Hypnotising Hayley Part Seven by Charles Murray


Heavy, Moderate, M, m, Real Life, Humiliation, Mind Control, Pain, Sadism, Submission, Non-Consensual

Heavy, Moderate, M, m, Real Life, Humiliation, Mind Control, Pain, Sadism, Submission, Non-Consensual

For those who have not read previous chapters

Hayley was 22 and Ryan 23. Hayley’s job was mainly administration. Customising standard documents according to the salesmens’ specifications. It was a bit monotonous but on the other hand stress free. It meant she could enjoy a good social life without worrying about how it might affect her job.

She had a slim face with high cheek bones. She had thick, long, waved shoulder length, golden hair, green eyes, a cute button nose and slightly full kissable lips. Her breasts were perhaps 37 though she hid them behind a round full bra. A 25 inch waist, 35 inch hips with a firm butt and reasonable legs. Not beautiful but very attractive.

Ryan is slim, brown haired, works in a warehouse. He has hypnotised Hayley so she cannot say bad things about him and cannot resist anything he wishes to do to her. She can resist anything he tells her to do. Obedience here is enforced through traditional methods.

It is an evolving story and if you have the patience I recommend starting from or at least skim reading part three.

Hypnotising Hayley Chapter Ten

Sunday afternoon roleplay

For Sunday afternoon Ryan thought he should have a more relaxed time. Hayley had recovered from her ordeal of the morning. The clamps had been taken off to more screaming and intense pain and the marks from the strap and crops had gone. Once again her skin, apart from a few bruises where some of the clamps had been, was smooth and white and waiting to be marked anew.

He thought they could try one of the other toys. Hayley was now dressed in the Japanese Maid’s costume. She had black high heeled shoes, elasticated white stockings that came to four inches above her knee, a short flared black skirt to three inches below her vagina with a small white apron and a waist coat type black top that showed her full cleavage as Ryan had undone most of the buttons. She had a circular white maids frilly circle held with hair grips on her head and of course her collar with cat bell attached. The maid outfit had cost Hayley quite a lot.

“Right, now we’re going to have some role play. You can pretend to be my maid and I will pretend to be your master. It’ll be a bit like last time you were cleaning, but this time more like a game. We’ll start in the kitchen. You’ll wash up of course and dry everything and put it in its proper place. You will then use this small washing up sponge, this toothbrush and this six inch saucepan to wash all the cupboards so there is no dirt anywhere. That includes the top of them which may be a bit dusty. You only use what I’ve given you for the cleaning plus washing up liquid and water of course. Also you can use these rubber gloves. We don’t want to ruin your beautiful skin eh? I’ll give you forty minutes.”

Hayley looked around at what needed to be done.

“It can’t be done in forty minutes Master.”

“As it’s a role play you can call me Sir. If it’s not done in the time given you may have to be punished and given extra time. After this you’ll be doing the floor, then some things in the bathroom and then some things in the living room.” Ryan set a timer on his phone. “So Miss Hayley you may begin,” and he started the timer. “You may curtsy and say ‘thank you sir.”

Hayley curtsied, giving a quick flash of cunt and said “Thank you Sir.” Ryan left and went to play the games console.

Hayley knew it couldn’t be done and presumed this was the intention. Still she guessed the less that was done the greater the ‘punishment’ would be. It was play these stupid terrible games or face an even more terrible punishment.

She put on the gloves and quickly did the washing up, dried it and put it all away. She suspected this was the first time it ever had been all put away. There was a step ladder which would enable her to reach the top of the cupboards. Obviously the four by two inch sponge she had was going to be quite inadequate for getting rid of so much dust. She squeezed it tight to make it as dry as possible and tried to push all the dust to one spot where she could brush it into the pan. The fact the sponge was wet didn’t help. After this she had to clean until the water in the saucepan was so dirty she had to go down the step ladder to pour it away and put in fresh at the sink and then climb back up to do some more. High heeled shoes didn’t help. The bell on her collar jingled merrily as she worked.

By the time Ryan returned she had cleaned the top and run the sponge over most of the top cabinets.

“Well Miss Hayley, let us see how you have done,” said Ryan affecting a posh accent. “By the way it is customary to curtsy each time you address me or I you.”

“I’m sorry sir.” Hayley curtsied to once again flash her vagina. The curtsy both flashed it and drew the lips slightly apart as an added extra.

“So have you completed your task or is it for me to judge?”

“I don’t know sir. I think it’s for you to judge sir.”

She looked down to the floor and gave another bobbed curtsey, though as Ryan and she both knew it only required a small curtsy for her to be flashing her wares. Ryan climbed the step ladder and took a look at the top. It was very smeary. He took a photo with his phone, came down and showed it to her.

“Do you think that looks clean Maid Hayley ?”

“I don’t know sir.” She bobbed again.

“As a maid I think you should know and the answer is it is not clean. It is covered in smears. I expect things to be spick and span. Squeaky clean. I have high standards Maid Hayley and I expect you to meet them while you are in my employ.”

“Yes Sir,” Hayley bobbed again.

Ryan turned his attention to the cupboards. These too were on the smeary side and the ground in dirt around the handles was still there. Of course it was to cause these problems that he had given her washing up liquid and not smear free surface cleaner.

“Well Miss Hayley, I think perhaps a bit of encouragement may be required.”

Hayley said nothing but bobbed him another cunt flash.

“Perhaps you would like to bend over the back of this kitchen chair. Hayley bent over the chair holding onto the front of the seat, legs straight, ass in the air, legs slightly parted. There was no need to lift her skirt, it was so short that this position completely bared all of her behind. Ryan left her and went into the living room. He returned with a paddle, another of the toys she had paid for, but then she had paid for all of them.

“I think perhaps four to start with. Perhaps you would like to count them,” he continued in his pseudo posh voice.

“Yes Sir. Thank you sir.” Hayley was surprised it was so little though of course it would still hurt.

“Aaah. One.”

“Ow! Two.”

“H’mph! Three. Her whole ass was stinging and burning.

“Ow!” louder this time, “four”.

Ryan looked at the glowing red butt cheeks. Nice.

“Very well, I will give you a further forty minutes. If you finish before then you can come in and let me know. Stand up.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.” She bobbed another curtsy and Ryan went back to his game. Her butt smarted but it could have been worse. She started again. This round she had time to clean properly and use the toothbrush on the ground in handle dirt and finished in thirty five minutes. It was not perfect but it was as good as it was going to be without being able to use anything to get rid of the smears properly. It was only a little smeary this time though. She went into the living room and bobbed ‘sir’ another vagina flashing curtsy.

Ryan paused the game and looked at her.

“I’ve finished sir.” Another curtsy.

“Come here,” Ryan waved his hand to bring her forward, “let us see if you have worked up a sweat this time.” He put a hand between her legs and up her skirt to grope and feel her cunt. He sniffed his fingers. “It seems a little sweaty. Let’s have a look.”

“Well I suppose it will have to do,” he said condescendingly running his finger down the gloss cupboards after descending the step ladder from looking at the top. Still some smears I note. Another four I think. Over the chair.”

Hayley once again took up the position and waited for him to return with the paddle. Once again her white ass turned a rosy pink.

“You can start on the floor tiles now. You’ll find a mat to kneel on in the cupboard under the sink. I think twenty minutes should be enough.” He set the phone timer and left her to it.

The floor was pretty filthy. She’d be lucky if she managed more than a square metre. The whole floor needed scrubbing and all she had was the toothbrush. Guess it was going to be four more then. Hopefully the effect of the four she had just received would have worn off by then. Her butt felt warm and tingled. She found the floor mat and got on her knees to start her task. Should she do the whole thing badly or a small part well? Would he punish her more for one than the other? She decided to do a small part well to show how impossible it was.

When Ryan returned he enjoyed the sight of her pink ass and exposed cunt lips as she scrubbed on the gap between two tiles with her toothbrush.

“Well Miss Hayley, you don’t seem to have done much.”

Hayley looked over her shoulder at him and got up.

“It can’t be done sir. It needs hours,” she curtsied.

“Or you’re just lazy Miss Hayley. I think six this time. Over the chair back please.”

Hayley bent over the chair and waited apprehensively for his return. Her butt still felt a little sore from last time and now it was going to be six. The paddle covered a wide area so it was always stroke upon stroke. Ryan returned and she h’mphed and ow’ed as she counted. It was hurting more this time. Ryan noticed the increased movement of her ass as she had problems keeping it still for the last two strokes.

“Perhaps that will make you less lazy.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.”

“I’ll give you another thirty minutes and then we’ll have to move on to something else.”

After thirty minutes Ryan returned and gave her another six. This time it hurt a lot and when she stood in front of him her breasts were heaving and her eyes teary.

“Well miss Hayley, hopefully this will have taught you a lesson.”

Hayley struggled to hold back the tears and said, “yes sir. Thank you sir” and bobbed a curtsy. Her butt was no longer warm, it was hot and stinging.

“We’ll move to the bathroom.”

The bathroom had light gray vinyl instead of tiles on the floor. There were gray tiles on the walls near the bath and the top of the bath had a converted shower area. At the base of the bath was the toilet and a little to the left of this a basin and mirrored cabinet. Very basic.

“It’s traditional in this household for maids to lick toilets clean, That way they can taste if it is clean instead of just relying on the eye.”

I bet you won’t be licking to test it, Hayley thought savagely.

“Yes sir,” she curtsied.

“Include the cistern. I think fifteen minutes should be ample.” He set the timer but this time pulled a chair from the kitchen and watched her from the door. Hayley decided to start from the bottom and licked around the stand. Though it was stupid she was embarrassed that he was looking at her exposed behind. She thought it must be looking pretty red by now. She was getting depressed. She had begun to see the way this was going to go. She licked quickly to get it done in the time. She had to keep creating saliva to lubricate and swallowing dust and the occasional hair was difficult. She had to take the hairs out of her mouth as she couldn’t swallow them and she dropped them in the water. The top of the white cistern had a thin layer of dust which took a long time to lick up. It needed a lot of saliva and swallowing and when the timer went off there was still four inches to go.

“Well Miss Hayley,” Ryan shook his head sadly, “not finished again. I really think you should go on a time management course. No wonder you were fired from that office job and had to become a maid.”

Hayley stood in front of him hands crossed by her apron and looked down at the floor.

“You also seem to have missed these bits where the handle attaches to the cistern.” Hayley looked where he was pointing at the grimed in dirt. There would be no way to lick that clean.

“And here,” he pointed to where the seat attachments were fixed to the bowl.”a good maid would have cleaned all of these areas. However as you are new, this time I will lend you a toothbrush,” then with a sigh, “bring in the chair and assume the position.”

Hayley’s ass was still warm and sore from the last beating. She could see this was going to get bad. She almost shouted the word four when it was reached and on the fifth the first tears came. This so pleased Ryan that he gave her a seventh “for luck” as he put it. Hayley pushed herself to her feet and stood in front of him sniffing and crying. Ryan moved the chair back to the doorway and stood in front of her.

“Look up at me Miss Hayley.” She raised her tear stained eyes to look at him, crying softly, tears running down her cheeks and dropping onto her breasts,

“I can see you are feeling it now.” There was a pause and suddenly Ryan’s hand swung round and slapped her hard across the cheek. Her head snapped right and her whole cheek burnt like fire.


“Y, yes sir. Thank you sir.” she got out between sobs and curtsied. He gave her the toothbrush and said, “I’ll give you another fifteen minutes.”

“Th, thank you sir,” she bobbed. Fifteen minutes. Another six in fifteen minutes would kill her.

Ryan returned to the doorway. Still crying Hayley spat saliva on the stubborn dirt and then rubbed hard on it with the toothbrush. Once the black bits were dislodged she licked them and sucked them up. At one stage she rubbed the brush along the wet tear water on her breasts to make it wetter. She then bent and dealt with the seat hinges in a similar way. Finally she licked off the remaining stuck on dust from the top of the cistern. She finished with one minute to spare.

Ryan ran his finger around the joint areas. There was no dirt on his finger. He did find a small speck of dirt where the stand joined the floor which he showed her. He shook his head. Hayley felt despondent and depressed. He put the finger in her mouth so she could suck it off.

“As it was nearly satisfactory, I think only two this time.” Hayley actually looked at him with gratitude, like some wet eyed puppy as she thanked him, as if he was really doing her a favour.

Over the chair again. Her cunt looked white between the rosy cheeks of her ass and now he was going to deliver two more. One. Two.. Ryan landed them hard and was rewarded with two short screams and Hayley crying again. This time as she stood in front of him sniffling and controlling her sobs he undid another button on her waist coat so he could fondle a breast as he told her the next task. Oh how her ass hurt.

“Right maid Hayley I want you to lick the basin clean. It will clean up your mouth from the toilet. You can use the toothbrush to help with stubborn bits but no water from the tap. We find saliva keeps the china clean longer,” he explained graciously, “I’ll give you thirty minutes but I expect you’ll finish long before then.

“Here I’ll help you by moving the soap.” Ryan removed the bar of soap from the soap tray and took it into the kitchen. When he returned Hayley had begun cleaning the back of the basin top with the toothbrush. He sat back in his chair and watched her in between reading a comic.

For Hayley this was the most unpleasant task so far. The toilet had been difficult because of the dust but hadn’t been that dirty apart from a few dried urine splashes. The basin was dirty and soapy. She could use the toothbrush to scour the surface and around the base of the taps but had to lick and suck up the revolting soapy mess this created. It didn’t take long for her whole mouth to be filled with the taste of soap and swallowing the gunge made her heave a few times though she wasn’t actually sick. Licking and sucking on the soap dish had also been less than pleasant.

Her ass hurt like hell for the first fifteen minutes and then slowly reduced to just painful. She scrubbed and licked the inside of the basin and the plug hole. She scoured and licked the sink plug finally putting it in her mouth for a final wash and suck. Finally she was on the outside. At least this was just a saliva creating exercise rather than taste horror. She worked her way down the stand to the floor. She had just stood up and was going to say she had finished when she suddenly noticed the taps. God how could she have forgotten them! Hopefully she still had enough time left. She quickly licked all around them and stuck her tongue up the spout of each to be on the safe side when the timer went. She quickly curtsied to Ryan and stood to one side as he got up and walked over. He ran a finger around the bowl. Hayley was tense. She could feel her warm butt throbbing already.

“Very good maid Hayley. Very clean. I suppose the soap helped. I think just one swat to help you keep it up.”

Hayley got over the seat back staring at the plastic seat yet again. It may have only been one, but it was a hard one. Hayley uttered a loud wail and her feet actually came off the floor from the impact. She lay over the chair moaning and groaning in agony until Ryan told her to get up and once again stood in front of him, tear filled eyes and burning ass.

“I’ll leave you to finish off in here. Here’s some washing up liquid and the sponge you had earlier. Just do the bath and the shower glass etc. I expect being such a new maid your tongue has probably had enough for one day. Oh and your tits look congested. I’ll just free them a bit for you.”

He undid the remaining buttons of the waistcoat and pulled them apart for a quick look at her tits.

“Now they can flop around and get some air while you work,” he explained still in his posh accent, “oh and your top piece has become crooked. You must keep up your appearance now.” He straightened the frilly ring held to her hair by the hair grips.

“I won’t tell you the time for this one, but if you’re quick you should manage it,” and Ryan left to watch some TV. Really he wasn’t timing it at all. He just wanted her to feel there was a time pressure so she would work as quickly as possible to have her ass whacked again. A tactic that worked admirably. Hayley worked very hard and quickly and came and reported to him after only twenty minutes. As she was able to use water again it had not taken that long and seemed a dream after all that licking. Ryan came and chided her for the smears on the glass and said that as she now had a break coming they would make it eight to last through her break. Hayley’s mouth tightened. She tried to convince herself it could be worse, but with her ass still hurting from before she wasn’t convincing herself. Ryan told her to bring the chair and she bent over its back again. Ryan looked at her red cheeks. They were going to be really crimson after this one.

“Make sure you hold position,” and he brought the first one down. Hayley screamed immediately. The pain on top of the pain was too much, yet there were seven to go. She called out one and number two arrived. “Two,” she screamed her hands gripping the front of the chair seat for all they were worth.

“Threeeee hu haa.” Her legs alternated up and down and kicked out. It was a good job Ryan was to one side.

“Fouraah, aah, aah,” her ass jumped up and down. The seat rocked forward slightly.

“Fiive,” she screamed loudly. Her hands had gone white gripping the chair, black spots had flickered in front of her eyes a moment after the impact. Her lower half seemed out of control. Bucking up and down, legs kicking up and down. It was a good job her shoes were tightly attached to her ankle.

At the sixth one she nearly broke. The chair rocked forward and back, her legs kicked, the chair rocked from side to side, her head was twisting left and right.

Ryan landed the seventh one quickly so the pain merged with the previous stroke. He then left a pause for her to recover slightly, moaning and gasping and crying, her body twitches finally slowing before the last and hardest smashed into her trembling cheeks as hard as he could hit it. Both her feet came off the ground, she uttered a long high pitched shriek. The chair rocked backwards hitting the floor with a thud then rocked to the right so violently with her twisting pain filled body it and Hayley crashed to the floor. Her hands let go of the seat, with a thud she hit the floor writhing and screaming.

Ryan thought maybe he had hit her too hard, but still there was nothing he could do about it now he thought, mentally shrugging it off. Hayley writhed and screamed for about a minute before finally being able to bring herself under some kind of moaning, sobbing, twitching control. Her ass wasn’t just a bright crimson, it looked like there were a few small yellow and brown bruises as well. When he thought she was capable of hearing him Ryan spoke very firmly to her.

“Alright Miss Hayley. You can get up now. It’s your break time.”

Still gasping and sobbing and her frilly hat piece very askew Hayley somehow crawled to her feet and stood sobbing and shaking, her collar bell ringing in sympathy.

“Alright, pull yourself together. You only have yourself to blame. You may now go to the kitchen and make a mug of tea. Here, I will show you your mug and you can make me a coffee.” In the kitchen he gave her a very large mug and watched as she made some tea telling her to fill it up. Hayley vaguely knew he was setting her up again but her mind was too clouded with pain to function. He told her to sit down and drink it all up.

“All of it,” he repeated.

Hayley didn’t want to sit down even though her ankles and calves were hurting from the high heeled shoes. Her ass was on fire and felt like it was three sizes bigger than it was. Gingerly and wincing with each application of pressure she sat on one of the hard plastic kitchen seats. She was still crying and gasping and her eyes didn’t seem to be focusing well. Ryan wondered if she was in shock. Still if she was a hot cup of sweet tea was what she needed.

“Okay Miss Hayley. You have a fifteen minute break and then you can report to me in the living room. We believe all employees should have a break now and then. We find it is good for morale. So you enjoy it and I’ll see you in fifteen minutes.”

Hayley sat shaking, sipping her hot tea, feeling the pain radiate into her. She had to tell him he couldn’t continue this. She would go hysterical or insane. He had to understand she had limits and much more of this and she would just crack entirely. She couldn’t escape from him but if she made a run for the door at least after the terrible panic she would black out.

The time passed both slowly because of the pain and all too quickly. The worst of the pain had subsided, her crying had stopped and she had brought herself back under control. Maybe she could seduce him. If she could make him come he would lose interest in tormenting her for a while. The timer went and wearily she pulled herself to her feet wincing at the pain as her ass came off the seat and walked into the living room on her high heels to report. She straightened her ‘cap’.

“Ah there you are,” he continued in his condescending butler type voice.

“You can now do the bedroom. Change the bed, dust everything, hoover the carpet etc. thirty minutes?”

He waved her off with the back of his hand.

“Oh and by the way, though we allow a refreshment break we do not allow toilet breaks outside of that time. Do remember that.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir. She bobbed a curtsy and headed for the bedroom as Ryan put his feet up to watch one of his favourite series.

Now she understood the tea she thought as she manhandled the bed sheets and duvet. She hadn’t wanted to go, but now he had got her thinking about it of course she did. By the time she had finished she really wanted to making her focus a lot of attention on the part between her legs. She finished and went to report.

Ryan inspected, noticed she had missed the windows, which of course she had thought were not included and ran his hand along the edge running above the top of the door and found some dust. Another visit to the chair and though he was not so tough this time around it still hurt like hell. Then it was dusting round the living room followed by another paddling and cleaning the shoes by which time she really really had to go.

Ryan had seen how she was squeezing her legs together and knew she would have to go soon. She finished the shoes and then curtsied and asked if she could please go to the toilet. Her legs were squeezed very tight together.

“I thought I explained Miss Hayley. You should have gone earlier.”

“But I didn’t know sir. Please sir, I have to go. I can’t hold it in much longer.”

“H’mm, come here and let me feel it. Lift your skirt. Hayley pulled the skirt up the short way it needed to go to expose her slit. Ryan made her open her legs. She was sure she was going to pee over his hand. It was agony. He felt her up a bit making a bad situation worse and then said, “alright. You can go in one of the beer glasses and then drink it.”


“I said you can pee in one of the beer glasses in the kitchen, bring it back here for me to see that you really have peed and are not just skiving off and then drink it. It’s enough that you are wasting time peeing without wasting time taking it to the toilet as well. Go and do it then girl.”

Hayley wanted to argue but remembered the brutal punishment she had received for not sucking her shit off his dick. Swallowing her pride and anything else she went into the kitchen and put a beer glass between her legs. She had held it in so long it was difficult relaxing the muscle and when it did start to dribble out it hurt until it shot out in a great long spurt. She filled the glass to three quarters and wiped between her legs with her hand so there would be no dripping. She went back into the living room and showed him the warm glass.

“It certainly looks as if you needed to go,” he agreed.

“Very well drink it down and we’ll inspect your shoe work.”

Swallowing hard Hayley brought the warm liquid up to her lips, then closing her eyes started drinking it down.”

Women, Ryan thought, they’ll just do anything, completely ignoring her complete lack of choice in the matter. Half way through Hayley heaved but managed to keep it under control. The warm liquid sloshed around in her stomach.

“There that should keep it safe until you can expel it after your shift is over,” Ryan said, “which will actually be quite soon.”

He found some faults with the shoes and thought it would be only just to use one of the trainers to punish her with. Over the chair again and a lot of splats later Hayley was once again crying and her behind was once again hot and burning.

“For the last job I just want you to go round cleaning the skirting board. Ryan had actually run out of things for her to do but it would be another hour and a half before dinner and he had a final trick to pull on her.

Hayley spent half an hour crawling around the edges of the room cleaning the skirting board and then reported back. Ryan made a cursory inspection and returned to the sofa. Hayley nervously waited for his bad verdict.

“Yes. That seems satisfactory,” he said to her great surprise. She had found it quite uncomfortable crawling around with three quarters of a pint of wee in her stomach but now felt relief it was at last all over.

“So maid Hayley not a good start I would say. You seem to be very slovenly and lazy wouldn’t you agree ?”

“Yes sir. I will try and do better next time sir.”

“I should hope so. I think I have been very patient and should really have punished you far harder don’t you agree?”

“Yes sir,” Hayley swallowed hard, “ I am very grateful you were so lenient with me sir.”

“H’mm.” Then Ryan seemed to notice something and frowned. Hayley tensed up. Oh please not more.

“You seem to not only be very bad at cleaning but also at keeping your self clean,” he admonished her, “your apron has dirt on it and your stockings are disgracefully dirty around the knee area.”

Hayley looked down. She had spent an afternoon kneeling and cleaning. Of course they were going to be dirty.

“I had to kneel a lot sir,” she said, though knowing it was a waste of time.

“I am not interested in excuses miss Hayley. Take off that uniform and get across my lap. As you agreed I have been far too lenient with you.”

“Please sir...”

“Off maid Hayley!”

Hayley undressed until she stood naked, hands by her sides, a small heap of clothes and her shoes to the left of her. Ryan lent back and patted his knees.

“Far too lenient.”

Trembling slightly Hayley went across his knee her red, yellow and blue bruised ass ready to receive its punishment.

He started by spamking her with his hand. Though it was only his hand her butt was so sore it still hurt a lot. He then moved to a spanking glove they had found in one of the shops.

“I’ll just put this glove on so I don’t sting my hand,” he said to her and then spanked again in earnest.

Hayley writhed and cried. When he handcuffed her hands behind her she knew it was going to get unbearable. He started whipping her with the thin whippy cane that had caused so much pain earlier. He had handcuffed her so he could still keep her on his lap through all her thrashing. It just went on and on. Whipping with the whip, spanking with the hand, whipping with the whip, spanking with the hand.

Hayley screamed and shouted, bucked and writhed, rolled left and right, legs kicking in all directions. Hayley dissociated at some point. Her body was too tired to thrash any more, her throat too sore to scream. Her ass looked a mess. Bruised and welted with some blood marks from the thin cane.

Eventually Ryan realised there was no point in continuing any more. His arm was tired and his cock was desperate for relief.

He pulled her off his knee and put her in a kneeling position in front of him. Hayley lent slightly against his leg hands still cuffed behind her and cried and sobbed.

“Very well Miss Hayley, I think that’s enough for today don’t you think?”

But Hayley was beyond any attempt at answering. Her vision was blurred by her tears, her behind felt huge and every part of it was aching and burning with pain. The pain filled her up. She was scarcely aware of anything else.

He leaned forward and undid her handcuffs. He lifted her head.

“Look at me Hayley!” She looked at his face blurred by her tears, shaking all over.

“Maid Hayley are you understanding me?” He slapped her face enough to get her attention.

“Yes sir. Thank you sir,” she managed to mumble as an automatic response, just repeating the phrase she had been using all day.

“It is also customary in this household for maids to service their betters.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.”

“It is a great honor. What is it?”

“A great honor sir.”

“I expect you to do a good job or there will be more punishment do you understand miss?”

“Yes sir. I, I… understand.”

“Very well you can remove my pants and underwear and start by sucking my cock. I’m told you are good at that though I was told you were good at cleaning, but we’ll see.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.”

By now these were the only words Hayley was mindlessly capable of saying. She tugged on his belt, undid his zip and pulled off his pants and pulled off his underwear and then almost fell forward to start licking his cock.

“Use your tits.”

She held her tits with her hands to rub them up and down around his cock.

“Tongue again.”

She let her tits flop and returned to licking.


She engulfed him and began sucking. She swirled her tongue around. The pain from her ass was intense but she was beginning to regain her senses.

Ryan looked down at her white back and her head nodding up and down. Her lips were sucked tight around his stem and cock head as it moved up and down and her tongue was swirling excellently. He was going to come at any moment.

“Get me a whip,” he said, her white back annoying him.

Quickly she pulled up, turned and crawled off tot he pile of gear opposite. Her white cunt lips contrasted with the angry looking ass cheeks. Her bell jingled.

She chose a three tailed whip that seemed a reasonable compromise between soft and harsh that would keep him happy and started crawling back.

“Carry it in your mouth dumb arse.”

Quickly she put it in her mouth and crawled back to him. She looked up at him proffering it with her mouth. He smiled and took it.

“Okay back as you were.”

She crawled closer, went on her knees, her ass cheeks hurting as they touched her heels and calves and popped his slightly softened cock back into her mouth. Up and down. Suck tight. Swirl her tongue. Keep him happy. Make him come. Get some rest.

Three lines of pain erupted across her back. She grunted and pushed her head down to engulf his cock. There would be trouble if she let it go. She got back into her rhythm and got three more.

Ryan gave her four lashes to produce twelve red lines across her back and then settled back to watch her working to please him. His cock was so big, The pleasure and tightness of her job so good he knew he couldn’t hold out and erupted into her mouth and throat. Wow. It was so good. It felt like he had a mini volcano erupting. The normal ripples of his cum coming up the stem were hard spasms. His hips jerked up and down. He felt gob after gob shoot out of him.

Hayley felt the ripples coming but didn’t slow down or stop. She continued doing her best, intent only on giving him the best possible cum and get it over with. Large gobs shot out, hitting the top of her mouth, the back of her tongue, the middle as she stilled moved her mouth up and down the head. It filled her mouth. She felt like choking, even though you knew it was coming it was always a surprise when it actually happened.

She pushed down to suck and tighten her lips around his stem to pull out the remaining spunk. Press it up the tube into her gloop filled mouth before beginning the swallowing. It wasn’t nice having her mouth filled with his gooey, slimy, iron tasting stuff, but she knew what was expected. She knew he liked her to keep it in a bit to get the full taste throughout her mouth before swallowing. She began swallowing.

Ryan was in heaven. What a come! He fell back and relaxed, enjoying the feeling around his head as she drew up the last bits of spunk and moved her tongue around the head again before massaging his cock head as she began swallowing. When she had swallowed and he had gone slightly soft he enjoyed the massage of her tongue again as it swirled around to clean him. Then the in and out of the head through her lips as she made sure it was completely clean before it popped out of those luscious lips.

Although she had caught it all and none had escaped she still dutifully licked around his stem and balls as he lay back softening and relaxing.

After a minute or two leaving her kneeling waiting for her next order Ryan decided he wanted to piss. He took her into the bathroom and ordered her to kneel in the bath before pissing in her mouth and then pissing allover her “to teach her, her place.”

Hayley was beyond caring as the acrid liquid filled her mouth and went down her throat, then over her face and green eyes, then wetting her thick wavy golden blonde hair, running down her tits and belly to trickle down to her cunt and splashing onto her thighs. She had sucked shit off his dick, licked his dirty arsehole, drunk her own pee. What did a bit more degradation matter. If truth were told she was in such a broken, pain filled place, she would have done anything he told her to.

He told her to shower and clean up, “make herself pretty” and return to him in the living room.

The sponge, even the water, everything hurt her butt cheeks on contact. Still at least washing was something she wanted to do. When she had dried herself and rubbed and brushed her hair she returned and was told to sit at his feet. She wasn’t sure she ever wanted to sit again but gingerly sat down and clasped his leg watching the TV. After everything she had gone through it was this normal activity that seemed surreal and odd. After a few minutes though Ryan looked at his watch and said, “dinner time.”

Hayley, her collar jingling, went off to the kitchen to cook.

Hypnotising Hayley Chapter Eleven

Monday morning Hayley was back at work as usual, Adding to her discomfort from knowing how nude she was underneath, she was now reminded of her status every time she sat down or moved in her seat by the pain ifrom the bruises in her butt. Roger who sat opposite her on the shared table asked if she was alright.

“Yes, I’m fine thank you. Why do you ask?”

“You seem to be in pain now and then.”

“Oh nothing serious,” she smiled.

“Do anything over the weekend?”

“No, nothing special.”

Monday evening she felt so good just relaxing in her own home catching up on current affairs and friends on social media. She said she had just felt like being alone for the weekend. Tuesday she studied and though she had gone to Ryan’s on the Wednesday and been treated like his personal property, which she supposed she was, he had not been too bad to her. In fact they had spent most of the evening playing video games which was sort of enjoyable even if she had been doing it topless in a plaid micro. Oddly they’d had their first chance to actually talk.

She had learnt about his family and personal history and she had told him about herself. That her father was an accountant earning good money and her mother was an office manager in a local company near the village where they lived. The village was not far from Birmingham. She’d got seven GCSE’s and three ‘A’ levels in History, English and English Literature. They had not been good enough to go to university though so she had got a job through a recruitment agency and a few moves on was now at the insurance company. She thought this would probably be her career now. That’s why she was doing the studying. Once she got her Certificate in Insurance CII some good jobs would open up. She had been popular at school.

“With your blonde hair, green eyes and cute nose I expect you would be.”

“I don’t think it was just that Master,” she’d replied. She was learning to sound a bit more normal by using the ‘Master’ in a more informal way.

Ryan said he thought it probably was and that he had just “fucked about” at school.

She got his permission to see her friends on Friday otherwise she wouldn’t appear normal. Ryan had wanted to go for a drink with his mates anyway so it was agreed she would come over mid day Saturday. He told her to wear the light blue skirt with plunging nekline and A shaped flair to eight inches above the knee.

She had tried to get him to talk about hypnotism as he had prevented her from researching it herself but he just smiled and said it was nothing she needed to know though he did say there was a keyword that would put her into an instant trance

Hayley arrived at 11.00 as agreed wearing the blue dress and her collar. Ryan thought the red collar clashed and said they’d have to get a black one as that would match anything. In the end he also thought the dress covered her too much and changed her into the red micro skirt, red six inch heels, no top and her collar with a leash hanging from it.

“Right, I’ve been making a list of behaviour rules,” he said once she was kneeling legs apart, hands behind her back sticking her tits out, “you can thank me.”

“Thank you master,” she said brightly.

“I’ve actually typed ‘em out so they can be put on the fridge with this house magnet I’ve bought. He showed her a magnet featuring a topless cartoon japanese girl in a short maid’s outfit. She was holding a tray in one hand and there was a slogan at the bottom saying ‘My job is to serve’.

This way we’ll both know how we should behave. We’ll start with you. First thing to understand is you may be a clever person where you work, a colleague deserving of respect, dignity and all that, but here you’re just the house slut. You’re a set of tits, an ass and three holes for fucking. The only thing you’re mouth is for is agreeing with anything your boyfriend says, sucking his cock and licking his asshole, except if I want to piss or shit in it of course. Don’t get upset if I call you names. It’s just to help you know your place.”

Hayley said nothing. She had thought they had been making progress, but now she was not so sure.

“You’re lower than the low and if I ever get a dog you’ll be lower than that. So rule one, you will always end every sentence with the word Master and say everything submissively. If it’s not submissive enough you’ll be physically corrected till it is. You understand?”

“Yes Master,” Hayely said as submissively as she could looking briefly down before looking back up at him to add to the effect.

“Yes what slut?” He slapped her face hard. A red hand print of his fingers appeared on her cheek, ” I want sentences.”

“I’m sorry Master. I will always call you Master and say everything as submissively as possible master.”

“Yeah, I’ll add a rule saying you should always reply in sentences and try and add to what I say.

“That’s better. Rule two. You will wear your collar at all times. When you go to work you’ll put it in your purse and put it on the moment you leave work. You can take it off for the minimum time needed when having a shower.”

“Will that include when I am with my friends Master?”

“Yeah. I said everywhere didn’t I? It just looks like a leather choker if the ring is at the back under your hair. By the time they wonder why you always wear it they’ll know we’re together and you can say I like you to. You love me so you’re obviously going to be doing anything you can which you think will please me.

“Rule three. Whenever you bring me anything anywhere apart from in public places, you will present it to me on your knees. That’ll help you feel like the slave cunt you are”

“Rule four. You do anything and everything I say immediately as quickly as you can. No hesitation. You understand?” He leant forward to give her right tit a slap and watched it jiggle right and left.

“Yes Master,” she looked submissively to the ground again, “I do anything you say without any hesitation.”

“And that includes licking my asshole out or fucking any of my friends if I want you to.”

“Yes Master. I will do whatever you want as quickly as I can including fucking your friends if that’s what you tell me to do.”

“Later we’ll do some obedience testing.

“Rule five goes with rule four. You’ll co-operate and help in anything I want to do to you. If I tell you to put clamps on your tits you’ll put them on as tightly as possible. If I tell you to whip your cunt you’ll whip it as hard as you can.

“Rule six, you won’t do anything without my permission. That means anything. Watching TV, washing, pissing or shitting or deciding what to wear.

“Rule seven, when we’re apart you’ll always talk about me in glowing terms. You’re programmed to do that anyway so that should be easy enough. You’re programmed to obey anything I tell you to do if I put the words ‘Hayley I really want’ at the beginning of a sentence by the way.

“Rule eight, you will always call your parts by their proper names. Slaves have cunts, tits, arses and arseholes. I want you to do this even in your thoughts so to help you I’ll show you what I just said about controlling you.

“Hayley I really want you to think about all your sex parts by their names cunt, tits, arse and arsehole. Your anus is your asshole. You understand.?”

“Yes master I understand you want me to call my parts tits, cunt, arsehole and arse and never use or think about calling them by any words not suitable for a slave master.”

“Try to think of your breasts and vagina as breasts and vagina.”

Hayley tried to think about her tits and cunt. She could only think about them as her tits and cunt. She understood the phrase Ryan had used could control her.


“I can’t Master.”

“Good eh?” He looked pleased with himself.

Hayley was wondering how many of these ‘rules’ there were going to be. Talking about being fucked by his friends had rattled her and she was having problems concentrating. Perhaps their relationship was developing. Just in the wrong way.

Rule eight was how she should behave at home. Ryan said she should buy some security cameras to put around the house that would connect to his computer so that he could check she was behaving how he told her to, wearing the right clothes, masturbating at set times or whatever else he decided about the way she should live.

She would strip naked the moment she came home from work, do the exercises he had taught her and wear properly revealing clothes. To make choice easy she would wear whatever outfit was to the left in the wardrobe and put it back on the right. That way she could cycle through them.

When you kneel you will have your legs spread and arms behind your back and your back will be arched to push your tits out, you will look up at your Master’s face waiting for an order as you are now.

“Now me. Rule one, I can do whatever I like. Rule two I can treat you however I like.”

He lent back, “does that sound good?”

“Yes Master that sounds very good. I hope I can please you Master,” she put in as one of the added extras he had asked for. She could see she was going to have to be creative about this if he wasn’t to find some spurious reason for punishing her whenever he liked.

Ryan relaxed for a few minutes just enjoying looking at her then said, “so I guess we had better give you some practice. We’ll start with easy stuff then try some more demanding stuff later. Maybe we’ll go to a town where no-one knows you and you can walk around naked or something or go somewhere and get the word slut tattooed on you somewhere.”

Hayley hoped he was only joking, however she was sure he would push her to her limits.

“Lets start with slapping your tits. Get in a position where you think I can slap them with the least effort and then ask me to start.”

Hayley got up, moved over to him and bent forward with her hands on his thighs. Her tits hung down nicely in front of him.

“Can you start slapping my tits Master.”

“A few added extras?”

Hayley thought about the things he would want to hear and would probably do anyway.

“Master can you please slap my tits hard and make them red and painful.”

“Yeah cunt, I think I can do that for you. Maybe your face too?”

“Yes Master. Please slap my face hard too.”

“So to co-operate you should pull your hair back to make it easier. I shouldn’t have to be telling you. I think maybe you’re a bit of a stupid slut.”

“Yes Master. I’m a stupid slut who deserves to be punished.”

Ryan’s hand suddenly flashed out and whacked against the side of her face. The hard stinging came immediately as Hayley quickly pushed her long blonde hair back behind her ears.

“Yeah you sure do stupid slut, but I’ll be nice as you’re still learning.”

He slapped the other side. Hayley stayed bent over. Now both sides of her face were stinging, Ryan began slapping her tits back and forth. He could land each blow on the sides easily and her tits really swung back and forth after each blow. They were soon very red. After a while Ryan tired of this and said, “crawl off and get me a cane or something from the bag then take up a position which you think will make it easy for me to cane them.”

Hayley stood up, turned around and quickly fell to all fours to crawl to where the bags of shopping from the previous week were.

“I want you to bring over a transparent drawer set on Wednesday so we can put everything in them but still easily see what we’ve got.”

Hayley found a short cane that looked not too thin or thick and started crawling back.

“It’d be easier in your mouth cunt. You’re trying to look submissive not awkward you dumb bitch.”

Ryan was keen to think of how many different insults he could think of to humiliate her.

Hayley put it in her mouth and crawled over to present it to him. Should she present it with her mouth or kneel and present it to him the way he had said. As she had a leash dangling from her collar she thought he would probably like it presented with her mouth. She tried to look submissive and dog like. Ryan took the cane and she knelt high up and sideways to him her arms behind her back to stick them out. He could see she was trembling nervously.

“I didn’t say present them for a whipping. I said present them in the best way.” Hayley looked at him confused.

“I thought this made them easy to hit Master.”

“It does but if you push them up with your hands or pull them out by the nipples it should hurt more. What are you?”

“I’m a stupid slut master.”

She put her hands underneath and pushed them up. Ryan repositioned her slightly so she was diagonal to him so he could see them as he hit them then brought down the first stroke. Hayley gasped but held position. She held position for twelve agonising strokes. Twisting and turning and bending double but always managing to return to the correct position.

“M,mm. Good.”

She breathed a sigh of relief. She really didn’t want to give him any excuse to hurt her more than he was already intending to. He had told her not to cry and though there were tears dripping down her cheeks she had avoided actually crying though it had required all her effort.

“Now crawl, I think we’ll have crawling all day, and get a cock like vibrator

and use it till you come. Make sure I get a good view.”

Hayley crawled to the bag and came back with a black vibrator shaped like a cock. She put some batteries in then lay on her back in front of him with her legs spread wide and began vibrating herself. She put some saliva on it to help lubricate it. Ryan turned on the TV.

Hayley was finding it difficult to get excited. In the end she decided to fake it. Ryan was suitably happy and told her to fuck her ass with it.

“Now clean it.” She knew he didn’t mean in the sink and reluctantly started licking it.

“Big licks and fuck your mouth with it and suck on it. Show me how much you like the taste of your own shit. Put on a show. Show me the kind of slutty whore who can come while someone is watching her.”

“Yes Master.”

Hayley had thought she was beyond being humiliated but she saw that constant abuse still didn’t take away the feeling of shame and humiliation. She steeled her soul and tried to pretend she was a porn actress. She knelt with her legs opened wide, the four inch blue plaid skirt not even hiding most of her mound and licked it long and sensuously. She sucked on it like it was a cock and she loved it, she rubbed it around her face and kept looking at him as if he was a customer she had to please. She sniffed it and smiled and rubbed it through her hair. Effectively she was role playing and doing a good job of it as long as she was careful to keep her mind blank.

When he had got bored with this he said, “right. I think we’ll go for a walk now. Take off your skirt and put on the red six inch heels.”

Hayley froze.

“You want me to walk naked?”

“Why not?”

Hayley didn’t know what to do.

“But… but...” She didn’t know what to say.

“That’s twice you’ve forgotten to say ‘master’ cunt. That’s a serious rule breach. When we come back you’ll get a proper tied to the bed punishment.”

Hayley went into a panic. The shock of being asked to walk outside in the nude was now replaced with total fear. Ryan had got up but she threw herself at his feet hugging his legs and looking up at him eyes wide with horror.

“Please master. Please don’t punish me. It was just a little slip master. I was shocked. It’s the first time master. Please. Please. I’ve done everything you wanted master. Just cane me master. It was only one slip. Please, please.”

She suddenly bent down and started wildly kissing his feet repeating ,”please, please.”

“It was two slips and part of a slippery slope that has to be sorted quickly.” Ryan was rather pleased with the slips and slippery, “we’ll do it when we come back. I’ll see how you behave during the walk. Now put on your shoes and take off the skirt. Quickly.”

In complete panic now Hayley quickly grabbed the six inch heels and sat on the floor putting them on as fast as she could her fingers fumbling at how fast she was trying to go. She jumped to her feet and speedily pulled her skirt down and stepped out of it. Her leash swung from the collar. Ryan grabbed her hand and pulled her along behind him through the front door and into the open.

Ryan wasn’t too worried. A few cars might see her as they passed along the main road but there was nothing else around. You only got a very occasional walker in the woods behind the bungalow. He held her hand as she tottered across the field with him to the edge of the woods and then let her go. Ryan wandered into the trees and bushes as if it was a normal walk. Listening to the birds tweeting, pointing out a squirrel to her climbing up a trunk, listening to the rustling in the low undergrowth. Though he was only strolling Hayley was having a hard time keeping up. She wasn’t walking so much as tottering. She wasn’t used to any kind of heels much and certainly not six inch ones, though since her time with Ryan she was improving.

It was an odd site. A young man in blue jeans and russet tee shirt relaxing with nature. Tottering behind him a girl with long blonde hair, green eyes and a cute nose wearing a red silver studded dog collar with a leash hanging from it and tottering on matching red stilletto heels.

“Speed up slut,” he called to her, knowing full well she was going as fast as she could. It would be difficult to think of more impractical shoes for walking across soft earth and vegetation. Hayley wished they could find a track. Eventually they did but after five minutes to her horror she saw a silver haired man approaching walking a small dog.

“Come on,” Ryan called to her from about two metres ahead. Hayley had gone bright red across all of her face, neck and upper chest. Her tits were bouncing a lot from her awkward walking and the slight cold of the air had her nipples fully erect. She couldn’t do or say anything. She stared fixedly at the back of Ryans head as the man slowly got closer and then passed her. He had said a polite good morning to Ryan as casual walkers often do to each other and pretended to ignore Hayley. The sights one saw these days. What was the world coming to.

Hayley had changed her mind about wanting to walk on a path and was thankful when Ryan cut off and walked them to a clearing. He sat down on the grass and indicated to her to do the same. He had brought his over the shoulder bag and brought out some cheese sandwiches and beer. He gave her one and started amicably chatting as if what they were doing was absolutely normal. Hayley felt the wetness from the grass on her arse. She tried to keep up her end of the conversation as if it was normal. Perhaps it would mellow him out and make him reasonable about her slip up. If anything she was using the word master too much now.

They chatted about his week and her week and about her sister Anna who at eigteen would soon start her final exams. They shared the beer and then when it was gone Ryan suggested a game of fetch the stick. As he had with Cherry he soon had her crawling on hands and knees or scampering about like a four legged spider. He had let her take her shoes off for better scampering though the rough ground could be uncomfortable on her feet.

He would set the timer when he said go and tell her the time when she scurried back with the stick in her mouth. He didn’t comment on whether eight seconds or 11.6 seconds was good or bad. She would look up at him as doglike as she could be and after dropping the stick in his hand woof and turn round to stick her ass up for her reward of a whippy lash across her firm but jiggly ass cheeks.

He walked her about first at heel to his left then at heel to his right. She’d had to crawl as fast as she could to keep up. He’d rewarded her with sucking his cock for a few minutes. She was so keen to please. He could see she was putting maximum effort into everything. When sucking his cock she was kissing and licking it fast and furiously, using her tongue on his head in her mouth, pushing it deep down her throat as she sawed back and forth even though it was making her gag.

She asked permission to wee. Piss he corrected her. Nice girls wee but cunts like her pissed. She hastily apologised and corrected herself. As with Cherry he took her round to piss on the tree trunks. Unfortunately for Hayley another dog had been doing the rounds and they came across a small shit pile.

“Sniff it and lick it,” said Ryan not knowing or not caring that she might get some bad disease. Hayley hesitated and he lashed her ass with the leash.

“Are you being disobedient again?” he asked in a threatening voice. Hayley at once went back into panic mode. Her head went down and she sniffed it all around as she thought a dog might and then even though this had caused her to heave a few times she gave it a tentative lick.

“More than that,” said Ryan, “lick it like it was as beautiful as my ass. Big licks all over.” Trembling with fear and dread of further offending him Hayley began licking the shit. She heaved and heaved as she valiantly tried to carry on but suddenly broke off, crawled to the nearest bush as fast as her crawling limbs would take her and vomited into the bush.

She vomited and heaved for about a minute. Ryan watched her body shaking and listened impassively to her chucking up until she was in enough control to crawl back and look up at him trembling with fear at her failure. Ryan nodded sagely.

“One more lick and we’ll move on.” Hayley gave the revolting pile one final quick but broad tongued lick and they carried on walking around the perimiter. One more piss against a tree with her leg cocked.

“This is the last one so you’d better get it all out.” and they went back to the centre. He threw another few sticks for her to get then said he fancied a fuck, pushed her over a cut stump, got some lubricant from the bag and rammed into her asshole. He fucked her in a leisurely manner while pulling painfully on her hair to pull her head up. He withdrew without coming, slapped her ass and said “clean”. Hayley whipped round as fast as she could to enthusiastically do the best job she had ever done. She couldn’t afford any more mistakes. The slip up with master and the throwing up with the dog shit. Cleaning his cock at least cleaned her mouth as well as she swallowed all the dog shit remains that had stayed in it.

He put his cock back in his trousers told her to put her shoes back on and they strolled back to the bungalow. Ryan seemed to enjoy the walk. They didn’t meet any more people. Hayley was very down and fearful.

Ryan had enjoyed the outing. Seeing her eyes so big and fearful and her desperate attempts to please had made her twice as attractive. He’d have to try and scare her some more though of course in this case she was right to be scared.

Hypnotising Holly Chapter Twelve

Hayley knelt on the floor knees wide, hands behind head still naked except for the collar, leash and shoes and waited to hear her fate. Ryan asked her to get a coffee just to see how fast she crawled to the kitchen to do it and how carefully she brought it back, knelt before him to offer it to him head down and then resumed her former position as fast as possible.

He sipped his coffee and watched a quiz show he had no real interest in. He wanted a rest after the walk and to enjoy Hayley’s petrified state. He really wanted to do a few more things with her before the punishment but he was temporarily out of ideas so he sat back and relaxed for half an hour while he built up the energy and enjoyed her wide eyed scared look.

He could beat her black and blue like last time. She had all Sunday to recover but he felt like going out for a drink later and it would get in the way of playing other games with her. Maybe a hard caning or whipping and some extreme tit torture. Really tight clamps that would hurt for a couple of hours afterwards.

“Right I’ve decided to be lenient,” he said, “ and not tie you to the bed.”

Hayley looked relieved but still knew something was coming and still looked very apprehensive.

“The punishment will have to be severe though. You have to learn to be obedient all the time not just when you feel like it,” he said being deliberately unfair, “or just because you forget. Punishments need to be severe enough so that you won’t forget. I’m going to tie you to the table instead. Hopefully I can tie you tight enough so you won’t overturn it. We’ll do you front and back like last time. We can use some of the new toys. Go and bring in the table.”

Almost trembling with fear Hayley quickly crawled to the kitchen and pulled the kitchen table in. It was going to be a less than perfect fit being about a metre and a half square with a pale blue plastic top on a metal frame that bent to form four circular pipe like legs. It had the four matching plastic chairs one f which Hayley had got to know so well when being a maid. She vaguely wondered if she would get acquainted with all of the furniture in this way.

She lay down on her back. Her head hung back over the edge while her legs stuck out from the other side. It was too wide to tie her to. He had a spare bedroom but there was nothing in there. He, meaning Hayley of course, would have to buy one of those cross contraptions and maybe a few other things to put in there so she could be thrashed properly. In the end he pulled out the sideboard which proved a much better fit.

Hayley lay on it on her back again. Her head lolled over the edge and each arm stretched painfully down to be tied to a wooden leg as tightly as he could and each wrist was handcuffed to each wooden leg for good measure. Her legs were similarly tied at the other end suitably spread in an uncomfortable position with the side edges of the top digging into her thighs. She was tight to the long sideboard top but he managed to force a cushion under her ass to lift her cunt up. He also tied some rope around her waist as he’d seen in a film to stop her bucking.

“Okay,” he said finally, “perhaps this will teach you to be more careful how you speak in the future.”

He went to the lower end of the table and lashed a short multi tailed whip against her cunt.


He started lashing her with a fairly fast steady rhythm. Hayley could not move to avoid the blows or alleviate the pain. All she could do was let out a loud “aaah” sound as each blow struck. Short aahs giving her just enough time to gasp a breath before the next one.

“Aah, aah, aah, aah, aah, aah,” matching the rhythm of the whip.

As the whipping continued her body jerked a little but could not move significantly. Her cries kept to the same short rhythm, but became louder and louder and then very loud indeed. Ryan paused. Her cunt was very red and bruised. He wanted to cane it but he didn’t think it could stand much more. He settled for standing to one side of her and bringing down one hard stroke of one of the short canes across it with the tip. Hayley let out a piercing scream. It was a good job he had tied her down in the middle or she might have jerked the whole sideboard over.

Ryan gave her a few minutes to recover. Her eyes were closed and she was just moaning. Hayley was not thinking anything. She was not even thinking about what would come next or when it would end. Her mind was completely engulfed by the pain and she knew there was a lot more to come.

Ryan ambled over to the shopping bags to see what to use next. He decided to use the trusty nine tailed whip, but while coming to this conclusion noticed a nice black butt plug which he thought might be nice to put up her. You could never have too much discomfort, he thought to himself cheerily. He returned to his moaning girlfriend. Moaning in the right way he thought. Her head was hanging down and her eyes were shut so she did not know what he was intending until suddenly she felt a large cold object pushed against her asshole and then rammed in. She moaned at a different pitch. It made her feel unconfortable and full. Ryan gave it a little tap and then began whipping her torso.

He did this more slowly than with her cunt which was now looking twice its normal size and watched the stripes come up before laying down the next blow. Hayley just moaned or groaned at each blow.

Ryan, leaving reasonable gaps, whipped her for about ten minutes. Her whole torso was now a glowing red.

“Just your tits to go,” he said to her, “I warn you this might hurt.”

He lashed across her tits with the thin whippy cane. Hayley let out an ear piercing scream and her head jerked up and her eyes opened trying to look at the area that had been hit. Ryan laid on another. Another ear piercing scream. He paused, counted slowly to ten to give the pain time to seep in, if the searing mind splitting pain Haylety was feeling could be said to seep and then swept down with another. He put down twenty strokes. By the end Hayley’s tits showed twenty tram lines from base to top where they joined her chest. Several strokes had hit her nipples and despite being tied down she had jerked so much the sideboard had actually jumped off the floor a half inch at the top end. The last five strokes her screaming and jerking decreased. She jerked terribly but her body and throat were just too exhausted to keep it up.

Ryan looked at her tormented face, closed eyes and the slight rocking motion of her head up and down, the only movement she could make to absorb the agony encompassing her and said, “I guess that’s what they call a world of pain. Yup I bet you wished you’d remembered to say ‘master’ now.

He left her for five minutes so that she could recover her senses and some control over her uncontrollable trembling. He made a coffee, took some gulps then returned and in a light voice said, “time for the other side.”

He undid the ropes tying her and said, “sit up,” but Hayley couldn’t. Her mind was in such a state she could not work out how to do it. Her arms, hanging limply down the sides of the sideboard just flapped a little and her legs jerked a bit at the knees as she tried to raise her legs. Ryan grabbed her arms and pulled her to a sitting position then slid her down the sideboard so she sat on the edge and could push herself upright the final part of the way. She just stood there dazed while he turned her around and then lent her back down on the furniture so her hips rested at the end with her ass in a the classical caning position. She moaned piteously as her burning tits were squashed against the hard wood surface and Ryan once again tied her arms to the legs and her legs to the bottom legs and prepared to give her another flogging.

“No canes this time,” he told her, “I’ll just hit you with your leash.”

Hayley was in a strange place. She heard and she accepted. It was going to happen. There was nothing she could do and nothing was going to stop it. The first lash hit her arse. She felt the pain and hey body jerked. She heard her mouth utter a noise. It was all a part of her and yet it was not. A second lash connected creating a burning line of pain. Perhaps this was what people in hell experienced. Another stripe of fire. They suffered it and they dissociated. She had been bad. She must be punished. Another line of stinging pain. More jerking against her bonds. Her tits hurting as they pushed in and out of the hard surface. Her cunt aching. There was another word for it once but now it was just a cunt. Something big was filling her arsehole. Another burning lash of pain. She could hear the leash coming through the air before it hit her. Her leash. Teaching her what she was. A slave cunt. There to do the bidding of her master and to be mercilessly punished for the slightest infraction.

Ryan moved off her ass. There were enough angry red stripes and a few yellow brown bruises that she would feel for a while whenever she sat down.

Hayley felt a lash across her slave back. She screamed and jerked. Another. She screamed and jerked. It was an inevitable law of nature. The sound of it cutting through the air. The sound of it hitting her skin. The pain erupting in a long line. Her body jerking. Her mouth screaming or groaning, she was not sure. Her gasps for breath against the tensing muscles. He should push a cock down her throat. Whip her and smother her with his cock till she passed out. She realised time had stopped. It had become a repetitive loop. Whoosh, splat, pain, jerk. Pause. Whoosh, splat, pain, jerk. Pause as time reset. A time loop of endless pain. She didn’t wish for it to stop. How could it stop. It was an endless time loop that would go on forever.

And then it did stop. Suddenly. Just like that. No whoosh. No splat. She just lay still, bathed in the warmth of her pain. The pain was all around her. Her cunt, her belly, her tits, her ass, her asshole, her back. It covered her skin and extended an inch into her body and an inch outside of her body. Like an astral aura. There was no thought. Just an overwhelming feeling of defeat and tiredness and after a while, perhaps five minutes, an overwhelming feeling of relief.

Slowly thought returned to her. A moment of madness had gone and she was back to being Hayley. A hurt and beaten Hayley. No longer slave Hayley but human, hurt Hayley.

Ryan came and untied her. He helped her to the sofa and brought her some tea, He turned on the TV and she sat next to him trying to focus on something that was not the pain all over her body. He gave her the light blue plaid skirt and a thin white sweater with a zip down the front. Somehow she got up and put them on. As she bent over to pull up the skirt he pulled the butt plug out of her arse. He put it to one side for her to clean later. Her collar had never come off. When she sat down again Ryan put his arm around her and she nestled into him for comfort, moaning softly and shaking.

After an hour the worst of the pain had subsided. Ryan told her they were going out for a drink. He was going to take her to meet some of his mates.

“They haven’t met any of my other girlfriends because they were a bit young, but you’re okay.”

Hayley screwed up her courage.

“Are they going to have sex with me master?”

Ryan grinned.

“No. Not tonight at any rate.”

Ryan’s friends were Denny who he worked with at the DIY warehouse, Aaron an ex employee from the warehouse who now worked in a bus depot and Steve who worked in light engineering as a machinist. There were a few others but this was the core group and the friends he was meeting for a drink tonight. Later they were going to a club. They knew Ryan was bringing his latest girlfriend which had them all talking.

“Must be serious if he’s introducing her to us.”

“Or maybe he wants to get rid of her and thinks this is the way to do it,” joked Steve.

Ryan had dressed Hayley in yet another sweater with zip at the front. This one was patterned with brown leaves and flowers over white background. A red slightly flaired miniskirt, her red collar and red four inch high heels. He was getting close to having more women’s clothes in his bungalow than mens’. The sweater zipper was pulled down to show cleavage but not too much. It was thick enough and patterned enough so her nipples would not show through unless it was very cold.

Introductions were made. Hayley sat down pushing the back of her skirt back as she did so, so that she was sitting on her naked ass. She hoped the friends hadn’t noticed. She winced a little as her tender buttocks touched the polished wood of the pub chair. Ryan got a round in. Hayley had a spritzer, white wine with lemonade.

“Well Ryan,” said Aaron, “we are honoured tonight. You know Hayley he’s never introduced us to any of his girlfriends before. “

“Guess I should be honoured then,” she said smiling.

“Yeah, I don’t think the others would have fitted in,” said Ryan, “Hayley likes everything I like and likes to please and is good looking. Show ‘em your legs Hayley.”

Hayley gave him a confused look.

“Get up and twirl around so they can see you.”

Hayley got up and did a slow twirl making sure it was not fast enough to lift her skirt.

“See,” said Ryan as Hayley did a last minute flare of her skirt as she sat down and gave another small wince.

“Yeah, very nice,” said Denny covering for the fact none of them knew what to say. It wasn’t every day a guy got his girlfriend to twirl for you and not every day she would do it.

“And she likes being told what to do,” he continued, “saves all that hassle of decision making.”

“Yes, Ryan’s good at that,” she said. The group laughed.

The conversation moved around music, football, women, cars, work stories and the usual things men talk about. Hayley joined in where she could or sat smiling pleasantly and giving suitable attention to whoever was speaking. Near the end of the evening when one of them was moaning about an ex girlfriend and the other’s sympathising with him Ryan said, “I don’t have that problem with Hayley. She’s into S&M and likes being dominated, so anything I want she does.” Hayley coloured up. She was sure even her tender ass had gone red. It suddenly felt warmer against the seat. Luckily everyone had drunk quite a bit and just seemed to accept this as a joke. Denny did notice she had blushed beetroot and Ryan leaned towards his ear and said, “come over next Wednesday. I’ll show you.”

The conversation moved on and the guys left to go clubbing. Ryan and Hayley went with them for a short time but then left for home. Hayley was pleased Ryan had not got as drunk as he had in London. They got a taxi back to the bungalow. Ryan fucked her with a bottle which hurt her bruised cunt, perhaps even added some more bruises as the drink made him clumsy then he fucked her himself hitting into her bruised cunt lips again. When he finally deposited inside her she cleaned him and they went to sleep.

Sunday passed uneventfully. They woke up. She went down to suck him, “to make him more active” as he put it. Then he lazily rolled over and let her lick and french kiss his asshole. After that more sucking to “clean her mouth out”, a bit of toe sucking head to feet, posterior to him legs either side of his body so he could look at her gaping cunt and give her some medium lashes with a one tailed whip. It hurt, but nowhere like the day before. She cried out if it hit one of the bruises but made sure she kept her mouth over whatever toe she was sucking.

Next she sort of sat up back to him and put his cock in her while he continued to idly whip her, hit her with the back of his hand on alternate arse cheeks and watched her cunt go up and down and his prick go in and out of her hole.

Next it was put it in her ass and she moved up and down. This must have given him the energy he needed as after a few minutes he sat up, pushed her forward and started fucking her asshole in a relaxed deep in, deep out style. He kept this up, using minimum energy for about five minutes then getting bored leaned forward to grab her tits and squeeze them so she cried out in pain and began buggering her in earnest.

She didn’t mind the penetrating of her asshole. It was uncomfortable and there was some pain from yesterday’s bruises but she was getting used to it. It was the squeezing of her tits and pulling and twisting of her nipples. She wondered if he knew just how much pain he was causing.

Ryan wanted her in pain while he took his pleasure and liked to hear her moan with pain as he banged in and out. Intermittently he would twist her head round so he could deep kiss her and hear her scream into his throat. After two or three minutes of hard banging, pulling his cock out till the base came out and then ramming it back in he pushed forward especially hard. Hayley fell forward so she was flat on the bed, he fell on top of her and pumped his spunk into her. He felt it rippling up and shooting out spurt after spurt. Hayley felt his cock rippling in her ass, almost feeling it rising through his cock before splashing into her over and over.

“That was a good ass fuck,” he whispered into her ear after a while, Hayley squashed beneath him. He lay on her till his cock went soft and plopped out then rolled off to one side on his back. Hayley knew what was expected after the beating of the previous week and steeling herself went down to lick and suck his slimy spunk and shit covered cock clean. When she had finished to his satisfaction she took her aching tits and once again stinging ass into the kitchen to make an egg and bacon and coffee breakfast.

They relaxed a bit and even went shopping where she chose food to cook for his Sunday lunch and dinner. He had chosen the cheap slutty outfit of thin white sweater and cheap grey skirt he had first bought for her and the red six inch high stilletoes. For Hayley it was far from relaxing showing her nipples and bobbing tits, so obvious under the thin sweater, to the variety of people in the supermarket, but she survived the ordeal and the rest of the day went smoothly.

Little did she know what Wednesday was going to bring.

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