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A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 24

A Middle-class Girl's Journey series story
Extreme, F, M+, Real Life, Bestiality, Bondage, Domination, Humiliation, Incest, Latex, Leather, Lingerie, Masochism, Pregnant, Sadism, Sex Toys, Spanking, Submission, Consensual


The call from Robert didn’t come the next day or the day after that, in fact, it was the following week after we’d enjoyed a family lunch on a Sunday. It passed without him saying a word to me or giving me the slightest inclination that what was too happen and he rang me at work on Monday telling me to meet him in a car park close to my work at lunch time. I drove to meet him and as I walked to my car I felt my legs wobble much in the same way I used to when I knew Healy was going to hurt me and not in a nice way. I still used to go to meet Healy knowing what was coming and I was now going to meet Robert and I didn’t have a clue what to expect.

In fact, Robert was quite a gentleman as I drove and parked next to him. The car park wasn’t unknown to me as it was the very same one I used to frequent Sunday lunch times and various other times with an old boyfriend. Robert told me we were having lunch at the same pub that I’d eaten many times before. Half way through lunch the conversation changed from family stuff to the matter in hand when he just came out with, “Get up go to the toilet take off you blouse and bra put your jacket back on only fasten the bottom button and come back, place you bra and blouse in my pocket, are you wearing knickers?” No, I wasn’t and off I went and did my first task. Placing my clothes in his pocket and sat down back at the table before I did and as I bent over his chair he slipped his hand inside my suit jacket and pinched my left nipple hard.

I sat down and he asked me “Did you know it was me fucking you all those time?” I told him no, I lied. Then he told me that he knew a lot about me as my husband had told him about it all including the dogs and he was going to buy a dog and let it fuck me every day and he asked me how I felt, I didn’t answer. He asked me if I was wet and I told him I didn’t know and then he told me to get my knickers out of his jacket and go to the toilet and insert then into my cunt and then come back and stand in front of him and I did as I was told and as I pushed my knickers inside me I knew I was wet. I stood in a public restaurant my legs apart while my brother-in-law put his hand under my skirt and pulled them out; he smiled as he pulled the sodden garment out.

Robert told me that for him the question when I am triggered didn’t work for him in future when he wanted me to submit, he simply call me a slag and I would submit. If I disappointed him, he’d punish me the word “NO” wasn’t one he wanted to hear from me and he asked me if I understood and I nodded and so he asked me again and I answered him “Yes Sir” and he continued. In future, I would answer to Slag, Cunt or Whore the last one he knew I was already and he asked me to “Tell me what you are Susan?” and I told him “I’m a Slag a Cunt and a Whore Sir” he smiled at me and continued. He told me that he knew I looked down my “snooty nose” at him and he was going to “break” me and again asked me “what you are?” and I replied once more “I’m a Slag a Cunt and a Whore Sir.”
Next he handed me a mobile phone telling me to keep it charged and with me 24/7 he’d ring me on in when he wanted me and he’d only use that to contact me if he rang it and I didn’t answer I’d be punished and as he pointed out I wouldn’t like that, he would but I wouldn’t. In the future, I was to wear my skirts and dresses shorter and at least six inches above my knee at work and higher eight to ten at all other times. I was also to wear my tops lower and he expected to see cleavage at all times and if I didn’t dress to his code I would be punished, did I understand? “Yes, Sir I understand.”
Then he told me to go and pay for the meal then walk to the public toilets at the far side of the car park go into the men’s side go into one of the cubical in the middle (there were three) close the door take off my clothes and wait for him. This was a first I told myself as I paid for the privilege of being treated like a slut. As I walked across the car park I was spotted by a colleague who pulled over next to me and wound his window down and started to speak to me. I instinctively bent down to speak to him forgetting I had just one button stopping my tits from falling out and hitting him in the face, however; it didn’t stop him getting a clear eyeful of them and he went bright red.

I walked into the Gents toilets after stopping outside and steeling myself to do it for a few seconds and when I did the place was a stinking, filthy, dark and a man was stood in a daze with his cock hanging out of his trousers oblivious to the world. I found the middle cubical and went in there was no lock on the door and holes had been made in the walls and crudely blocked up again with toilet paper. I took off my skirt and my jacket and that left me naked apart from my shoes and stockings and I waited and waited for what appeared to be hours but was in fact just half an hour.

Nobody came into the toilets but the drunk or stoned man didn’t leave nor did I hear him move and I was too scared to look out of the door which I kept my hands on just in case somebody tried to use the toilet. When Robert did arrive he rattled the door and told me to “Open up Cunt” and I moved away from the door and let him in. Taking out his cock he told me to hold it and then he did something 99% of the men I’d “served” as a slave had never done’ he moved in and kissed me as if we were lovers it was as if it was a natural thing to do for him and as always I acquiesced and from the start he always did it. As his tongue slipped into my mouth his fingers found my cunt and he stopped kissing me and called me a “Wet whore” which was the state he always found me in from the very first time he’d touched me between the legs two years before.

As I am four inches taller than Robert he wanted me on my knees and told me to get down and suck his cock which I did. As he slipped into my mouth the thought of how easy it would have been for me to recognise his cock in a glory hole even though this was the first time I’d ever seen it as I’d always been blindfolded before. Not only was it impressive in its size and thickness which I already knew but his “bell end” was at least twice the size of most men’s. As I tasted his pre-cum he pulled out of my mouth and told me “You want to be fucked now don’t you Cunt?” and I told him “Yes Sir” and then he told me to beg to which I replied “please fuck me, sir, please fuck me” and I truly wanted him to fuck me. He decided that my begging wasn’t sincere and told me to put my hands behind my back and look up at him. As I looked into his eyes he slapped my face and told me “Fucking beg me you useless cunt” and I did I begged him loudly and very sincerely moments of the horror of a short time ago flooded back into my mind. He turned me around and put my head over the toilet bowl which hadn’t been cleaned or even flushed for what could have been weeks. The fucking he gave me was intense and I came almost straight away which earned me a slap across the head and he pulled my hair back to meet his cock as he came inside me.
Then pulling me out of the cubical still semi-naked he slapped my face again and told me to stand still while he dressed himself telling me “Cunt when I fuck you, you will thank me by saying, Thank you for your cum, Sir, understand you cunt?” “Yes Sir I understand Sir, thank you for your cum Sir” and he slapped me again even harder and left me there in tears. The drunk man was still there cock hanging out I dried my eyes and put on my skirt and jacket and in an act of defiance I walked over to the man stood at his side got hold of his cock and wanked him off sending his cum all over the floor and then I went back to work. The colleague who saw my tits avoided me for months after that.
That night after our evening meal I was asked by my husband what had gone on and I gave him a blow by blow account, leaving out the wanking off of the drunk. Clearly, he didn’t like some of the things he’d heard and went to see Robert. Later he returned with Robert and summoned me to join them in his office and he told me that he was OK with the dress code to which Robert had added heals which would make me even taller than I was over him, however there was to be no miniskirts around the vanilla side of our life or playing in public toilets in broad daylight and play that close to home wasn’t on either. He took another look at my face, which had swollen from the slaps Robert had given it although I had tried my best to cover the marks but the swelling I just couldn’t. Turning to Robert he told him “next time you slap her face use the fingers, it stings as much but leaves less swelling, Oh by the way the mobile phone is a good touch.” Then he turned and walked away just turning his head towards Robert and saying “Enjoy” and left us.
As Robert had been driven to our house by my husband he needed a lift home as he wasn’t going to walk home turning to me I could see he was none too pleased to be brought out of his house just for my husband to make a point, which was what this was all about. Turning to me I was told “get your car cunt” and I went for my keys to drive him home. On the way out he took one of my daughters riding crops from the stand in the hall and I knew this wasn’t going to be a quick trip and I was correct. Ordering me to turn left at the end of our road and drive towards the countryside I followed his instruction until we turned into a field miles from anywhere. The first beating he gave me was bent over the bonnet of my car naked and he gave me well over twenty strokes of the crop as I lost count several times as he beat me and he’d start again from number one. The fucking he gave me afterward made me scream out loud as he moved from hole to hole and as I knelt to suck his cock clean and to thank him for the pleasure of his cum, tears ran down my face and a mixture of his and my own cum leaked out of my cunt.
I drove him home my face looking like disaster area my makeup had run and he’d forbade me from cleaning myself up. He insisted I drove onto his drive and from the front window I could see my sister looking out and she stood up and waved to me and I was told to “put the window down and wave to your sister you cunt” and I did know she’d see the disaster area of my face and know I’d been crying and would easily guess why. I cried even more on the way home and stopped in a lay-by to compose myself and dress as I was still naked. I let myself into the house and as ever found comfort in the welcoming arms of a soak in the bath and I went straight to bed.
The next day I’d not heard from Robert and I was on my way home from an uncomfortable day spent moving about in my chair at work thanks to my very bruised rear end. The mobile rang just as I was about to indicate to turn into my drive and instead I drove past and answered it. I was to drive to my sister’s house straight away and see my new Dom. This was to be a fixed thing for me to do every day after work I would not go home but straight there unless told otherwise. Eager to inspect the handy work he dragged me through the front door almost as soon as I rang the doorbell. In seconds I was bent over with him lifting my skirt with him running his hands over me commenting on the welts, he handled me and this was quickly followed by a fucking and after thanking him for his cum being told: “OK fuck off you cunt.”
After a week of inspections, the welts had faded and another beating he told me was now called for, however; he’d leave that for another time. The next few weeks I’d meet him for lunch followed by a fuck in his car or I would call at his house for the same and be told to “fuck off cunt” it was one of these times he told me I was putting on weight and to lose it or else. I had put on weight which wasn’t like me and when I was sick one morning I realised why and as I had missed my period and a simple test proved it, I was pregnant. I worked it out and it was more than likely it was from the dogging session I had done with Alan however; it was still possible it was Robert’s. I didn’t want another child and I most of all didn’t want Robert’s but how to deal with it and as in most moments of crisis I turned to my husband. His thoughts were simple and he told me that if I wanted to keep it that would be fine however; I knew what to do if I didn’t and who to ring. Following the conversation in which he told me I’d better let Robert know I rang the clinic in Birmingham and made the appointment.
Telling Robert wasn’t easy, however; once I explained that most likely the father was definitely one of the men who fucked me when I was dogging he was relaxed as this gave him a way out and the colour soon came back to his face. I traveled to Birmingham a few days later and after a two-night stay I came home and took a few days’ rests I was back at work, however; it would be another two weeks before I was back in action and able to open my legs once more. This had been my third visit to that clinic but it wasn’t to be my last I am sorry to say.
I dreaded the first time I was going to get fucked after the abortion and I tried to avoid it as long as possible telling Robert that I needed the all-clear from the Doctors or that it would take a full month after my natural period before the “Pill” would be 100% active. The strange thing was he acted as if he was almost sympathetic during that time nearly even tender. Once it was clear that I couldn’t put it off any longer and after a two-month rest from sex following my third abortion I told Robert that I was OK to have sex. The odd thing about this time was that he (Robert) had not tried to use me in any other way, let’s face it I still had two other holes he’s used often enough before that and would in the future and being unable to fuck didn’t stop him beating me did it. However; for some reason, he’s chosen not to do so and in fact apart from an odd phone call on what was now named “the slut phone” he’d hardly been in touch.

Back in the Saddle.

It was one Sunday afternoon just a couple of days after telling I was OK to have sex once more, that he took up his interest in me again. The now traditional lunch over, Robert started another tradition of taking me and our dog for a walk for an hour and longer in the woods not far from our house. I noticed that the crop missing from the entrance hall was back in place in the umbrella stand he’d taken it from as we walked through the front door. The dog was as eager as ever to go for a walk and the fact that he’d seen Robert put a ball in his pocket had him even more excited. As we walked Robert didn’t look at me and nor did I him the only words that were spoken were to the dog or people we met along the way and said hello to.

I thought his silence odd at first it looked to me as if he wanted to say something but didn’t know how to say it. Once we reached the woods which at most times in the day would have been full of people enjoying it Sunday lunchtime was just one of the times it wasn’t. Once in the wood he took me by the arm shouted the dog and we left the path and went into the more dense areas, clearly, he knew his way about the place. He helped me over a few obstacles and through some bushes and into a clear spot where he threw the dog the ball and watched him run and chase it.
He sat me down and looked me straight in the eye saying to me “Susan I will ask you this just once and whatever you tell me I will believe OK?” I nodded and he continued “Was the baby you got rid of mine or was it somebody else’s?” and he looked me straight in the eyes as he asked. I wanted to look away but I was caught like a Moth in candlelight and I told him “No Robert it wasn’t yours it was one of the men who fucked me when I went dogging, please, believe me, it wasn’t yours.” The truth was it could have been his but the odds were against that but I would never know and nor would he. His next question was “So are you back on the Pill now and safe to fuck?” I nodded that I was and his next comment was “Get naked you cunt.”

Once naked and on my knees in front of him he told me to reach between my legs and push two fingers into myself and hold them in while he counted to ten and them I was told to hold them up, I was a “wet whore” I was then introduced to his belt which was black leather and about two inches wide and a quarter of an inch thick. I was told to “Unbuckle my belt cunt” once it was unfastened I was told to remove it and I pulled it out of the loops in his trousers all the time listening out for walkers or children in the woods. As I took it out I knew that he was going to use it on me and once I had it fully free I held it up to him in the same way I had other items for other people. “Take out my cock you cunt” was his next command this done with some amount of difficulty as he was bone hard I didn’t need to hear the next one and I started to suck it.

The first blow from the belt took me by surprise and I almost bit down on his cock how I managed to stop myself I have no idea. The grip of my teeth on his most valuable piece of equipment told him using his belt on my back while it was in my mouth wasn’t a great idea and he pulled out slapping me across the face as he did so. Next, he went to his pocket brought out a small roll of tape and dragging me to a tree wrapped my arms around it and used the tape to bind them together, then he pulled my head back and taped my mouth closed. I was tied face towards the tree naked in broad daylight and I was about to get beaten by my sister’s husband. The beating came straight away as soon as he moved away from me and had enough room to swing the belt.
God, it hurt and I tried to scream out which was, of course, impossible due to the tape. The blows rained down on me but mostly on my backside and the tops of my thighs, however; as he was a novice a lot hit me on my back, shoulder, arms and even my head took a few blows. I wasn’t able to scream but I was able to sob and soon the tears were running down my face and body. The fact I was moving about trying to get out of the ways meant my front was being rubbed against the tree and tits were getting redraw and I thought I was about to faint. Just when I about do just that he stopped and I stood me up on my feet as my legs had buckled and ran his hands over his handy work causing me even more pain.
Satisfied with what he saw he left me there trembling and went off to find the dog who had gone off chasing a rabbit. When he got back I was still sobbing and he liked that telling me that I’d better get used to the belt and running his fingers over the welts. Then without releasing from the tree he fucked me licking the tears as they ran down my face. He moved as he always did from hole to hole telling me what a slag I was as he fucked me ripping off the tape and making me agree with him and making me beg to be fucked “Fuck me I'm a slag. Please fuck me I'm a slag I'm a slag please fuck me I’m a slag” and his favorite “hurt me please, hurt me please hurt me.” That did the trick and he came inside me seconds after I had cum myself.
That first time it lasted over three hours as Robert powers of recovery were always great and before we left the place in the woods he wanted to fuck me again. By the time we got home, I was sore and my backside, thighs, and back were beginning to stiffen up luckily the dress I wore covered the huge welts and bruises on my body. Alison had made the kids and my husband something to eat as we’d been out of the house for now over three hours as it took me almost an hour to walk back. Robert made some excuse about the dog chasing a rabbit to my daughter and I made an excuse about being in urgent need of a bath and went off and got into one.
I was still soaking as my sister and brother in law left I put on a dressing gown and sat downstairs watching the TV until 10 PM and after my daughter kissed me goodnight I decided to call it a night myself as I was half asleep myself. I was in my room having slept on my own since being allowed back into the house when the door opened. I was standing naked in the room and looking at the welts and bruises I was covered in when my husband walked in. Even though he’d seem me naked tens of thousands of times and covered in marks inflicted on me by himself and others, this time I didn’t know what to do and I felt what I can only describe as ashamed and it even went through my mind to cover myself up, I didn’t and just stood there and blushed.
I think my bashfulness amused him and without saying a word he walked over to me and at first, I thought he was going to put his arms around me but he didn’t. Instead, he just walked up to me and I automatically straightened up and stood motionless. He ran his fingers over the marks and asked me for a full and detailed description of what went on and asked me multiple questions as he did. The one person in this world who knows my mind better than I do myself, also knew his questions were getting me wet and aroused, sore and battered or not. His fingers reached my cunt I automatically opened my legs and put my hands on my head he pushed my lips apart and fingered me as he questioned me more. When he was finished with all his questions he told me to “Bend” and fucked me for the first time in a year and I once more heard myself saying “Fuck me I'm a slag, fuck me I'm a slag, hurt me” and once more I felt myself orgasm for the third time that day, after he’d reached his own he told to “Move your clothes back to our room tomorrow and move yourself in there now.”
The next day the slut phone rang while I was at work and in a meeting, I answered it and asked Robert to hold on and I left the meeting to speak to him. His only words where “Go and take off your clothes and send me a photo of your welts I want it in the next three minutes or else” I went straight to the ladies and into a cubical the photos was on its way it was one of the hundreds if not thousands I’d be told to send by him over a long period of time when I had sent it I got a single word text message from him it said “Cunt” his permanent name for me. I’d been named Cunt by Healy and his nephews and addressed like that by them and his ferret face friend as well as of course the two “Rugby Hero’s in the past and I still really hate and detest being called Cunt. Too many bad memories over too many years.
The next few weeks or more accurately months maybe five plus it was a case of the same things daily calls from him and visits to his house for sex or the odd session with his belt. I’d either be close to tears from the beatings or stood just about dressed from the fucking when my sister arrived home from her work. It was always an uneasy silence at first as I knew that she was aware of how he was using me and why I was at her house which let’s face it wasn’t on my way home. However; she didn’t feel the need to say anything and I wasn’t going to either. Robert’s aim with his belt improved as well and the now weekly walks into the woods were getting predictable. Down to the beatings with his belt and sex tied facing the same tree and then on the floor on my knees before cleaning his cock with my mouth.
One weekend things took a change with Alison announcing that she was going to be away from Friday to Sunday nights one weekend which coincided with our kids now both teenagers being away themselves. Robert told me that I’d spend the weekend with him and he makes some plans. As my husband had “gifted” me to him he didn’t object or even query this move and so after work Friday I went as normal straight to my sister’s house by now a converted farmhouse complete with lots of outbuildings in the middle of nowhere but this time for the weekend.
On arrival, I was greeted in the same way told to get naked in the same way and used in the same way with Robert adding to the welts on my backside made with his belt with six more on each cheek. His plans for the weekend involved us going to a club together he’d been told about. He’d even bought me a dress to wear and got the size right size 10 it was made of PVC not only very short it was so low cut I had to put a safety pin in it to stop my tits falling out. It was a cross between a sexy Nurse’s outfit and sexy French Maid and it was bright red as were the stockings and suspenders he gave me to go with it the belt matched the dress, there were no knickers. I soaked the pain away from the belt and dressed in the outfit and showed it to him raising my arms pulled the hem up and exposed my shaved crotch, he went off and came back with a pair of black lace knickers of Alison’s and I put them on.
The club was quite a few miles away and on the way, he wanted to stop and get a drink as I suspect he was unlike me quite nervous. I doubt the people in the country pub had seen the liked of me dressed like that before and if anything it made Robert even more nervous and after one drink we left. The club when we finally arrived was in a small former cinema one that had closed down in the mid-sixties become an unsuccessful bingo hall and then an unsuccessful discotheque before becoming a “Private Members Club” which it appeared was a success.
The reception area was small and was, in fact, a room inside a much larger one so not to waste space inside. Robert wasn’t too pleased to have to “join” at a cost of £50 for a “Couple” and a further £25 to get in for the night. We were given a guided tour by one the owners who were a married couple and it was the female half that showed us around. Our guide was an attractive woman in her late forties dressed in a black leather dress with a zip straight down the front of it as well as black fishnets she was called Helen or Madam Helen as she proffered once Robert explained my submissive nature. As she took us from room to room told us about the “rules of the house” and the does and don’ts it was clear she was taking a real interest in me which, to be honest I found flattering.
On the first floor, there was a single changing room with lockers the keys to them cost £2 which you didn’t get back, another thing Robert didn’t like. The first rule was that nobody was allowed onto the “playrooms” after midnight without being “dressed down” which meant in underwear or naked although men were allowed to rap themselves in a towel the rule was less is best but naked is more.  The rooms on that floor were split into larger play areas with huge platforms that were used as a bed for groups of people to have sex on and smaller private rooms some with a single bed and others with larger platforms. The difference between the bigger rooms for group play as she put it and the private one were locks on the inside of the doors and huge viewing windows spectators could watch the action from. In fact, being a spectator was not only the norm it was encouraged.
The second floor was split half for swingers in the same way as the first floor the rest was set up into a larger Dungeon set up and a smaller one which had several cages above which was a platform used for sex, with the public playrooms the lager dungeon had large windows so people who didn’t want to play could watch the rule for the smaller dungeon was, if the door is closed don’t go in. The third floor was the same as the first one and as we walked downstairs to the ground floor Helen told me that for women “No meant no and if you don’t want to do something Susan just say no, all the members know that and one will help you if I’m not around” then she told Robert “We do allow a few single men in but you are not allowed to follow women around hopping for sex that is called Mobbing and we don’t like it.”
The cellar was used as a “wet room” and included a Jacuzzi which Helen told us the only rule was no play inside and get out to pee. With that she left us to “make some new friends” and we went to the bar. The problem was that the club didn’t have a license to serve alcohol so you had to bring your own and we’d not brought any. That didn’t bother him as he like my husband he didn’t drink what did bother him was the fact he had to pay a fortune for the soft drinks they did serve. All of a sudden I found that we had been joined by a group of guys all of who wanted to know all about us and asked Robert if his “wife” was up for some “fun” and Robert didn’t say no nor tell them I wasn’t his wife either.
At midnight people were disappearing upstairs only to reappear in a further state of undress or in some cases totally naked which for a few of the women there wasn’t a good thing. Robert told me to go and find a locker and take my dress off which would leave me naked but for my knickers stockings and suspenders s as I got up to find a locker he told me to take the knickers off as well. As I found a locker I was aware that there were a lot of others watching me as I took off first my dress and then my borrowed knickers came off. The red suspender belt and black stockings left me feeling slightly overdressed looking at some of the women there and as I walked back to Robert I found I had a following of men, maybe the rule against mobbing wasn’t enforced too well.
Sitting down next to Robert a couple of the men who had followed me sat down next to us asking about the bruise on my backside and he was only too pleased to tell them how I got them and informing them that I was, in fact, his “sex slave.”  This had the effect of them asking question after question and I could tell that my bother-in-law was actually getting off on them and even aroused. I sat in silence as they interrogated him knowing better to say anything the question were those I’d heard dozens of time if not hundreds “Does she take anal, does she suck cock, will she swallow” godmen are so predictable. One guy even asked “Will she suck my cock right now if you told her to?” to which Robert gestured to me and told me to “Suck his cock you cunt” and I sucked my first cock of the night quickly followed by the second and then the third and fourth.
As I knelt sucking a total stranger cock the fifth or maybe a sixth of the night I was aware that a cock was being fed into me and I heard the all too familiar comment “God she’s so fucking wet she loves it.” Now although we were in a swingers club the action normally took place in one of the rooms upstairs, so the news that a woman was fucking all comers in the bar area soon got round and a line was forming. It was Robert suggestion we take this to upstairs and I followed him with at least a dozen men close behind. Once upstairs Robert was stopped form going anywhere as he was told he was “overdressed” and I waited for him outside the changing room as he took off his street clothes and stripped down to his jockey shorts, sucking more cocks as I did so.
I was then ushered into a room recently vacated by a small group of people and the PVC cover to the foam mattress was wet from their sweat and their condoms still lay on the floor, not nice at all. Nor was being placed on my back by a total stranger in the middle of a patch of sweat and other women’s cum. The line was once again forming and I didn’t leave the room for over four hours and when I did I was in agony and even my tongue ached.
It was four in the morning before we left on the two-hour journey home and I carried my dress back to the car rather than wearing it as the perspiration on my body made it difficult to slip on being made of PVC. Before we left Helen asked Robert if he’d like to bring me back on the second Thursday of the month as it was there “Greedy Girls Night” which was when men from all over came to fuck women volunteers in an endless gangbang the record she told us stood at thirty-five but she was sure I’d be able to beat it. Robert told her that Thursday would be difficult but he’d think about it to which she told me “You and your husband are welcome anytime Susan.”
We arrived back at Robert’s house at six-thirty in the morning and I’d slept all the way back with the red PVC dress covering me up. I wanted a bath or a shower as I smelt of body odour both my own and god knows how many men’s and I could still smell and taste the rubber from the condoms around my mouth where I’d sucked a cock that had recently been inside one or both my other holes. Robert wasn’t interested in me only sleep so as he slept I bathed and then got into bed next to him, mainly as it was the only bed.
I was woken late morning by Robert as he rolled me onto my stomach and climbed on top of me pulled my cheeks apart and pushed himself into me. I can’t recall which hole he used as the pain blocked it out all I know it hurt and once I was fully awake which was very quickly, I started to sob. The sobbing had the effect on him that I didn’t need or want, it made him feel good and it made him feel powerful. Reaching under me he gripped one of my breasts in each hand and squeezed them harder and harder as he pounded into me. He bit the back of my neck hard breaking the skin and drawing blood as he came by which time my sobs were now full-blown whales of anguish. I forgot something I was meant to do not that I was able to speak as he jerked himself inside me and that was to thank him for his cum, I may have forgotten but he hadn’t told me so and that “I will punish you for that later.”

He left me to sleep as he had other things to do but told me to be up and to have something for him to eat when he came back at 6 PM I wouldn’t need to dress. I slept got up at 4 and took another bath taking note of the time I had a meal ready for him at the time he wanted it and sat naked waiting for him to come and eat it.

My punishment was to be taken still naked to his Joinery Shop as soon as it went dark; thank god it was winter I told myself. Not for the first time in my life, I found myself hanging by my arms naked while probing hands pushed into my flesh and holes. The important thing he’d had to do that afternoon was to install an electric hoist in the workshop to enable him to lift me up without any effort. As ever with him, it was his belt that he liked to use on me and he didn’t spare me anything and encouraged me to “Scream as loudly as you like you fucking cunt nobody is going to hear you” and scream I did.
The Sunday I was in no fit state to do anything and he didn’t even touch me, other than have me naked all day or running his fingers over the multiple welts and bruises or pushing a finger into one of my tender holes. By mid-afternoon, he was bored and hit on the idea of taking some photographs and for the first time in years, I found myself posing for the camera once more. Later he made a couple of phone calls and told me to get dressed and go home.  


The trips to the club “Select” continued once a month or so always at the weekends and always coincided with Alison being away at the same time as our children. It never entered Robert’s mind that while he was busy fucking with me, his wife was busy being fucked by my husband. It took me just one visit to Select the very first one to work it out the idiot Robert would never work it out for himself and Alison would take great pleasure in telling him herself years later. I always looked at my sister’s relationship with my husband as being a strange one when you take into account her own spouse. Oral sex was almost off limit as far as Robert was concerned from Alison as he was not reticent to share with me. If she on the rare occasion did suck his cock, she would in his terms “go fucking ballistic” if he came in her mouth. As for anal sex that was a 100% none starter for her, which was one of the main reasons he used me that way so often I don’t doubt. On the other hand, I knew that neither oral nor anal sex was in the least bit restricted for my husband in the slightest and never had been in all the time he “known” her in the cardinal sense.
Robert had a fixed mindset he knew what he liked and he liked to stick to it and would repeat his actions time and again, hence the punishment with his belt and our weekly trips to the woods. It was close to a year after my first submission to my new “Sir” when things changed in a dramatic way. I was as usual summand by the “slut phone” to his house after work. This time he made me strip naked which I was not unheard of but was unusual as he preferred to mess my clothes up by having me lift up my skirt/dress to crease it before splattering his cum over it and send me home “stained’ as he liked to call it, even going to extent of wiping his cock clean on my clothes.
This time there was no belt to unbuckle and instead, he dropped his own trousers and bent over the table himself and instructed me to squat behind him and open his cheeks. I already knew what was going to happen next he wanted his arsehole licking. This wasn’t the first time I had “rimmed” somebody and I wasn’t shocked when he told me to “lick my arse you cunt” and as it was better than being thrashed with his belt I went about it with enthusiasm. Not the pleasantest thing to perform and not an on a man who had been at work all day in the same clothes but as I went about my work I could tell he was getting what he wanted from him as groans gave him away. I worked my tongue up and down his crack and into his hole and he moaned his instructions to me “deeper, slower, harder you cunt” and I was a “Cunt, whore, shit licker and a slag” as well. I couldn’t see but I was aware he was, in fact, wanking as I licked him and he gave a massive moan as he shot his cum over the kitchen floor, experience told me to keep licking which I did until he told me to stop.

Stepping out of his trousers he was left naked from the waist down apart from his shoes and socks, picking up this pants he told me to “Get over there and lick my cum off the floor you stupid cunt and make fucking good job of it or I will beat the fucking shit out of you” I answered him as always with “Yes Sir” and he left me to it. As I went about my task I looked for every last drop of his cum and consumed it again not eager to feel the belt on my back or buttocks. As I went about my work two things went through my mind the first one being that there was so much of his cum and the second being that, he’d not fucked me which was first.

I was so engrossed in my task that I didn’t realise until I was touched on my cunt lips that he’d returned and I expected to be told that I was a “wet-cunted slut” but instead as a finger pushed inside me I heard “wet as usual I see” but it wasn’t Robert but my sister Alison’s voice I heard” and I turned and looked at her and stood up not knowing what to do or say. My sister just looked at me and smiled in a way that I had seen before which told me she knew something I didn’t and then she walked out of the kitchen and called her husband who came downstairs straight away wearing just his dressing gown.
I was embarrassed and blushing as he walked past me and looked at the floor as I stood there naked and unsure what to do or say. Should I leave, dress, cover myself, or not I didn’t have a clue so I just stood eyes cast to the ground. Robert grabbed me by the hair and flung me to the floor pointing to the smallest cum splattered on the corner of the floor, slapping my face he told me “Lick that up to you stupid cunt” and I returned to my task knowing that I’d feel the leather on my body for missing it. As I licked he kicked me on my rear end berating me for being a "stupid cunt" and hitting me on the back of the head as a searched for more cum on the floor. “When you have finished bring her into the living room,” Alison told her husband and she walked away. Once satisfied I had completed my duty Robert pulled me up by the hair slapped my face once more pulled me over to the table bent me over and holding me down with an arm on my back kicked my legs apart and fucked me, slapping the back of my head and telling me what a useless cunt I was as he pounded into me.
Once he’d had me on my knees to clean his cock he pulled me once more by the hair to kneel on the floor in front of my sister. Alison and Robert passed a few comments to each other and then Robert gave me his little speech.  
“It has been decided that in future you will serve both myself and your sister,” he told me and continued “You will submit 24/7 to us and address us as Sir for me and Mistress for Madam Alison” my sister didn’t speak and Robert continued. “As always it is up to you and you are free to say no but that would also close the door to your Master as well. Do you agree Slag?” before I knew what I was saying I heard my own voice saying to him “Yes Sir” and I’d agreed to further degrade myself even further than I had already done and this time I would be degrading myself for the gratification and pleasure of my own sister.
I will never forget the look on Alison’s face when she realised I was ready to do what she wanted. In fact, I was ready to do what was needed to be done to get my life with my husband back to what it was. I don’t think that either of them realised at the time or even now years later that was the only reason I thought it was at the time. They say, not that I know, that drug addicts live for the fix and all else does not matter to them. They also say hindsight is a wonderful thing and on reflection, I know now what my drug was and I was addicted to it and that was all that mattered to me and nothing else.
My first act of subservience was to be put on a collar and leash by Robert who told me I was there “bitch” and instructed me that I was to put the collar on every time I was at their house and it would be kept on a hanger in the hall for me. Next I was made to crawl on all fours to follow Alison who had one into the living room and taken off her skirt and knickers and spread her legs wide over the arms of her favorite chair her cunt on the edge. I didn’t need to be told to lick her I knew that was what she wanted, nevertheless she told me “lick me you bitch” and with a jerk of the leash by Sir I went to my work. As I licked out my new Mistress she took hold of my hair and pulled me to her groaning as I laboured. It wasn’t long before Sir took me once again pushing himself into my arse.
The effect of being buggered while licking at the other end was to put me off what I was doing and as I failed to pleasure Mistress she slapped my face hard and shouted at me to concentrate. It was then that they started what was about to become a daily ritual of me pleasuring Mistress while Sir pleasured himself with my arse and they both slapped my face and back calling me names as they did so. From the very beginning, I had hated to be used anally and I never understood why most men and a lot of Domme women wanted to “do it to me” I’d never enjoyed it either. I must admit never until that moment as Mistress slapped my face and Sir my backside and thighs as he buggered me and both threw insults at me something was happening to me, it took me a few seconds to realise that I was about to cum. Cum I did as well it gushed out of me and washed over Sir and flooded the carpet.
It was Mistress that punished me for ruining her floor first of all by making me clean it as she threw insult after insult at me and then with Sir’s belt before sending me home covered in ugly welts all over my body including my face one of which ended just a fraction below my eye. Not for the first time, I was unable to work the next day or the day after that until the swelling on my face had gone down, I had to tell my children who were both old enough to know better, that it was due to a Bee sting. On his return from a business trip, my husband inspected the still raw welts on me and took possession of the “slut phone” which hadn’t rung for three days. When Alison rang the house to see if he was home she got a cold reception from him which ended with her telling him she’d see him Sunday which brought a curt response of “No you won’t we are eating out this Sunday” so he did care I told myself. He did in fact care but what displeased him was the fact one of his rules had been broken in the fact that my face, arms, and neck were Marked and any vanilla could see.
I didn’t see my Mistress or Sir for well over a month and in fact, it could have easily been two. I was sat in my office when the slut phone rang in my handbag. I was a little surprised for some reason but I don’t know why I should have been, it was Robert who told me to meet him at lunchtime in a pub about fifteen miles from work. I was on edge driving there not knowing what to expect would he be on his own would Alison be there as well and would they beat me, fuck me or leave me alone?

When I arrived I parked up as I was told to at the back of the large car park and even managed to reverse into a space as I had been instructed. Robert’s 4x4 came into the car park and he drew up next to me and got in my car, without speaking to me he got out his cock and dragged me down to it by my hair. As I sucked him off he told me that, “As you are a whore your Mistress and I have decided that you will be treated as one and you will fuck like one but this time for money.” He went on to tell me that I’d be told where and when but that night Alison my “Mistress” would come to my house and go through some of my clothes and tell me what to wear. It was impossible to ask questions with a cock in my mouth not that I wanted to and when he reached under my shirt and I opened my legs for him he started to finger my cunt and brought me off as he came in my mouth.

As good as his word Alison came to my house later and went through my wardrobe and all my draws as well picking out garments and throwing them onto the bed if they met with her approval and leaving in place if they didn’t. We were soon joined by my daughter who now a teenager thought she was missing out on something. With her arrival, Alison lost interest and after being told “no” when she first asked and then told my daughter to go and make her a drink. Picking up a short black dress and a short jacket that matched it and told me “Those will go with the black wispy corset you have”, then picking up a black quarter cup bra added “Wear those as well Robert will ring you” and then left leaving me to put the clothes on the bed in a separate part of my wardrobe.
Later that night the "Slut phone" rang and Robert told me that tomorrow I’d be meeting my first “Client”  I was to go to the same place I met him dressed in what Mistress had put out for me and he even suggested I take them with me and change either at work or on the way. I was to wait for his call (Robert’s) in the car and he’d give me more instructions when he rang finally telling me to buy some condoms before because I was going to need them and hug up. It was 11 pm and I was in bed on my own I must admit I reached to the bedside cabinet found a vibrator I kept there and fucked myself with it. It wasn’t the first time men had paid to fuck me and as I was told by my then-boyfriend “Once a whore always a whore.”

It would be true to say I didn’t get much work done the next morning and I sat in my office with just one thing on my mind and that was what I was about to do. Before I’d left for work I’d taken a long soak in the bath getting up an hour earlier than normal just to do that and shaved my legs and cunt. On the way to work I stopped at the supermarket and bought some new stockings and a box of 100 condoms, I hated them but I was doing what I was told and it made the shop assistant smile he was thinking “Slut.”

I left my office at 11.30 and stopped at a Café just to use the toilet to change in from my business suit to the clothes picked out by my Mistress even putting on a pair of black 5” heels just to set it all off and then drove to the car park. The slut phone rang almost as soon as I got there, it was Robert. He told me to drive to the back of the pub I knew where there were some chalet type cabins. I was to go to the middle one and ring the bell, my “client” was in there and I was to take £100 off him before doing anything for him and put handbag, then I was to do anything he wanted me to and once again he emphasised the word anything. I wasn’t nervous if anything I think I was a little excited as I walked to the door and rang the bell. 

The door was answered by a middle-aged man, bald with just a little hair around the sides and back of his head and he had an enormous potbelly which was made to look even bigger as he was smaller than my 5’4” by a couple of inches. He beckoned me to come in and as I passed him I smelt the unmistakable aroma of “Old Spice” which I grew up with as my father used it. He did tell me his name which I don’t remember. Asking me my name I told him it was Susan but he could call me whatever he liked as I’d answer to anything, he told me “No Susan is fine I like that name.” He took my coat and threw it over a chair looking me up and down “Stockings?” he asked and I smiled and lifted my dress up by the hem to show him I was, in fact, wearing them. Then at his suggestion, he gave me the money for my services £100 and I put it in my handbag.

I’d arrived there without knowing what was expected of me mainly due to the fact that Robert wanted it that way. I knew that this fat little man would want sex and I’d no qualms about giving him sex either after all by that time in my life I saw it as the norm. I was now and had been for some years become devoid of any sense of sex being related in any way shape or form to romance or affection, the physical act was pleasurable enough if I was permitted to enjoy it and even if I wasn’t meant to more than often I did.

Only a few things have stayed in my mind for that “first client” one was his huge pot belly and body odour I have a clear memory of but also the sight of his once white and now grey underpants he wore they were huge, baggy and smelt of piss. Once I’d removed my dress at his request he was instantly erect and without a word he was on top of me. I’d knocked on his door at mid-day and I was leaving at 3 pm with the £100 in my bag as well as the packet of condoms unopened, he’d had me bareback and I’d not done anything to stop him. That was a fact I’d not realised until I handed my bag to Robert who commented on the fact telling me that now it was official I was a “Whore a prostitute as well as a Slag and dog fucking slut.” I already knew that before he’d said a word.
My next client was the very next day this time after work at a hotel next to the airport. I was told to be there at a set time (9 pm) and then go to a room and take £150 of my client and then give him what he wanted no matter what as long as I leave by midnight. The following week I met eight clients meeting them at lunchtimes or afternoons and at night handing over £1,000 to Robert who strangely enough had not touched me himself since he’d decided to “Whore me out.” The same could not be said for my Mistress my sister Alison who would demand to know chapter and verse about what had happened with my “clients’’ and would lay in the same armchair legs spread over the arms as I knelt naked and “licked her out” often for up to an hour at a time.
After a few month from being whored out for the first time Robert decided that the money he was making from me too good to do without and I was now seeing two or three clients a day Monday to Friday and often it would include an overnight stay (£300) in some hotel or other often close to the airport. So many clients to see it was in danger of interfering with my family and work life. This was something that was forbidden by my husband and this was pointed out to Sir and Mistress and it was scaled down to no more than 5 times a week which may or may not involve an overnight stay. I even found myself looking forward to meeting several clients one in particular who was an older man in his 70’s who treated me like a lady and only took seconds to cum if he fucked me at all.

To be continued.....

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