incident the following week and all four together with the first three were taken in the same ambulance and crew to the same hospital I was being treated in. The Police dog they sent in didn’t survive and was killed with a single punch to its head which was so hard parts of its brains splattered onto the wall of the hallway and was then send through the windscreen of a police car.

Alison and Robert finally arrived and persuaded him to go with a Policewoman they finally had the sense to send. Robert took photos of my husband’s face and body just in case the Police fancied some payback in the cells later. Once in the Police Station and while I was still being treated, he was charged with, Attempted murder (Healy), Grievous bodily harm(me), seven counts of assaulting a Police Officer causing them all Grievous bodily harm, killing an animal causing it unnecessary suffering and criminal damage. Locked in a cell overnight to appear in court the next day he calmly told the custardy office that if anybody came into his cell for some payback he’d “Kill the first one and rip off the balls of the others” he wasn’t disturbed.

I wasn’t well enough to work the following week and Healy was humiliated after all his boasting came to nothing he’d been as helpless as a kitten against my husband and the policemen who took his statement told him he was lucky to be alive. I knew better because if he’d wanted to kill him, he’d be dead.

It took Healy a week in the local hospital and a few more days before he was back in the saddle or to be accurate back ridding me. His jaw was wired and his teeth removed but he still wanted to “ride his whore” and I was that whore. Another week and I was back at work with my husband who I was desperate to talk to still held on remand in prison. My children didn’t want to know me which was a shock to my system and they were well guarded against me by my sister and my mother who wouldn’t open the gates to me nor was I allowed to pick them up at their school after my father had intervened with one of his Masonic brethren who was their headmaster, oh how things had changed. I knew that I only had myself to blame I’d gone from wife and mother all be it with an inglorious past, to say the least to an outcast and lower down in the pecking order than my husband who was in prison at the time.

So, this is Hell!

It took one of his client’s lawyers just 24 hours to get my husband out of prison once he was aware, he needed help. At the same time, he instigated divorce proceedings against me naming Healy. This, of course, went down like a lead balloon with him and sparked his temper. Jaw wired or not he punched me in the face and stomach as I was holding my swollen jaw. I had to promise I’d stop it but I didn’t know-how. The next day I walked into work with a swollen face and a black eye it wouldn’t be the last time, nobody asked about the bruise. I rang my husband who never answered the phone and I rang the house number only to find he’d changed the number. I even asked Alison who wasn’t eager to speak to me to intervene but she wouldn’t promise to and I even tried Robert who turned out knew Healy no joy there either.
Robert told me things I didn’t know and that Healy was violent and a coward and always had been. He knew Healy because he employed his former brother-in-law his ex-wives brother the picture he painted wasn’t too nice. Wife beater with convictions for fraud, demanding money with menses, assault and car theft Robert warned me I’d regret meeting him sooner rather than later. He confirmed what I knew Healy used to call to see his ex-wife who he fucked despite their divorce and later I found out it was because she was still scared of him.
The first time he went to town on me was because I forgot to change my bank details and my salary went straight into my joint account with my husband. Not that it mattered because the bank sent it back and I had to re-open an account of my own. The beating he gave me was out of rage and nothing else it was a miracle he didn’t break my jaw. Once more I arrived at work with not one but two black eyes this time I was called to HR and offered help if I was in an abusive marriage and I told the very nice woman I was fine and she told me that “Susan nobody can help you unless you admit you have a problem and help yourself you don’t have to be stuck in an abusive marriage” I think I already knew that.
All the same, I liked the cock he was giving me and to stop getting beaten up I’d even offer to “perform” with Hanna for him which he liked the idea of. Threesomes with Hanna soon became par for the course and once his jaw was unwired, he started his dental work. Each visit to the dentist resulted in me being kicked around the bedroom or kitchen one such incident ended with me walking half-naked to A&E where I was told I had two broken ribs. I didn’t want to go back to Healy so I rang Susan who sent a taxi for me.

I slept on the sofa at Susan’s and in the morning her boyfriend drove me to Healy’s houses and I cautiously made my way to his back door. It was locked and outside were all my clothes and possessions in a black plastic bag. My car was also gone doubtless he’d driven it to work leaving me his wreck to drive. I sat on the step of that terraced house and cried and cried. Hanna came to my rescue hearing me she took me next door put her arm around me and gave me a hug, oh how I needed a hug.

I was being comforted by a 17-year-old girl and one that I’d been sexually jealous of since the day I first saw her which wasn’t that long ago. I couldn’t stop crying and she told me she understood and the thing would get better and not to worry. All the things I’d said many times to my two young children and doubtless most mothers had used the same words of kindness. The thing was I did need to worry I now had nowhere to live I’d not spoken to my children for weeks my husband hated me and I had no car, no money, my family had disowned me nor were most of my friends and nowhere to live I think I had the right to shed a few tears.
I rang work and asked the security people make a check in the car park for my car and it was there, Healy had taken it. I cleaned myself up ironed some work clothes got on the shuttle bus and went to my office got my spare keys and reclaimed my car. As I sat in the driver’s seat I was trembling and could just about put the key in the ignition I drove out of the parking space stopped the car gathered everything in it that belonged to Healy put it in the same black bin bag and left it between the lines of the empty parking space for him to find. I then went back to my office and asked for security to send a couple of men up as I was expecting a disgruntled employee who may cause trouble. As he exited the lift the first thing he saw was the two security staff bin bag in hand he turned and got back into the lift and went back down, it was 11 am.
By mid-day, I’d had two dozen calls from him which started off abusive and the turned to plain insulting and finally threatening and I’d had enough. I rang security and had him removed from the site and his contract suspended. I instantly regretted it and once the reality kicked in I began to be frightened of what the consequences would be. Still, without a place to stay, I rang every person I knew and almost begged them to let me stay for a few days until I could get something more permanent none of my family wanted to have anything to do with me not even Alison my sister. Just when I thought I’d be spending the night in my car Susan rang me and offered her sofa for the night. I was escorted by security to my car but there was no sign of Healy thank goodness. Nor did he ring me or try to find me and after I’d found a B&B the next day I was off Susan’s sofa.
I was away from the office for three days, in fact, I was out of the country which only added to my sense of loneliness and desperation, which was why I guess I took Healy’s call on my mobile when I got back to the UK. He was full of remorse saying he realised how much he “loved” me and missed me and how life wasn’t the same without me. I listened to and all the time I knew he was lying through his teeth to me all he was interested was getting his work back and getting back at me some way. I told him I’d think about it but I just didn’t believe him and he told me that he was really sorry and it would never happen again, we both knew that if I went back to him it would.
The following day at work I got a call from one of my brothers who told me bluntly and in just two sentences “Sorry to have to tell you this over the phone but our father died on Monday heart attack.”  And after a moments silence “The funeral in the village at the Parish Church next Tuesday at 11 O clock, you can come if you want” and then he hung up. All I could do was think that my father had died hating me and the rest of my family hated me as well and all I wanted was my husband and he hated me as well. It would be accurate to say that this was one of the low points in my life, not the lowest as that was still to come, I just didn’t know it.

I left work early and made myself to my Mother’s house it was strange driving onto the drive knowing I’d not be seeing him (my father) there. My oldest brother told me that my mother didn’t want to see me there and the family believed that my prancing around with my fancy man had brought on the heart attack. He was vile towards me almost venomous in his words I didn’t get over the front door and left for a shoulder to cry on and only found Malcolm Healy.  

The funeral was awful and I’d found that my brother was lying when he told me my mother didn’t want to see me and he’d lied to her saying I hadn’t called or been around. I have Alison my sister to thank for clearing that up with our mother. I remembered the things I’d said to my father in defense of my husband and how wounded he’d looked. Only my mother and her sister, as well as Alison, spoke to me when I arrived at the church which was packed out. Through my tears, I saw my children stood with Robert my daughter was distraught and her brother trying to comfort her in vain. I left my seat and went to her feeling her arms around me again was the only thing even remotely good about that day. My son refused to speak to me and I could see the hate in his eyes, hate that would take years to dissipate. As for their father, he was one of the bearers of my father’s coffin he didn’t even look in my direction, not once. I left after the internment after giving my daughter a huge hug and trying to speak to my son who ignored and went looking for his grieving grandmother, clearly, I just wasn’t wanted.
Healy told me he’d take my mind off the funeral by which he meant with his cock and still wearing my funeral clothes he fucked me for what appeared to be hours. I remember crying floods of tears as he was pounding into me using my arse and just giving my cunt to odd rub. I didn’t cry because of the pain he was giving me although clearly, he thought so, instead, I think I cried for myself.
 The routine was soon established and Healy liked routine, gone was the fucking under the stairwell in fact gone had fucking at work altogether. Although he was back on site he was being watched and his behavior when he tried to get into my office meant that there was nothing, I could do about it. That being the case it was best now to speak to each other and instead he demanded I go to his house and fuck him lunchtime this was after the first fuck of the day when he woke up and the one, he gave me before we left for work. This was followed by the fucking he gave me once I arrived back after work, which was followed by even more later. He took his pleasure as he liked to call it as often as he liked and that included giving me “a red fuck” when I was on my period.

I learned that it was best not to question Healy about anything nor to stop him once he wanted to fuck and that meant anytime. That included interrupting his ride when people called and he was inside me bent over the kitchen table or when Ferret came calling and was bent over the table skirt up over my back, tits pulled out of my bra and him fucking me in the arse. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen me having sex or even naked but the last time it was with his own daughter. I tried to stand up but he put his hand in the middle of my back and held me down. Once he’s cum and pulled out he held me down and told me to stay where I was, just for a second I thought he was going to invite Ferret to fuck me but he just wanted me to be on display.

All attempts to contact my husband and my children were met with a stone wall and so desperate to see them I engaged a solicitor who was adamant he would be able to get me access to them. I was desperate to give them my side of the story not that it would have done any good. This proved to be a huge mistake as I acted with my heart and emotions while my husband’s approach was calculated and always well thought out. The first thing he did was to have my car reprocessed as it was in his company’s name. The next thing was he hit me with an order for maintenance for the children and for the “rent” on the house which outraged me. Is income was, untraceable and hidden beneath a mountain of paperwork, mine as I was a PAYE taxpayer wasn’t. Then came the injunction stopping me from seeing my children as I was cohabiting with a known criminal and drug dealer.
It was hopeless and all it got me was into a pile of debt and further into the mire that was fast becoming my life. I tried to buy a new car but was turned down as my credit score just wasn’t good enough another thing courtesy of my husband. As a result of even trying to get credit and failing I had my Credit Cards confiscated which took place in the local supermarket when I tried to pay for the weekly shopping, empty-handed I had to walk the three miles back to Healy’s house when I got there I sat at the kitchen table and wept.
Healy’s reaction to not having a three-month-old BMW to drive about in was predictable and I paid for it as I’d done before by getting beaten up and knocked senseless, so much for “It will never happen again.” His second reaction was to hire three men to teach my husband a lesson. The three came to his house for half their payment upfront, they were all huge men and they all looked as if they were bodybuilders like Healy. Their leader or spokesman talked in a Geordie accent and wore the distinctive red beret of a Para. When they left Healy was like a cockerel smiling to himself and unaware what he had in store I was compliant as he bent me over for the 5th time that day.
The next night, as he got into his car having left it at the station my husband was attacked by these three “professionals” thugs, didn’t go to plan for them. If I’d been asked, I would have said it was a stupid idea and although he’d have gone ahead with it anyway at least it may have saved me from his wrath later. At around 2 am it happened a brick wrapped in some red cloth smashed through the bedroom window.  Healy screamed that it was a bomb and ran downstairs leaving me in the bed and he rang the police telling them that my husband had thrown a bomb through the window. The police arrived and sent for the bomb squad, it wasn’t a bomb.
What it was, in fact, a genuine Red Beret issued five years before at his passing put ceremony to a new member of the Parachute Regiment. Inside that a total of forty teeth all of various sized they all belonged to three men currently in the local hospital where they would stay for the next six weeks and one the owner of the Red Beret would be until he could be taken to a rehab centre so they could help him walk again after having his legs smashed with a baseball bat. The police when questioning me later told me it had been rammed deep into his anus which they told me they’d seen before. None of the men would cooperate with the police and later my husband again sued them for false arrest and wrongful imprisonment. 
This all changed Healy and he became paranoid the same would happen to him and if it did it would all be my fault. He then used his contacts to buy a shotgun even though he’d no license for one and slept with it under the bed the slightest creak in the night and he’d be up looking for it. Could things get any worse for me? I thought to myself, it was a stupid question.


Lowest of the low.

So frequent had the flashes of his temper and subsequent “backhanders” or punches to my face or having my head forced down the toilet had become that I was almost suicidal. Forbidden from seeing my friends and with a family that either didn’t want to see me or I couldn’t see for myself, Healy was pretty much all I had in my life. I felt awful I looked a mess and my work had gone to hell as I just didn’t care anymore and one day I was called in to see my boss. She was kind to me and told me that she knew a little of what had gone on and asked me if I was OK and I assured her I was. Then she went on to explain to me that my work had begun to suffer and for a second I thought I was about to be sacked, I wasn’t.
It had been pointed out to her that I was living with Healy who she’d had security look into and she didn’t like what she found out. Then she told me that when his current contract expired that he’d never get another with the company. At first, she told me that she’d thought about having him removed straight away but had thought better of it as it may have had a knock-on effect on me. Then I was told that it would be better if I took a couple of weeks off which wasn’t a suggestion it was in fact compulsory. I wasn’t to worry it wouldn’t affect my salary or the holiday time I had accrued but I was to go “home” get some rest and come back like the “Susan of old that we all love.” As nothing could be done about it, I took the bus home and waited to tell Healy the news. He arrived home a couple of hours later and to my surprise took the news well and told me that since I didn’t have to be at work I could be naked and waiting for his lunchtime fuck.

As always, he wanted me bent over the kitchen table and for the first time in a long time it wasn’t my arse he wanted to fuck my cunt and that orifice appreciated it greatly. At first, I didn’t notice them and when I did at first, I thought it was the Ferret but is wasn’t. Healy hadn’t noticed them either until I started to point and shouted for him to stop because stood in the doorway watching us was his two nephews Malcolm or Mal (named after his uncle) aged 12 and George Geo 11 who had come to see their uncle to give him a message from their mother, his sister. I tried to stand up and I pushed up to make him get out and off me but he held me down and hit me hard across the back of the head making my ears ring. I went from the verge of orgasm to the verge of passing out as I struggled with that, I heard Healy call them in.

Once he’d finished, he left me alone and I slipped off the table onto the floor where he left me. I only vaguely remember the conversation about who I was and had they enjoyed watching and then could they see my tits to which he responded to by getting me to sit up for the boys which I struggled to do. My head reeling he offered to let them see my “pussy” if they wanted to which they did, so pushing me down on my back knelt with his knees either side of my head and reach forward took my legs behind my knees and pulled them back and apart leaving me fully exposed. I lay there unable to move or close my legs without the strength or will power to do or say anything about it head swimming.

They had seen a pussy before they told him it was a girl they knew but it wasn’t as big as this one and here’s didn’t have hair either one pointed out only to be told ”She does but she shaves it off because she’s a slut” I felt 100% like one. I was pulled onto my knees and still with my head on the floor he pulled open my arse cheeks and answered their questions “Do you bum her, does she suck your cock, does she swallow your spunk when she sucks you off?” the answer to all those questions was of course yes. Their final question was “Can we watch you fuck her again and will you bum her?” his answer to that question is burnt into my mind. “I can do better than that come back at the same time tomorrow and you can fuck her yourself.”

I spent the rest of the day in bed recovering from the smack around the head he’d given me and when he returned prior to leaving to go and pump some iron I told him he could go to hell if he thought I’d be fucking those boys. It was the last thing I remember because another backhander laid me unconscious and I woke alone in the early hours but then I heard the sound of Healy downstairs fucking Hanna as well as the sound of the Ferret giving him encouragement.

The next morning, he didn’t touch me not when he woke or when he’d dressed for work which was a first. He ordered me and I don’t hesitate to use that word to smarten myself up for lunchtime and again I told him there was no way and I’d rather sleep on the street than do it. This brought a calculated response which was a punch in the stomach which doubled me up. He then dragged me by the hair and produced a long metal chain and two padlocks fastening one end to my ankle and the other to the leg of the kitchen table which was screwed already to the floor, before he left he opened the net curtains and anybody who looked in could see me naked and chained. 

Healy returned at 11.30 and unchained me and told me to shower the look in his face was one I’d seen before and I knew what would happen if I didn’t do as I was told. As I showered, he watched me telling me what he wanted me to do. I was to put on a pair of stockings and suspender belt nothing else and wait on the bed on my back facing the door with my cunt on the edge of the bed and knees bent and wide open. He wanted my open shaved cunt to be the first they saw when they walked into the room and with that, he handed me a razor and told me to shave my cunt and stood and watched me as I did so.

I dried my hair and put on the things he wanted, I had thought about saying I didn’t want to do it but my courage betrayed me and I lay on the bed as instructed my cunt on the edge feet on the floor but ready to lift them up and bend and spread. I waited as if in a dream state the sun shining through the gap in the curtains and across my naked tits, it felt warm. I heard them arrive but I couldn’t hear what they had to say, there was some laughing and whispering and some encouragement from Healy and then footsteps coming up the wooden stairs. Geo was the first one as he came up the stairs I lift and bend my legs at the knees opening them as I did. As Healy had wanted it the first thing he saw as he came into the room as my freshly shaved and wide open cunt. I lay with my head on the bed not looking at him and he stood staring between at me cunt not knowing what to do.

The next thing I heard was Healy’s voice shouting at him “It’s easy Geo get your dick out and stick it in the bitch.” I lay motionless not wanting to move to want the earth to open up and swallow me. I was aware he’d moved closer and then I felt his fingers touching me and then he fingered my cunt and again Healy was shouting to him from the bottom of the stairs. Climbing on top of me he didn’t speak just groped my tits and without any finesse clamped his mouth on one of my nipples. I felt him hard on my belly and he pulled off and unzipped taking out his cock. He struggled to get inside me however; he managed it without help and started to move with little great enthusiasm and pulled out as he did. I closed my legs around his back to stop him I think it was more instinctively than anything, he groaned and came and I had just been fucked by an 11-year-old boy, getting off me he didn’t even look at me and just left.
The cheers that greeted him from his uncle and brother lasted just a few moments and then it all went silent for a while and I let my legs down and wiped myself. When I heard Mal the older of the two brothers making his climb up the stairs and raised my knees once more. Once in the doorway, he shouted something downstairs to his uncle who cheered him on. Unlike his younger brother Mal didn’t need any encouragement from his uncle and soon his fingers were inside me and first one then several more and he was talking to me not that I was taking in anything he was saying. Just as his brother had done before he sucked and groped my tits and then got off the bed and let his pants down and mounted me as soon as he was on top of me he tried to get inside me but before he did he came. Embarrassed he got off me and left me, I didn’t move I stayed where I was expecting Healy to be next he wasn’t he couldn’t bother climbing the stairs.
I lay there as if in a daze which I suppose I was, I could hear them all downstairs laughing and making jokes at my expense using various names all of which had been used before. Then when they noticed the time the brothers went back to school with their uncle telling them to come back later. Then he came upstairs where I was still lying in the same position physically but in another space of my own mind. I soon snapped out of it as he grabbed me by the ankle and yanked me off the bed and chained me once more to the table in the kitchen, this time leaving me with bowl of water to drink from like a dog drawing a line around the base with my lipstick telling me to drink off the floor like the bitch I was and if the line was broken he’d break my nose, I didn’t touch the water.
Letting themselves into the house with their new backdoor keys the brothers found me still naked apart from the now laddered stockings and black suspender belt and chained to the table. They thought it was awesome and told their uncle so when he arrived an hour later, the pair of them have not spoken a word to me choosing to speak about me to each other. The lecture their uncle gave them about fucking me or any other women was simple get as much pussy as they could and as often as they could and women like “me” were just “sluts and whores who were cock mad” pulling on my chain as he told them to do what they wanted to me, just don’t be shy and get on with it.
The questions came thick and fast “Will she suck our cocks, can we bum her, can we jizz on her face, is it OK to make her wank us off, what do we call her and can we tell our mates and let them do her?” The answer to all their questions was yes apart the last one to which he told them “Don’t talk to anybody about this slut and I mean nobody, not even your best mates because if you do and the law finds out I will cut your fucking cocks off, do you understand?” he demanded to know and they nodded their understanding. He then told them “Come here as often as you like and fuck the bitch stupid and call her what you like but don’t be shy get your cocks out and get to work.”  
Geo was eager and unzipping his grey school pants he realised his cock which Healy told me to suck and the boy marched towards me pointing it at my face. I wasn’t sure he liked it at first I knew I wasn’t but his groans soon told me he was. I glanced up at Healy and saw a look of utter contempt on his face and as I sucked cock I wondered what I’d done wrong? Just three hours after coming inside my cunt, Geo came in my mouth and instinctively I swallowed the boy's cum down. Mal wanted to fuck me and told me to bend over the table and I obeyed, the only problem was he wasn’t tall enough to get his cock inside me as my legs were longer by far. Healy intervened telling me to lay flat on my belly and hold my arse open, close to tears I did as I was told.
The older boy mounted me and as before struggled to get inside me and I reached behind and guided him into my cunt. His uncle offered him words of advice telling him to slow down and advising him that the slower he went the longer he’d last and only to go faster when he wanted to cum. It didn’t last long at all and he was soon as they liked to call in “shooting is load up me” now I’d been fucked by a 12-year-old boy as well an 11-year-old. Geo didn’t want to put his cock in the same hole as his brothers “jizz” but wanted his cock sucked again instead I got onto my hands and knees took him in my mouth, I could still taste and smell him from the last time, I used my tongue on the tip of his cock and he came for the second time very quickly. The older brother all be it by just eleven months was still hard and was eager for his first blowjob and he added his “jizz” to his brothers down my throat. The pair left and Healy walked over to where I was kneeling lifted my face up by the chin and tapped my mouth with his hard cock, I opened it up and he face fucked me laughing as I choked and coughed up whatever was inside my stomach. Pushing it deep down my throat jerking as he came, he pulled out slowly and slapped my face hard sending me down to the floor and I lay motionless in the mess I’d made.

He left me still wearing the torn stockings and with the chain attached to me all night or at least until he got out of bed at 6.30 which he did every day. Unchaining me he told me to make him some breakfast which I did despite I was told and I ached from sleeping on a cold tiled floor. As he ate he told me to go and clean myself up as “his boys” wouldn’t want to fuck me looking like a tramp. I showered and I took my time and washed away some of the dirt and humiliation and did my best to cover the bruise he’d given my face. He called me into the bedroom and told me that I needn’t bother with clothes I’d not be needing them until I went back to work. I started to protest but a punch in the stomach cut that short and I lay on the bed holding myself doubled up in pain as he told me his “master plan.”

Holding up my handbag he emptied the contents out next to me on the bed and went through them until he found my contraceptive pills and put them in his pocket then he told me his plan. “You are going to fuck those boys as often as they want whenever they want. Clear?” I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded clearly this wasn’t enough as he grabbed me by the hair and demanded: “Is that fucking clear you cunt?” I told him it was just stopping myself from calling him, Master or Sir. He continued by telling me “That cunt of a husband humiliated me the twat, so now it’s payback time, just think how he’s going to feel when his wife gets pregnant by a schoolboy and I tell half the world he a cuckold to a 12-year-old the bastard.”
As he still had hold of my hair I had no choice but to look at his face and his look was venomous pure hatred and he was looking straight into my eyes. God knows what he saw there but whatever it was it made him instantly hard and pulling me by the hair he flung me onto my stomach and mounted me. Knowing how to please him I reached behind and opened my buttocks for him and he pushed into my arse grunting as he always did when he thrust into me. Once fully inside me, I moved my arms in front of me and he reached under my armpit and placed each hand on the top of my shoulders and pulled me back and causing me pain.
As he “bummed” me he gave me his instructions and made me repeat them “You will open your legs for the boys, say it cunt” I answered, I will open my legs for the boys and my reward was a deep thrust from his cock. “You will let them fuck all your holes but they must cum in your cunt, say it” I repeated, I will let them fuck all my holes but I must make them cum in my cunt, again I was rewarded. “You will tell them you want their cocks and ask them to come back and fuck you, again and again, say it” I will tell them I want their cocks and ask them to come back and fuck me again and again. “You will beg them to fuck you, say it tell me how you will beg them.” I will beg them to fuck me, I will say please fuck me, please fuck me, please come back and fuck me, please fuck me cum in my cunt, it was all I could do to stop from saying, Master. “You will get pregnant you want their baby, say it” I want to get pregnant I want their baby, I want their baby. I repeated it over and over as he fucked me and as I did, I was aware that I was about to cum myself and I tried to hold back but as he deposited his cum inside me, I came.
I wept as I sucked his cock clean knowing that what I had just said had brought me to orgasm I felt ashamed and he felt great as he believed he’d broken me. It wasn’t that single fact he was so delighted but he truly believed he’d be able to humiliate my husband, the man who had beaten him to a pulp and without breaking a sweat. Before he left me, he chained me once more this time totally naked to the kitchen table where I waited for the boys to arrive and at 8.15 they let themselves in. Straight away I asked them who was going to fuck me first and after they both had I asked them to come back later and told them I wanted them to fuck me over and over. Something in my mind told me I’d better do as I was told and I was proved right as on a shelf in the kitchen he left a tape recorder switched on and listened to it when he came back, my instincts had saved me from a kicking.

To be continued.....

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