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### Lena and the wheel
### By Ioug Zahlts (@zahlts3.bdsmlr.com)
### for @Lenalen2001
### Inspired by Brian Aldiss and his Wheel of Kharnabhar,
### part of the Helliconia cycle. If you like this story
### I recommend you read this trilogy.
### This is a story of extreme imprisonment and very hard
### forced labour. If this is not your kink, this is not
### for you.
### 2020-06-29

Lena was doomed even before the trial started. In Hellia, any female
found guilty of any crime above a very low threshold, was condemned to
the same sentence: The Great Wheel. Assuming she would survive, she
would then be a slave for the rest of her life.

What had Lena done? She was studying to be a scribe, but she had
difficulties paying for her own upkeep. Her parents were poor, they
had already paid for the studies of her older sister, now a
Counselor. Scribe studies were long and involved and only some male
students got scholarships. Learning to read and write the Hellian
ideo-alphabetic language was hard enough, but scribes were expected to
know Law and Sacred Customs as well, to be able to write official
papers and read at religious ceremonies and the like.

The parental money had eventually dried out, so increasingly she had
started whoring herself out to richer, male fellow students, in
exchange for food and board money. One of them had taken a liking to
her but Lena had not reciprocated. She humored him for a while but he
was becoming increasingly demanding. He had strange games, like tying
her up during sex. She didn't mind all that much initially, but lately
he had started hurting her more and more. Sitting on her sore bum for
hours during lessons was distracting. He then demanded a cut on her
whoring work, and that had been too much. They had an argument, but it
was over before it even started. "The Wheel it is for you, bitch, just
wait," he had said. The Wheel? That was outlandish, what had she done

Since she had refused to apologize, he had denounced her the next
day. Prostitution, although universally tolerated, was illegal. In her
case, it was even a scandal that a student of Sacred and Profane
Hellian Literature was selling herself. That she would have starved
otherwise and that her fellow student had blackmailed here did not
even register as extenuating circumstances. Barely 15 mn after her
trial had begun, she had to admit that she did prostitution work.
There were plenty of witnesses. An hour later, the jury found her
guilty. Her parents were in tears, they knew that it meant. They had
no time to say goodbye.

As soon as the trial was over, Lena found herself in a holding cell,
naked. She was petite and lean with pretty but small, fairly flat
breasts, the result of her poor upbringing and recent near-starving
diet. The Healer after a long and thorough exam found her fit
enough. The Metalworker didn't have much work to do to adjust her
shackles and collar, he quickly found the right size items in his
collection. The collar was strange, very shiny, tightly fitting, and
an oddly textured, uncomfortable inner surface that seem to grip the
skin of her neck. The Metalworker did not allow her to speak and
worked quickly and efficiently. Her wrists and ankle shackles were also
tight-fitting, each with a single, large ring on their outer
circumference. Lena could not work out how to open them, they looked
like a smooth, thick, heavy, unbroken circle of metal. In response to
her muted questions, the Metalworker said the only sentence of their
entire interaction: "they are permanent."

There was one more thing that the Metalworker produced. A strange
contraption, wiry, with an anatomically curved piece of metal in front
with many small holes in it. The Metalworker fitted a long, thick,
round, yet flexible wire around her waist tightly. The metal plate was
affixed to the waist via another length of wire and was adjusted to
cover her vulva exactly. A shorter length of wire connected to a ring,
large enough to fit between her ass cheeks at the position of her
anus. A final piece of metal wire connected the ring to the waist wire
in her back. The result was a tightly fitting chastity
belt. Everything was adjusted with flat clamps and rivets. There was no
way to open it. A rivulet of sweat had started to form along Lena's
spine as soon as she understood what what being done to her, now she
was in full panic.

The Metalworker was not done with her. He fished in a large wooden box
yet another strange instrument. It looked like a small bear trap
somehow, with a large ring in the middle . The Metalworker made Lena
open her mouth and fitted the trap-like contraption in between her
teeth in one smooth motion. The Metalworker then spread the trap with
a pair of screws, forcing Lena to open her mouth as wide as she
could. The Metalworker then adjusted the trap like-device to sit evenly
over her upper and lower teeth and locked the screws. With her tongue,
she tried probing the device but found the was constricted by the
large ring in the middle of the device. She tried pushing the device
out, but it was firmly in place. Effectively, the device was like an
inner-only large ring-gag.  From the outside, it looked as if Lena was
opening her mouth stupidly, drooling and unable to utter words and
sentences. She could only emit ooohs and aaahs, nothing that anyone
could understand.

The Metalworker bolted a 1m-long chain in between her ankles, and a
40cm one between her wrists. With a metal leash bolted to her collar,
he led her outside of his workshop to a waiting horse-drawn
carriage. The carriage driver made Lena sit in the back, padlocked her
chain leash to the bench and put a thick leather hood over her head.
In the darkness, Lena could only hear some comments as the cart
progressed through the streets of the city. Mostly men mocking her
pitiful shape and some women calling her a dirty whore. Some threw a
few stones but none found her mark. The trip took a long time, many
days of winding trail to the Kardahar Mountain. Along the way, the
driver stopped many time for runny food that could be given to her
through her mouth contraption, and water. The driver, not given to too
much compassion, knowing that Lena was a prostitute, made use of her
mouth every night on the way. Every time after his orgasm, the driver
would tell her to "enjoy that while she can." Lena had several
occasions to find out that her belt did not interfere much with her
natural waste elimination needs. Her shackled wrists made it harder to
wipe but she managed. She could not touch herself though, as was
clearly intended.  As hours passed on the road, in the darkness of the
hood, she was starting to find her situation hard to bear and her
despair increasing. Clearly she should have given in to her fellow
student, but it was too late now.

At last, after several days of travel, they arrived at the Kardahar
mountain. A magnificent sight if there ever was one, but Lena could
see none of it. It was getting chilly as they horse carriage took them
high up and finally to the entrance of the Wheel, carved on the side
of the mountain. Once inside the facility, Lena's hood was
removed. She could see she was in a large man-made cavern with an
ornate staircase going down, at one extremity. As she step down from
the carriage, she heard a jingling of chains. A dirty-looking woman,
chained much like her, with the same stupid-looking open mouth, but a
harried look, blinking eyes, very long unkempt hair coming down her
back was being led by two Priests to the carriage. She was very thin
but had muscular arms and leg and looked fit. Her nails were short but
dark and dirty. Her hair was just starting to gray a little at the
roots. Lena wondered about her age, maybe she was about 35? She had
the exact same chastity belt as Lena, but with a worn and dull
look. She smelled of old sweat.

She was hooded, padlocked to the same bench where Lena was, and soon
the carriage was going away, taking her with it. The two Priests took
Lena each by one arm, and led her towards the stairs. Lena tried to
make some noise, "oara araajorhao ar?" she tried saying. The priest
responded: "She served her time, now it's your turn." At the bottom of
the stairs, there was a brightly lit corridor leading to an opening
carved in the stone of the mountain. It was approximately cubical, on
the right side, there was a large and heavy metal bar, round and
polished, affixed to the wall. There was a heavy chain coming out of
the wall ahead of her, at approximately waist level, just below a
strange-looking metal box. On the left side there was a hole in the
floor and above that, coming out of the wall but near the ceiling, a
kind of spigot. A few drops of water fell directly from the spigot
into the hole. The three walls, the floor and the ceiling looked as if
they had been carved directly into the stone of the mountain. They
were very smooth and mostly flat. Looking carefully, one could see
that the far wall ahead of Lena was actually slightly concave. Looking
even more carefully, one could see a dark hairline at the junction
between each of the tree walls and both the floor and ceiling, as if
ceiling and floor were not connected to the vertical walls.

The two Priests locked Lena's collar to the heavy chain. A
strange-looking, sturdy bolt was used for that. They gave Lena very
little explanation. The chain was just long enough for Lena to go from
the metal bar to the hole in the floor. It was clear that the hole was
for waste. It was also clear the spigot was for water. They explained
that when Lena would hear the sound, she would have to grip the bar,
put her feet on the ground, and push. "Very hard," they said. "This is
your only way out."

They fed directly a kind of tasteless soup directly into her via a
kind of thick syringe, and a bit of water. They then let her rest on
the ground. She even managed to sleep for most of the night. In the
morning, seemingly nothing had changed. The two same Priests were
overseeing her just outside of her reach. The same meal was given to
her as breakfast, and soon a loud sound like a mighty trumpet could be
heard througout the mountain. "Time to push the Wheel, harlot," they
said. "Time to accomplish your sacred duty.  Push the Wheel, redeem
yourself, and if you push well, the Gods will let you out."

Lena felt a sudden jolt in her neck, coming from her collar. The
Priests pointed at the metal bar, and said "Push, or it will hurt."
And a second jolt came through her collar, a stronger one. Lena cried
out. As soon as she recovered, she put her hand on the metal bar. She
could hear a slow rumbling. The ground was slightly shifting under her
feet. She tried pushing on the bar, but a third jolt came through the
collar. This one really hurt. "You have to push much harder than that,
shameless harlot," said one of the Priests. So she pushed, and pushed
and a fourth jolt made her fall to her knees, as she screamed with
pain. She got up as fast as she could and pushed on the bar with all
her might, as hard as she ever had. The bar retracted into the wall
slightly and the hear a faint click. There was no jolt for a while, so
she kept pushing with the same strength, which took all of her will to
maintain, as the ground was ever so slightly shifting below her feet.

She found that as long as she was pushing hard enough, the bar stayed
retracted into the wall and there was no jolt, but as soon as she
slacked off, if the bar came out of the wall and a faint click was
heard, the jolts came back with increasing force and she had to push
back. Rest was impossible. The jolts were incredibly painful and
coming very quickly. She did not want to find out how bad they could

After an hour of this, Lena was already exhausted and in pain in her
back, legs and arms. She was giving it everything she had to avoid the
terrible shocks. By now, the ground had visibly shifted. She realized
that she was driving her own cell into the mountain, into a long,
circular tunnel from which she now could now guess the entrance. She
was not even a meter into it. She understood. She would have to push
her cell through this tunnel by using her sheer physical force. How
long was the tunnel going to be?

After three, long, exhausting hours of pushing, there was a new sound,
just as loud. The Priests, still looking at her and overseeing her
progress, told her she could stop. Lena collapsed on the ground,
panting. After only a few minutes, she realized that her chain was
being pulled into the wall, and she along with it. She was being
relentlessly reeled toward the metal box. As she was less than a meter
away, the box opened, revealing a kind of metal cylinder with a smooth
pointed end, about 20cm long.  Lena quickly realized that she was
meant to take it into her mouth.  Ever so helpful, the Priests came to
her and helped her align the dildo-like metal cylinder, and told her
to swallow it like a cock. Fortunately Lena was not short of
practice. It was going all the way to the back of her throat, when the
box closed itself around her head, encasing her in darkness. Almost
immediately a thick tasteless fluid started being pumped into her
throat. Taken by surprise Lena had the presence of mind to swallow the
stuff as it was coming. It was a kind of force-feeding apparatus!
There was no way to avoiding whatever was being given to her. She came
close to panic, try to use her shacked hands to free herself, but to
no avail.

After maybe ten long minutes of force-feeding, the box opened again
and Lena was able to pull out, collapsing on the ground, breathing
again more freely. She was given nothing else. No water, but the food
was runny enough and probably contained a lot of it. She did not feel
thirsty. After barely a few minutes of rest, the same sound as the
first of the morning sounded again, and shortly after this, a first
jolt came through the collar. Mad with pain and anguish, Lena pulled
her chain out of the wall and went to the metal bar. With more
practice, she was able to avoid a third jolt and started pushing hard
enough to engage the bar into the wall. Lena was in agony from toes to
shoulders due to the muscular strain, but really had no choice. She
had to push.

This cycle of pushing-feeding was repeated three more times through
the day, four times in total. After the second cycle, a hole in
the ground appeared as Lena was pushing. At the end of the fourth
cycle, the hole was directly under the spigot. By then, Lena's
cell was completely embedded in the rock around her. The Priests
could no longer see her. She was in a box surrounded by four walls,
the floor and the ceiling. She was in almost complete darkness except
for a faint glow that seem to emanate from the two hairline
cracks at the junction of the ceiling and the forward and back walls.

Lena had lost track of time. Her body was screaming in pain from the
terrible exhaustion of the constant pushing she had to exert during
the whole day. She estimated logically that she must have been pushing
for 12h and that she might have 12h of rest ahead of her.  The spigot
behind her made some noise, and water started falling from it directly
into the hole underneath it. Not knowing how long it would last, Lena
pulled her chain and went to drink from it. It was cold! very cold
water, probably coming from a mountain stream nearby.  She tried to
use the water to clean herself a little, but it was hard to do in the
shackles and painful due to the temperature of the stream. She
reasoned that if she was going to survive this ordeal, she would have
to take care of hygiene as much as possible, so she positioned her
hands and pussy and ass directly under the falling stream of water to
try and clean herself as best she could.  It was sooo cold that Lena
was trembling after only a few minutes. And then the stream stopped as
abruptly as it had started. There was dead silence in the cell. She
realized that the faint light coming from the lines in the ceiling was
getting dimmer. She reasoned it was daylight and that night was

Soon it was completely dark in her cell. She was exhausted and not a
little bit overwhelmed with despair. How long was her sentence going
to be? She had never been told. Would she have to push like this every
day?  What if she got sick? What if one day she would not be able to
push?  Would the shocks in her collar intensify until she died under
the torturous current? Her overwhelmed mind was racing with myriads of
questions, but soon, she could no longer form any coherent
thoughts. She curled underneath the head box, and fell asleep in
minutes, in her chains, on the cool, hard ground.

The Wheel of Kardahar

The Wheel had existed for centuries on Hellia. Its proportions were
sacred. Hellia was a planet orbiting a yellow Sun for a small year
that was 367 days long. The largest planet of the system, Nemesia, a
brown dwarf, a planet 10 times larger than our Jupiter, almost a star,
orbited the same Sun in a 10-small year elongated elliptical resonance
orbit called a long year. When the brown dwarf was away from Hellia on
its orbit, it was just a bright object in the sky, varying in
brightness between that of a full, red moon, and just a bright
star. But every 10 small year, and for a few short months it came
quite close to Hellia. It illuminated the night sky so brightly that
there was no night, no other star, only an alternation of day and
bright red glow that made the temperature of the planet rise slowly
but steadily. Harvests were ruined, large forest fires were
common. Unrest was widespread. Most revolutions started on the year of
the hot red nights.  Civilizations had a hard time getting a foothold
on such a short cycle.

Eventually the brown dwarf would move on it orbit and things calmed
down on Hellia, but a lot of damage was done and starting over with a
significantly smaller and hungrier population was never easy.

The Priesthood on Hellia was the only constant institution. It
hunkered down every ten year in the high Kardahar mountains where
temperatures were always bearable even during the hottest nights. Over
centuries, it had built this enormous Wheel. A gigantic monument
symbolizing the travel of Hellia and Nemesia in their orbit that was
3670 meter in diameter. It contained 1835 cells on its periphery, each
3m by 3m in size, each containing one prisoner. Females only, as they
were the source, according to the Priesthood, of all the unrest in the
world. These prisoners were made to atone for all the others, and they
represented the full 10 years long cycle of the brown dwarf in the

Their atonement consisted of pushing the Wheel along. There was only
one way to enter the Wheel, and that was as Lena had done to come down
the stairs of the monument and be fitted to a cell via a chain
set. Once the wheel started moving again, after only a day of pushing,
the cell was embedded in the mountain, and the only way out was to
push the gigantic stone wheel along until all the other 1834 cells
ahead of her had come to a stop one by one in the monumental stair

The outer rim of the wheel was like a gigantic cog. Each cell was
separated by 3m of hard rock. Each prisoner was fed and roughly looked
after by an army of Priests feeding them by the metal tube and the
head box. They had water for washing themselves twice a day. They
would be shocked to death via their collar if they refused to push.

They would push every day. It took two days of pushing for a new cell
to come to rest in the monumental stair room. A prisoner was liberated
on that day, from her cell but not from her life of slavery, and a new
one would take her place. Against all expectations, most prisoners
were found alive and well, in reasonably good physical shape
even. Mentally, though, this was not the case. Many prisoners never
spoke again. This was seen by the Priesthood as definitive proof that
the atonement was working and the Gods were on their side

The occasional deaths were handled simply. Unbeknownst to the
condemned, the head box could open towards the center of the
wheel. Priests could check on each of the girl's health during feeding
time, adjust diet if necessary, and a corpse would be reeled in,
extracted and disposed off. It was never returned to the family, since
the condemned had not fullfiled her duty.

There were 1835 cells. 3670 days of pushing. 10 years. One long, long


Lena woke up feeling the chain pulling her up by her throat. Feeding
time. Before she was fully conscious, the metal tube was in her throat.
The runny meal, designed to keep her healthy, with all the nutrients
and vitamins necessary, was flowing down her throat. It had no taste,
it did not need to have any. Soon the meal was over and the head box
was opened again. The water was running, better be quick about it if
she wanted any of it.

The horn blared.  The first shock of the day coursed through her
neck. Lena rushed to the bar and pushed mightily. In spite of the
stiffness of all the muscles in her body, she was able to make the
bar click, and the ground shifted ever so slowly below her.

This was the beginning of day two of pushing. Another 3669 to go.

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