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Extreme, F, F+, f, f+, M, m, T, t, Fantasy, Bondage, Chastity, Domination, Enema, Hair, Humiliation, Latex, Masochism, Pain, Rubber, Sadism, Snuff, Submission, CNC was created by group of business people who also made BDSM part of their lifestyle. They recognized a lapse in the market where high standard, BDSM friendly, luxury accommodation was not available to the discerning BDSM traveler. Participating hotels set aside special floors and/or whole areas within their premises that were inaccessible to non-BDSM guests. They also offered associated services and facilities. Of course, BDSM guests could avail themselves of the other, vanilla services and facilities with a proviso of keeping their activity covert. Checking in was through the normal counter but attended by a specially designated receptionist. Having booked through the site, the booking would be flagged as requiring special attention. The special receptionists would normally be lifestyle practitioners themselves, mostly slaves working the reception desk for their masters and owners.

Story 1

The taxi pulled in at the hotel’s main entrance. The driver opened the rear door and Melanie stepped out, high heeled shiny leather shoe first. Bella opened her own door on the other side and proceeded to the back of the taxi to retrieve her mistress’ luggage. A porter approached to help. Melanie walked into the foyer, turning heads with her click-clacking. Bella followed behind, enjoying the men looking at her mistress. The porter who had loaded the luggage on a trolley followed Bella. Melanie smiled at the attending receptionist.

“I have a booking under Melanie Green” she said.

“Let me check that for you madam”, said the reception as she typed in the name. “I’ll call your personal butler. It will be a minute”. Melanie knew it would be less. She knew that her status guaranteed that the butler was already aware she had arrived. In fact, she was already on her way. Soon the receptionist turned to call her, the butler was already at the desk.

“Miss Green, welcome” and extended her hand to the right to show the direction. ”If you please pass to my office I will check you in and discuss your arrangements and itinerary”. 

Melanie turned to Bella. “Come with me”.

The butler pulled a chair for Melanie and sat her down then proceeded to do the same for Bella. “It will kneel by my side. No need for that”. Bella blushed.

The butler started processing the check-in. “You have the suite with a single bed and dog’s mat. The dog is already in the room as per your request. He is in a thick latex catsuit, cock locked in a cage with a catheter feeding into his ass. He is one of Ms Smith’s own. Ms Smith wanted you to know that”. Hearing this Bella could not understand but knew better than to ask. She was under the impression that this was going to be their, Melanie’s and hers’, holiday. “In the suite you will also find prepared a range of whips, canes, hoods as well as various cages and dildoes. I trust this will be to your liking”.

“Yes. This is what I had requested”. Bella was lost. She was the one who had done all bookings, obviously on mistress’ instructions but these addons were not part of the instructions.

“Please sign here”, said the butler to Melanie as she turned the papers facing her and pointed at a line.

“Ms Rosabella”, calling Bella by her full name, “also needs to sign in. We further have a consent form to ensure she is here of her own will as well as a waiver form to release the hotel from any liability should anything happen to her during her stay with us. Also please provide copies of your Power of Attorney. I apologize for these complexities but after the Mexico City incident the Masters decided it was better this way”.

The Mexico City incident had happened a few months back. An owner had led the slave, naked and chained into the public areas of a hotel and the police were called in. The slave, a long term property had been modified during her stay and….. let’s just say she could no longer speak, see or write. It had taken considerable effort to contain that situation. Melanie was aware of the incident. “No need to apologize. It will sign whatever is needed. Just show it where”.

The butler presented the forms to Bella and pointed at the lines. Bella, a lawyer, was not used to signing papers without reading and picked the first one up. Melanie saw this and pressed a button on what looked like a car key. It was a trigger to deliver a shock from Bella’s butt plug. “Just sign. The details have already been agreed and are none of your concern”. Bella signed all papers.

Standing up from her desk the butler said “Your luggage is on its way to your suite. Please follow me”. She exited from a different door to the one they had entered. Melanie ordered Bella up and they followed.

Melanie and Bella had been together since college. Melanie was in her final year and Bella in her second. The relationship developed quickly. Melanie loved Bella’s submissiveness. As the commitment grew Melanie cucked Bella, keeping her from meeting new people while she did. Bella encouraged her to do more. After graduation Melanie started a consultancy. As Bella was working through her final coursework she could not help much so Melanie hired a secretary but always referred to Bella when she had legal queries. Their home at the time was not much. A small apartment.

When Bella graduated Melanie did two things. The first was to ask Bella if she wanted to commit to be her slave for life. Bella agreed. She was estranged from her parents and had no siblings so this would be easier. Melanie had Bella create all necessary legal documentation which gave her (Melanie) Power of Attorney and guardianship of Bella. The latter was not easy as a lawyer cannot be an adult of diminished capacity and still practice. However, with the assistance of a lawyer friend, a carefully worded document was drawn which allowed Melanie to basically control all of Bella’s life. When the documents were signed, they had a small ceremony at home.

The second thing Melanie did was make arrangements for Bella to work as a trainee lawyer with her same friend. He was obviously aware of their dynamic and as payment had asked that he would be allowed to use Bella any way he wanted. Melanie agreed on condition that there would be no marks and Bella would not be exposed publicly. The meagre trainee salary Bella received was deposited directly to Melanie’s accounts. After the two year training term Bella left the friend and joined Melanie’s consultancy which she helped grow. 

All that was ten years hence. After building a strong legal department Bella was put on a reduced term, being called in only on major cases. The rest of the time she was at home, which now was a large house in the suburbs, most probably locked away, or recovering from extended use and abuse.

After walking through a few more doors and corridors they exited into a large underground corridor and took a golf cart. The corridor exited into what looked like a garden. Melanie, riding in front and facing forward, saw a slave hanging upside down being whipped by a male dominant, and another, fully enclosed in latex, being used by two mistresses. Hearing the screams, Bella started to turn to see. “Don’t you dare look. Turn your head back” Melanie ordered and then turned to the butler. “Stop here for a minute”. She got out of the cart and walked to Bella in the rear as she pulled out something from her coat pocket. She slapped Bella hard on her face. “Don’t you know not to look, stupid creature?” and proceeded to put a leather bag over her head which she locked with a small padlock. She then rode back and ordered the butler to proceed.

The suite was on the third floor. The butler showed Melanie around and explained the amenities. She (the butler) was part of the service and was available to Melanie any time night or day, for anything she desired, “even if you just want to whip me or spit on my face”. A porter carried the luggage up but, on Melanie’s order, left Bella standing up in a corner in the building’s foyer. Melanie sent the butler away and walked with her downstairs to retrieve Bella. She took her directly to the dungeon. Removing the bag she told her to look at the dog. Melanie picked up a whip and savagely flogged the dog. “One day, that could be you” and pulled her down by the hair to her crotch. Bella did her job.

After taking a shower together Melanie put on a bikini and had Bella put on a full body latex catsuit. Over that she was made to wear boots with ballet heels and mittens made from thick rubber which went over the elbow. Another hood followed. This had short nasal tubes and two small holes for eyes. A high collar finished the look. Melanie attached a chain on Bella’s collar and the dog’s and left for the pool.

There were many people around the pool and Melanie knew most of them. Nearly all were accompanied by one or more slaves. Most dominants were in normal pool wear – bikinis, swimsuits and trunks – some of which were in latex or leather. Slaves were in all manner of dress and bondage, in leather and latex. As Melanie arrived she waved at Horst, an old friend of hers, and walked to him. He stopped what he was doing and rose to greet and hug her. “Hello”, she said. “It’s been a while since we last met”. Then looked down at a naked slave and asked what he was up to.

“I came up with a new use for this thing. Let me show you”. And with the knelt again and continued what he was doing. A spiked nipple bra was tightened around her breast. The spikes were very sharp and the slave whimpered when they were pressed on. For that she was rebuked verbally and slapped hard on the nipples, pushing the spikes deeper. She started crying. A rubber sleep sack was brought by one of the assistant dominants (often adult youths of college age whose parents were dominants) and the slave was moved on it. Her arms were inserted in individual sleeves as were the legs. The fit was not particularly tight. Between her legs was a deflated piece which looked like was made of thicker rubber than the rest. It was covered with hard plastic bristles.  A fitted hood was pulled over her head. Two breathing tubes were inserted into her nose and soft rubber bit into her mouth, inflated and the inflator detached. The bit between legs was vigorously rubbed with a ghost pepper and pushed inside. The slave jumped and twisted. More slaps to her tits made her calm down though it was clear she was crying. The sack was zipped closed, very tight. As Horst rose an assistant knelt to fit a portable electric pump and started the inflation. Horst turned to Melanie. “This thing was caught fingering its holes and softly pinching its nipples. I plan to leave her two days in there”. Melanie smiled and Bella, hearing everything shivered and felt a wetness between her legs. As the sack inflated it took on a cylindrical shape. At the neck a torus inflated further out. The hood took on a rounded cone shape. Close inspection would show a few holes. “Breathing holes”, Horst pointed out. “Even if it tips over water would not get into its airway and there would be holes from where air can enter”. A lead weight was tied to the bottom of the cylinder and it was thrown into the pool. The assistant jumped into the water and dragged it to the middle of the deeper water and tied a small inflatable boat to it. Horst turned to Melanie. “What do you think of our ship’s mooring buoy? I’m tempted to make another one and use it for my yacht.”. Melanie burst out laughing. Horst explained further, “It is really tight in there. The legs and arms have inflated ribs so she cannot really move. She will learn the lesson this time if not…. I already have an alteration in mind with a feeding tube. She WILL become my yacht’s buoy this summer if she does not”. 

Melanie pat his cheek and gave him a peck. “You really know your way to this lady’s heart….”, and winking added “…and pussy”. He kissed her deep. Bella looked on, surprised. Melanie and Horst were close but she was not aware. Not that she was supposed to but…..

Melanie and Horst kept on talking and flirting. Bella and the dog were kept on leash and made to kneel close. Horst’s other slave, another female was also kept close. Her leash was to a ring in her tongue. She was completely naked and shaven. Not a single hair. Horst mentioned he had used some balm to ensure no regrowth. In the middle of lunch Melanie waved at two assistants. As they approached she handed them Bella’s leash. “Take her”. Bella did not understand. She looked at Melanie who just laughed.

Bella was taken to an underground room. It was not a dungeon. It was a very simple room. A gurney, a chair, a stainless steel sink, white tiles and bright lights. She was sat on the chair and the door locked. The lights turned off and she was alone in the dark. She did not know how long she stayed there. At some point the lights came back on and the door opened. An assistant domme, a TV nurse and a maid walked in. She was undressed. The maid plugged a hair clipper and started to shave her hair. Bella started crying. She was then shaved smooth with a barber’s razor, as were the eyebrows. Using such a sharp instrument was risky and the sobbing caused the maid to stop many times. After a few such stops, the assistant domme stepped in, slapping Bella hard and telling her to stop because they had work to do. She threatened her with a caning, showing her the cane she was holding.

With the hair done, earplugs were inserted and wax put on to hold them. The cable was attached to a box and the domme spoke into a microphone. “Raise you left hand if you can hear this”. Bella did. She was then ordered to bend over the gurney. The buttplug was pulled out and put in her mouth. “Mistress Mel wants it clean before storing”. Bella did not like this, never got to that point, but knew to do her best to the task. As she was at it the maid and the nurse were preparing something behind her. A sleeping sack was laid on the gurney and Bella ordered on it. The sack was simpler than the buoy she had seen earlier. This somehow calmed her down. The nurse inserted a catheter, a wired dildo and, lifting her legs, another plug in her ass. These were tested with a low voltage which just caused Bella some tingling. Wired clips were attached to her nipples and again tested. Conductive pads were applied to her chest and other areas of her body.  The nurse looked at a screen then lifted a box and pressed a button. Bella felt a low voltage tickling in various areas of her body. The nurse turned to the assistant domme and told her all was working as expected.

The maid picked up the long mittens and again stretched them on Bella’s arms. Latex stockings were pulled on her legs. Rubber glue was applied to the internal areas of the stockings and her legs moved together. More rubber glue was applied to the rest of the stockings and the mittens. The sleeping sack was closed and sealed. A tight, simple latex hood was slipped on her head and sealed to the sack. Latex tubes were inserted in her nose and sealed with the hood. A corrugated pipe with a mouth piece, much like a snorkel’s, was inserted in her mouth. She was ordered to bite and it was sealed to the hood. A strange helmet was lifted and shown to her. It was smooth and looked hard, had strange large bulbs for eyes and a snout like extension.  The helmet was slipped on. Care was taken by the maid and nurse to pull the tubes and cables through the snout and then they closed it. Bella’s world turned dark. All of a sudden there was light again. She could see the room. She realized the bulbous protrusions on the helmet were screens. The earbuds came alive. It was the assistant domme. “Wiggle if you can see on both screens”. Bella did as best she could. The earbuds clicked silent and the screens went dark. She heard a noise but could not discern it until she felt pressure growing on her legs, chest and back. The sack was being inflated. Then the pressure started building around her head too. The helmet must have an inner lining. She felt the gurney being moved.

After what to Bella were long minutes the movement halted and she felt herself being lifted and lowered. She heard some clicking and then silence. She drifted off to sleep until she was startled awake. Electric shocks all over, noise and light. “Hello hello hello”. It was Melanie. Laughing. “Slave, I lent you to the hotel in exchange for a heavy discount on some services I shall be availing myself this holiday. They needed a shit eating, piss drinker and I thought you were more than adept for the job. You will be spending the rest of the time there. I reckon you are aware of all the electrodes on your body. Those are both to torture you and to stimulate the muscles. The screen and buds will be used to project ….stuff. You will be shown horror movies, snuff, torture. Some of it will be live feeds. You may also be shown a feed from the toilets you are connected to. The dog is really behaving itself. It learned to use its tongue much like you do. It took some coercion to get it there but…we’re there.  So yes, you are not all that indispensable at this point but I’ll find some other use for you. Bye for now. Have fun sweetie. I know I will” and she burst out laughing again. It was the last thing Bella heard but not a second later the earbuds clicked alive again. “Before I forget. There’s a great party tonite and another tomorrow. Expect some puke too.” More laughter and then silence. Bella felt a fear and a love for her mistress. She was happy Melanie was enjoying herself. She knew that was her purpose – to be useful to Mistress in any way she decided. If this is what made her happy at this time, so be it. She’d be happy suffering.

Time passed slow for Bella. Some feeds she was shown triggered a heavy dread in her. At points the screen would be blank, coming alive with a scary picture and going blank again. Or it could be just the ear buds. Silence, then loud laughter or shrieks of terror. Sometimes, after these ‘jokes’ were played on her, a live feed was set showing people having fun. Sometimes Melanie would talk to her, sometimes nice, sometimes nasty. Sometimes the sound and video feeds were quiet for a very long time.

The flow down for the feed tube also varied. Sometimes Bella would swear that real food was being pushed down. Whatever it was, she had no choice but to swallow. At times it may also have been some sort of medicine, including laxatives. Her stomach was no longer getting so upset. The enemas too varied. Sometimes capsaicin was piped in. Sometimes they also played with her air, sending in nasty smells. Sometimes sweet smells. Sometimes they would block the air supply.

She suffered in silence.

The screens and earbuds came live. Bella was startled. She always was when they did. With no stimuli to indicate that something was about to happen, events just happened. “Slave there are updates I want to give you. Me and Horst are merging the companies together. He has a fantastic legal consultancy so you are not really needed anymore in that capacity. Also me and Horst are moving in together. These past two months….”, that was the first indication of time Bella had – two months she’d been here “…… well, we grew fond of each other. We really make a fantastic couple and are building a good stock of slaves. We are running the house in Victorian style. I have prepared some clips to show you after this. It is a pity you are not there as you would really have fun. You remember when I used to dress you up as a Victorian maid? Tight corset, crushed tits, that bulky butt plug…. Fond memories. But I’m digressing. I have decided to leave you at the hotel permanently in return for our, mine and Horst’s, own suite. We’ll be able to come and go as we please. Horst is leaving a slave too. Do you remember that buoy? The management loved it and it is now a permanent fixture. But, back to you. You are still technically mine but apart from a minor few things which do not really concern you, they can do with you what they please. Should they be displeased with you they will return you to me and we will lose the suite. Be very afraid if that happens”. And then it was silence. Bella was in shock. She cried.

Bella was taken out of her sarcophagus and kept in a cell. Time was still an unknown quantity. She was kept mostly in the dark. A nurse would visit daily to check her, administer enemas and massage her. A maid also sponged and fed her. Slowly she regained mobility and could walk and hold things in her hands. She was also getting used to the light. It was no longer kept candle low and the room was lit for longer. Bella was happy she was getting better until she remembered she once had been a lawyer. She tried to remember cases and facts but there was a fog. She cried a lot. The nurse started asking her questions and realized what was happening. Her advice was for Bella to let go of her past as no one had use for her like that, and that if she would not she might be snuffed. “No one wants an object which thinks it is something else”. Bella burst out crying and thanked her. She missed mistress too she realized. 

An assistant domme also started visiting her and initiated her training as a maid. She was strict with Bella. Even the slightest mistake was punished with a hard whipping or caning, at times requiring the nurse to intervene. But Bella learned. In time she was let out of her cell for walks around a garden, accompanied by the nurse or maid of course. The maid never spoke to her and when Bella attempted to engage her both were punished. A maid is not to be seen or heard unless absolutely required. Another lesson learned. 

Finally, the day came when she was fitted for a uniform. The assistant domme came in accompanied by a Head Matron. The Head Matron had also been a slave once, indeed she still was. However she was afforded many freedoms. Within the organization she was equal to an assistant domme. She worked on a shift basis and after the shift she was allowed to have relationships and play with slaves. She still needed to report to her owner, or the hotel’s section management if she was so owned. It was not unheard of for high performing matrons to be given full freedom and proper employment at the hotel. When that level was reached a gift was frequently granted of two or three slaves for the matron to own and do as she pleased with. A good matron would use them as pawns to advance further in her social standing.

Bella’s uniform consisted of a chastity belt worn over a very tight corset, tight gloves and stocking which partly numbed the hands and legs, lace-up high heeled ankle boots, a heavy wool and polyester dress, a stiff collar and a tight bonnet. She was assigned a floor. Every morning, after guests left for their day’s affairs, she was to clean and restock the rooms as required. Being the section it was, beside the usual bathroom item stocks and redoing the beds she also had to wipe clean and disinfect all equipment and attend to any room slaves as per guest’s demands. Some guests would want the slave the be washed and changed or dressed in some particular way. Some would want them replaced. Some would want them to be left as they are. For the first two days Bella was accompanied by the matron who directed her what to do and how. For the rest of the week the matron would visit to inspect and critique the work. Lapses were noted and at the end of the week punishments were delivered. Maids who constantly failed were recycled for toilet use, as Bella had been, or used as props for heavy torture shows or for assistant dommes and dominants to learn the tricks of the trade on – how to do shibari, how to whip, how to cane, etc… The end for these failed maids was never nice though enjoyable by the audience.

Bella’s performance improved with time and she was assigned more duties and more contact with the guests. One particular guest personally requested her as butler whenever he visited. He requested that she be released of her chastity belt and would use and torture, and pleasure her, at will during the visit. She liked him but never dared ask him questions such as when he’d be back next. She knew better. She knew she was still an object.

Her days were still managed for her. She had no control over the time she woke up or went to bed, what time she did toilet, what she ate and how. After cleaning her floor she was assigned to a laundry and after that, she would be sent to the kitchen as a dish washer. Even being a good performer, she still had demerits assigned. Occasionally a matron or an assistant would keep her for a time. Her tongue skill was famous, as was her masochism. Her users knew she was needed as a maid so no long term, debilitating torture was done. Bella was happy.

One Saturday morning the matron called her to the office. There was to be a society wedding of two high ranking members and she was going to be assigned as a maid for the service. She would be taken off her normal duties to be purposely trained. Matron told her that this was an important event and that if she did well she would be considered for promotion as assistant matron. Bella was over the moon. Over the next two weeks the event was rehearsed over and over. The maids were rotated and used as mock wedding guests, even the bride and groom, so they would be aware of everyone’s point of view and situation. In the final two days slaves were brought in and tortured as (other) slaves would on the day itself, in an effort to be more than fully prepared.

The day arrived. Bella’s first station was by the entrance, serving welcome drinks. A human pony drawn carriage arrived. Trumpeters announced the arrival of the bride and groom. Bella looked on. The newlyweds were both attired in ornate latex outfits. The bride had a big skirt and long veil carried by no less than 20 slave attendants whose faith was to be tortured during the celebration. As they entered the hall Bella recognized the bride – Melanie. She started shaking and started to cry. An attentive matron saw this and immediately ran to her “Shut up! Control yourself. Do not ruin this or there will be hell to pay”. Bella tried. Melanie walked in slowly holding Horst’s hand, smiling and waving at their guests. Bella did not want to look at her and tried her best to hide behind the matron as they approached. But Melanie saw her and stopped. “Look who it is Horst. Toilet girl made it out and got a human job. Ladies and Gents, this creature was once my slave. I turned her into a toilet to get to the next step in this society’s social ladder”. Bella was shaking. The matron behind speaking in her ear to hold it together and let the superior woman enjoy herself. Melanie pulled Bella to the center. “Let’s look at you all nicely dressed. Twirl for us dear” and pushed her out to twirl. At this Bella dropped her tray and started crying. “Oh! Look what you did. That cannot be good, ruining the wedding of the year like that. I’ll make sure to complain to management. Matron take her away”. The matron grabbed Bella’s arm and led her away. Bella was a mess, blushing, shaking and crying. All she could hear was Melanie laugh.

The complaint was made and a review board assembled. The matron spoke in Bella’s favor stating that she had been a good maid and that what had happened, though severe, was due to her love for her old mistress. She asked that the board be lenient with Bella as she (the matron) was sure that if Bella was ever returned to her maid duties she would once again be the high performer she had proven to be. Ultimately the board sentenced Bella to be a toilet for six months.

The earbuds and the screens came alive. “Hello lovely. I missed you, and miss you around the house. If you could see what I have now. It was wonderful to see you at the wedding. A true and welcome surprise. It was a joy humiliating and breaking you again. And it was a joy hearing you were sent back to be a toilet. Endure it for me like you once did”.

And there was darkness and silence again.

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